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This man is 71 years old!

Dermaneedling pioneer Dr. Desmond (Des) Fernandes dermarolled his own face more than 50 times. The result: Skin that looks decades younger than his age, in spite of the South African sun. His results prove that dermarolling is both long-term safe and effective. Recent YouTube interview with Dr. Fernandes so you can see that he really looks like that.

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Lufenuron: Success in treating fungal infections

Peter, a Norwegian customer send us the below illustrated testimonial to Lufenuron’s effectiveness in treating various (presumedly) fungal infections:

NB: We have received an email from someone who did not believe that these feet are the same. They thought the scar was suspicious. The reason for the scar is explained below.

Hi Sarah…

Time for some feedback as promised

– I started my first course of Lufenuron the day of arrival, Thursday, October 29th.

I ingested the first 9 grams as per the recommended 3 day regimen – no obvious Herxheimer reaction occured (at least none that I know of), may be some nausea on the 3rd or 4th day, but this could be for any reason what so ever – nausea is NOT uncommon in my life :o((

BUT – I’ve had som VERY POSITIVE reactions – dandruff and scaling of my forehead has subsided almost totally – my “Pustular Psoriasis” on hands and feet are reduced by an estimated 80% – a few stubborn ulcers and “hot spots” seem to remain, but I really think Lufenuron has helped A LOT – I’ll show you some “Before and After” pictures HERE:

July 12, 2009. Most recent photo BEFORE Lufenuron


November 9, 2009. 10 days AFTER starting Lufenuron – some minor sores still present, but MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!


One can still see the “shaded area” that used to be infected – this is the BEST SITUATION in some 20 years+!!!! Also you will see the lower part of the scar related to my bypass surgery – the “vein-graft-cut” extending almost up to the groin…. I had heart surgery on August 10th 2009 – her they took approx. 2 feet of vein (also called graft) from the inside of my left leg, of which they used the best parts for coronary bypass – the scar extend the same 2 feet upwards from the ankle….

ALSO there is some improvements in my Prostate-urinating problem – everything “flows easier” though still room for improvement….

Unfortuantely the whole observation process has been masked by a touch of Swine Flu – I think I have had this for the last 10 days or so, not severely ill, but I had the usual symptoms – light fever, cough, sore throat (especially tonsils and saliva glands), runny nose, sore muscles and feeling “bad all over” – I hav’nt got it veryfied by blood tests, but the whole society around me are struck by H1N1 right now, so why not me??

But again – theese flu-symptoms COULD BE severe die-off reactions as well?? Who really knows??

My plan for the future is: resume Lufenuron intake (I stopped after the first course to see “hov far and where this took me”) – I think I will take another bag as the “5 day protocol” to sort of saturate my system with Lufenuron.

AND – YOU CAN USE MY PICTURES as much as you want – I think they are quite amazing actually – first of all THEY ARE THE TRUE STORY – and should the Psoriasis issue be solved completely using Lufenuron, you will get a picture of this as well…

How does Lufenuron kill fungi?

Candida’s cell wall is made of Ergosterol and Chitin. Most other fungi have Chitin in their cell walls as well. Dave Iler found this beautiful photo of  this deadly organism – mycelial Candida albicans – of which the Chitin part of the cell wall was stained with a fluorescent dye.  The photographer is Veronica Veses-Jimenez, and it made second place in a photography contest here.



You may have already seen this.

It is a fascinating fluorescent light photomicrograph of Candida Albicans, stained with a chitin brightener (among other things).  Since one of the dyes is a chitin brightener then it stands to reason that the blue fluorescence in the exterior hyphael cell walls must be chitin.

This is one beautiful photograph, and a magnificent piece of work.  It’s the best I’ve ever seen.




Lufenuron prevents Candida from growing and repairing the Chitin in its cell wall.

By blocking Candida’s Chitin-synthesis, the Candida does not have a way to repair the constant damage being done to its cell wall caused by various processes in its environment (our bodies), including the onslaught of our immune system. Within hours, holes start to form in its cell wall, and its guts literally seep out, killing it. The Ergosterol gives Candida’s cell wall its flexibility, and the Chitin is responsible for its strength. Candida can’t grow and it can’t keep its cell wall intact, when Lufenuron is present in sufficient concentration around it.

This is not the first foot rash Lufenuron clears up. Half a year after writing this article, we received this email from a different customer:

Dear Sarah,


The first round I bought for my husband because he had a severe patch of dermatitis on his leg that I suspected was yeast related.  Yes, you guessed it.  IT WAS COMPLETELY HEALED!!!!

I had planned to buy the Lufenuron for me especially if it worked for healing his leg as I have been on the Candida diet for over a year.  Please tell me the Lufenuron will be available soon.  By the way, I happened to ask the vet about taking this medicine and she replied that, “if you can give it to a cat it can’t hurt you”.  I thought that was funny.

God bless,
~j. inmаn
Murray, KY

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