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Cleaning and disinfecting the needle cartridges

Solution Since needle cartridges are complex mechanisms that for design-practical and infection-risk reasons were never intended by the manufacturer to be reused, you will have to take responsibility for finding a reliable, effective disinfection method that does not damage the cartridge plastic, metal or bonding (glue) parts.

We undertand that some people want to reuse their cartridges and come to us for advice on how to do so, but we don't recommend it and thus did not experiment extensively with how it could be done, also becasue if we give recommendations to such and the customer would make a mistake, we would be legally liable.

However we do give a suggestion on the extended store page of the cartridges how to clean and disinfect the cartridges.

Cartridges can be reused on the same patient after disinfection with Ethanol according to our instructions. Do not use Chloramine-T because this will rust the spring. Also water can rust the spring, when any of it remains, so it has to be flushed out with some (cheap denatured) alcohol after cleaning the cartridge vigorously under a stream of water, pushing the plunger in & out until blood residue has been flushed out. Do not use Dettol - it contains chloroxylenol, which can dislodge the needles. Isopropyl alcohol may also dislodge the needles - you have to try it. It may depend on the percentage used, exposure time and temperature as well as the type of glue used in the batch of needles. We do not give product recommendations as to what type of disinfection fluid to use.
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