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CEASE Autism treatment causes Cancer

Thousands of scammers, worldwide, are selling a "therapy" for Autism that greatly increases the likelihood of Cancer.

The "CEASE Therapy", inspired by the ideas of the notorious Dutch scammer Tinus Smits, who became a millionaire by claiming that his Homeopathic potions could cure absolutely every ailment in existence. Mr. Smits was ordered to stop making these claims, but by then he had already made so much money that he bought an enormous rural mansion with the proceeds of his activities. He'd sell his courses, seminars, books and miracle cures in various respectable-sounding setups, worldwide.

After Smits died of Cancer, his CEASE "Autism cure" got adopted as a major money-maker by countless Homeopaths worldwide. Homeopathy used to be, a long time ago, merely an illogical idea but decades ago, it was thoroughly debunked in multiple scientific medical studies. This means that whereas one could argue that before those trials, Homeopaths used to be merely gullible fools, that nowadays it would be fair to call them greedy liars.

They defend their "CEASE Autism" treatment with sentences like: "Show me anyone who died of high doses of vitamin C!". Their scam involves selling plain water to parents of children with Autism, since Homeopathic remedies are not legally classified as medicines and thus not subjected to licensing, because they do not contain any active ingredients, since they are so diluted that hardly a single molecule of the poisons they use remains in solution.

How do large doses of vitamin C cause Cancer? Simple: Vitamin C in supplement form, no matter the chemical formula, does not behave as merely an antioxidant in the body but as a redox agent, sometimes acting as an antioxidant, sometimes as an oxidizer. It has shown to seriously damage DNA in doses of 500 mg/day in adults, which means that in children, doses of 100 mg/day or more will cause DNA damage as well, depending on the weight of the child. This fact has already been known for more than twenty years. And it's not just that serious vit. C supplementation just damages DNA, it actually causes a great increase in cancer, which has already been known for more than ten years.

Dr. Tinus Smits died of cancer, even though he was only 63 and appeared to do everything in his power to prevent that. He was slim, a non-smoker, he ate food grown without pesticides and he took a lot of vitamin C. He also claimed to be able to cure all illnesses, having 31 years of Homeopathic experience and having a medical degree as well. Did you know that nearly all vit. C supplements are made in China? And that large doses cause kidney stones and make you unable, PERMANENTLY, to absorb the small amounts of vit. C in food? Which makes you dependent on taking (carcinogenic!) artificial vit. C supplements for the rest of your life, supplements made in a Chinese chemical factory instead of the complex cocktail of Bioflavinoids from food. It's either that, or suffering the effects of chronic vit. C. deficiency, which also promotes Cancer. As soon as you start taking/administering larger doses of vitamin C, you open Pandora's box of tumors. If it's made in a Chinese chemical factory, it's not what nature intended and certainly not suitable to give to children in doses that the relevant medical experts warn are harmful.


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