Sarah Vaughter

OwnDoc means: "Be your own doctor" - Hippocrates' advice! My name is Sarah Vaughter, self-taught dermaneedling expert (on my own skin at that). I am not the youngest anymore, but I still spend a large part of my day running this company, in spite of rumors that I must be pushing up daisies when I announced that I won't give personalized treatment/product advice anymore.

I have Asperger's syndrome. Psychology enthousiasts can download my test results here. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. INTJ (more info) is by far the rarest personality type (1.5%), and has overlap with Asperger's (0.25%).

I am a lifetime supporting member of the Immortality Institute and a principal sponsor of the replication of the famous Baathi rat study, where rats lived twice as long on C60 in Extra virgin olive oil.

My old dermaneedling forum is perhaps still the largest skin improvement forum online and still has a wealth of solid, never-expiring advice, but I had to stop answering treatment questions there also - that just became impossible when we slowly grew into a much larger company.

On this site we sell our own products. They have a thorough scientific basis. That's also why we don't have a massive product range - we don't push over-hyped expensive stuff that does not really do anything. We do not advertize. We rely on satisfied customers to spread the word.

EU Dispatch Centers

Our two dispatch centers are in the Czech Republic, so there are no customs delays to EU countries.

Support tickets are read every day, also in case of holiday or illness. We are not reachable by phone any more because we were getting many calls from people looking for medical advice, which we are not licensed to dispense. Sarah does not give product advice anymore because there simply is no more time for that since the company grew much larger and giving medical advice is unlawful anyway. Nearly every conceivable question is answered on our main sales pages, in the extended product descriptions in our store, in our instructions downloadable from our support page and in our site's articles or on our forum. If you still have questions, for example you want to exchange experiences with users of our Derminator machine: We sold so many of our products that most larger health & beauty forums have several of our customers as regulars.

Why our website looks so "primitive and old"

We made it ourselves and we focus on content over style. Web designers wanted a minimum of $45,000 to redesign our site - and it would then NOT be according to our satisfaction and we'd not be able to make changes ourselves. We keep our profit margins as low as we can and we're not going to raise our prices, just because some people distrust an "old-looking" site. We are by far the largest dermaneedling company in the western world - our site may look "amateuristic" but our dispatchers and production staff can hardly cope with the onslaught of orders from all over the world. We turn over seven figures/year in USD. We're the only company in the world - including China! - that created their own dermaneedling machine. The other devices are repurposed permanent makeup "buzzers" and thus fakery. So we consider ourselves the only dermaneedling company with an electronic dermaneedling device. This makes us the only real, honest, professional dermaneedling company - period. It's not superficialities that bring in the money - it's happy customers that recommend our products and service.