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Derminator magnet missing

Solution If you seen the "Magnet missing" error and the Derminator has worked before, you have operated the machine once without needle cartridge or with an incorrectly mounted cartridge and the magnet flew several feet through the air and can be anywhere, perhaps attached to a radiator or hidden in thick carpet.

We warn about this in our user manual and enclose a leaflet with the machine where in large red lettering there is a warning about this to customs agents as well. There was no way to prevent this from happening by changing the design - the Derminator works totally different and this small risk of losing a cheap magnet is a very small price to pay for a very powerful machine with very short duty cycle, preventing microtearing. Also, by having a "loose" magnet, the machine can trivially be cleaned inside by anyone. Silicone rubber barriers that work as a spring cause microtearing due to their slow springing action so they are no alternative.

In case you can't locate the magnet, we sell replacement magnets here:

We have a minimum order amount of $19 but shipping is free. You could order two and add some needle cartridges or vit. C, Infadolan or copper peptide serum.
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