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Unable to pay, make a payment

Solution If you do not manage to pay because your browser refuses to acknowledge clicking on the "Pay order" button, we can email you a PayPal invoice that you can pay with a debit/credit card so you will be able to make a payment. We will then manually set your unpaid order to paid.

If PayPal refuses your payment, the cause usually is that US banks refuse to allow their clients to send money overseas. You can call your bank and ask them to allow a window of a few hours in which you retry making the payment. In this case you must re-order, since your unpaid order is null and void, since payment for it failed and can not be doe again.

- Please note that we do not have the capability of accepting payments directly, such as over the phone. We only use PayPal as a trusted 3rd party payment service.
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We will believe you when you say an untracked package has not arrived. So we will always refund you in that case.
The only thing we'll always ask for is that you'll wait until a customs- or transit delay can't be to blame, before we refund.
When something arrived in bad condition we often send two replacements and we will never ask you to pay for return shipping.
US customers: Please note that transit delays are always in the US itself, regardless of USPS' false claim of "Origin Post Preparing Shipment".


We will not accept rudeness, accusations or unreasonableness.
We serve you with honest information and the best value for money, shipped the next day. We're NOT subservient to you.
We expect you'll honor your commitment to accept long transit delays in your own country, any commitment to accept that your postal service
refuses to provide tracking for our itl. reg. airmail shipments and your commitment never to demand a refund or file a payment dispute
until we decided that the time has come for a refund or a replacement.

When we deem ourselves unduly pressured, accused or insulted, the result is private blacklisting, meaning we will not sell to you again.
Threatening "bad reviews" or threatening to file a payment dispute results in search-engine-optimized public blacklisting on our site and others.
A public blacklisting includes name, address, email, phone, business- and employment details and photos of your face. You explicitly agreed to that.
In case of libel, expect supoenas for your IP address and identity, confiscation of data carriers followed by a settlement proposal via an attorney.