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Expiry date of C60, Lufenuron, Copper peptides, Infadolan etc.

Solution It is a well-known fact in Chemistry that chemicals are exponentially more stable, the colder they are. This implies that when you store our products in the fridge, they will last at least a year longer than the expiry date, when unopened. Products without expiry date will keep, in the fridge, at least three years from purchase, when unopened, except our Pythium product, which will last one year from the time of purchase outside the fridge and 1.5 years when stored inside the fridge. This product should not be frozen.

In the freezer, products such as copper peptides last nearly forever, when unopened, except our Pythium product, which better not be frozen. The C60 will last at least a decade in the freezer. Lufenuron will last at least 100 years in the freezer. Infadolan will last at least ten years in the freezer. Chloramine-T will last 10 years in the freezer and many years in the fridge. Vit. C will last at least a year outside the fridge, three years inside the fridge and at least ten years in the freezer.

All these values are "worst case", meaning they will most likely still be unchanged until significantly after these times have past. Even when the products are very old, there will be no danger, only possible rancidity in case of C60 and Infadolan, inefectiveness in case of Pythium oligandrum and reduced potency of vit. C and copper peptides.
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