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Christopher Busby libeled by military-industrial lobby


Nuclear scientist Prof. Dr. Chris Busby is under relentless attack by disinformation agents hired by the military industrial complex' nuclear lobby and the mobile phone industry.

Large multinational corporations increasingly employ "online reputation management" companies to bury information that they deem a threat to their bottom line. A wide selection of Internet mercenaries are for hire, from folks on freelancer sites who will spam forums and blogs, to PR agencies that will customize a multi-year, seven-figure online media campaign to "fix" anything a paying customer wants to be "fixed" - a "gray-hat" service which often includes paying websites to publish highly biased articles, vandalizing Wikipedia entries and anonymously making defamatory claims. Dr. Busby managed to expose nuclear industry propagandist Richard Wakeford as the owner of the anonymous "chrisbusbyexposed.org" attack website and subsequently gained ownership of the domain. Immediately after Busby acquired ownership, US airforce pro-DU attack dog Lt. Col. Roger Helbig demanded the domain be canceled:

Used in in Fair Use. Partially pixelated to avoid a Copyright claim by Mr. Helbig.

Note the incredible hypocrisy - The original purpose of the site was to attack Dr. Busby, and the ORG domain was chosen because it lent more credibility to the attackers. When Busby wrested control of the site away from his detractors because the site was deemed libelous towards him, they tried to get the site shut down because it was "put up to ridicule me and others" (DU-propagandists). How these industry pundits operate is covered in Busby's Scientific dishonesty and nuclear power (highly recommended PowerPoint presentation for the talk here.) More about Richard Wakeford and other apologists for the nuclear industry such as Barclay Jones and Mattias Lantz can be read here.

The world's largest corporations can be found in the military industrial complex, such as those who produce "depleted" Uranium shells such as Alliant and General Dynamics. Closely tied to the military are the industry giants that build nuclear reactors, such as General Electric and Hitachi. And then there are those that depend on cellphone technology such as Apple and Samsung. These companies are publicly trading, obliging their CEO to maximise shareholder profit. Facing a reputational threat, not engaging in vigorous reputation management ultimately means the end of the CEO's career. Hence the defamation campaign against Christopher Busby:


Who is Christopher Busby?

If you believe what comes up when searching for his name, you would think he is a wild-eyed conspiracy loon, unworthy of mention, shunned as a pseudoscientist by the entire scientific world, part of the "lunatic fringe" with paranoid ideas for which the term "controversial" would be too much honor. But as we mentioned before, this carefully-crafted negative portrayal of Dr. Busby has been bought and paid for. The reason is that Prof. Dr. Busby is the biggest thorn in the eye and the strongest nail in the coffin of those industries largely responsible for the cancer epidemic that started after WW2 and is ever-increasing today. Multi-talented, he plays more than a dozen instruments, he sings, writes poetry, is an avid sailor and has dabbled in drawing, such as in this sarcastic strip on how the nuclear industry will blame the increased cancer rates on anything but radiation leaks (in this case the exposure to cosmic gamma rays at altitude):


Chris Busby is not only a well-traveled, handsome, intelligent, humorous, talented, happily married man with children and grandchildren, but he also packs a professional punch: He is the author of two groundbreaking theories that would explain two mysteries that hitherto have eluded his peers:

1. How the non-ionizing EM radiation from mobile phones can trigger brain tumors, explained below:

Dr. Busby's theory would explain exactly why and how people who use cell phones have a much greater risk of developing brain tumors (on the side they hold the phone). This fact has been independently confirmed in many studies. This study found a 200% increase in brain cancer. This study found a 300% increase in brain tumors. This study concludes that the real number may be even 400%.

2. How widespread nuclear pollution largely considered insignificant disrupts our DNA repair mechanism with a "double whammy", causing a very significant rise in cancer. This theory is known as the "Second event Theory".

After carefully examining his scientific arguments (more about those later), we think Dr. Busby is a genius. Dr. Busby is very demure about his postulations, but they are backed up by statistical data and the undisputed principles of cellular biology and the laws of quantum mechanics. His former theory is extremely likely to be correct and in our opinion truly the work of a genius, and his latter theory is a bit more complex but totally novel, sounds very plausible and has not been disproven. If you doubt his qualifications, here is a link to Chris Busby's CV (mirrored version of Feb 8, 2013, please refer to his own site(s) for an up-to-date version. The past decades, Busby has relentlessly travelled the world, taking radiation samples whenever there were nuclear incidents, examining those samples in the most modern equipment, meeting fellow concerned scientists and published a wealth of investigative reports on his findings in the scientific literature.

Busby is the #1 target to be neutralized through defamation and marginalization because he not only is the most vocal promulgator of credible theories on how we're being given cancer by the military-industrial complex (don't forget that the only reason nuclear plants use particularly unsafe Uranium and Plutonium reactors is that those materials can be used in nuclear bombs) but he actively starts grassroots movements to warn consumers, uncovers evidence "on the ground" to substantiate his concerns, amend legislation and protest the use of cancer-causing technologies such as currently unsafe nuclear plants (Busby on cancer clusters near nuclear power plants) and "depleted" uranium in shells, which is often polluted with reactor waste and hence not depleted at all. The radioactive dust from these shells has been found as far as London, and Busby thinks that perhaps we should stop spraying Uranium dust over European schoolkids' lunches, because that's what in essence ultimately happens when a DU shell vaporises inside an Iraqi or Afghani tank, as Professor Busby uncovered by using the UK's own nuclear establishment's air sampling data in his shocking exposé: Depleted Uranium dust from Iraq/Afghanistan detected in Europe.


Busby has been testing the dust in Japanese car air filters for radioactivity, and what he found was very worrying:

What is Dr. Christopher Busby accused of?

Busby is accused by anonymous detractors on various wikis and blogs that he is selling useless anti-radiation pills in Japan for extortionate prices. Forbes and the Guardian have given long-standing nuclear industry pundits a platform to make these thinly veiled allegations against Busby, taking care not to make legally actionably claims of malfeasance, because they would immediately be sued for libel and they would lose, since the entire story is fictional - made up from start to finish. No such pills were ever sold, neither in Japan nor anywhere else. Someone in Japan got the idea to sell supplements that would bind certain radioactive isotopes so that they would not be able to damage DNA, and he asked Busby whether it was OK to use his name for marketing purposes. Busby said something like: "OK, as long as you donate the majority of your profits to a fund for Japanese children harmed by the Fukushima catastrophe". However, no pills were ever sold, because the Japanese authorities shut down the operation before it ever came off the ground. Heavy-handed tactics were employed, as murder threats were made against the businessman who hoped to sell those pills. In Busby's own words:

The fact that his attackers know very well that these allegations are untrue but chose to spread them anyway in an attempt of character assassination, shows that they do not have valid arguments to counter the evidence his extensive research uncovered and instead they opted for an attack below the belt. There are more allegations against Busby, all untrue or totally irrelevant to his claims and theories. His detractors say that he publishes most of his work through his own publishing company. A scientist that has made the world's military-industrial complex his mortal enemy has no other choice! If you doubts this, I have a bridge to sell you, somewhere in the Iraqi desert. The allegations get more and more pathetic. "He's not a professor!", they said, while he was a visiting professor at the University of Ulster. "He was denied a patent!" (so what?), " 'Green Audit' and the 'Low Level Radiation Campaign' are in fact Busby's companies!" (wow, that's highly commendable, Dr. Busby is one of those rare, true warriors for global health and peace and progress and should be commended for his hard, selfless work).

Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther supports Chris Busby

Chris Busby is also accused of being a "conspiracy theorist" for saying that there is a "secret weapon, used in Fallujah, that causes pollution with enriched Uranium". He is referring to the secrecy surrounding the fact that several times, nuclear reactor waste with Plutonium and enriched Uranium has found its way into "depleted" Unranium shells, proven by professor Siegwart-Horst Gunther, who retrieved some of those highly radioactive munitions from the Fallujah battle field. The US claims that after 2004 they did not use DU shells in Fallujah, and for before that date they have "no records". In 1995, Siegwart-Horst Gunther spent five weeks in a Kiel penitentiary for refusing to pay a fine of 3000 Marks for the "traffic of radioactive materials". So a German professor as well as a German court thus confirmed Dr. Busby's claim that weapons containing enriched Uranium were used in Iraq. And of course this has been kept under wraps, since it would constitute a monstrous war crime or at the very least criminal negligence of the utmost severity. More about this here [SUNDAY TIMES (UK) Jan. 1, 2001 "URANIUM SHELLS HELD COCKTAIL OF NUCLEAR WASTE" by Jonathon Carr-Brown] and below is a documentary about professor Siegwart-Horst Gunther's research into DU shells and the cancer they cause:

Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther was punched in the face by the prison doctor when he refused to fully undress. He went on a hunger strike to protest the horrific conditions he as at 77 years old was being subjected to. His teeth started to fall out, presumably due to radiation sickness, assumedly caused by the enriched Uranium and Plutonium he had been exposed to, collecting expended munitions in Iraq. Episode 5/6 of the above documentary mentions that enriched Uranium (U236) was found, as well as Plutonium. This is not a "conspiracy theory", this is an undisputed fact, published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical literature such as this article from the Archive of Oncology. The result: 10x more cancer in the area (esp. Leukemia and Lymphoma) and 20x more congential deformities. This is a letter he managed to get smuggled out of prison, written on toilet paper. This man born in 1925, the recipient of numerous prestigious international medical awards, a scientist who worked with Albert Schweizer and who exposed the secret of American radiological war crimes in Fallujah is now ill, destitute and forgotten.

Dr. Doug Rokke strongly supports Chris Busby

doug-rokkeIt is not just prof. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther that helped give credence to Dr. Chris Busby's assertions. Trained forensic scientist and PhD in Health Physics Major Dr. Doug Rokke is the former head of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project. He spreads awareness of the very severe damage to health that occurs when people come into contact with the the Uranium dust spread by Depleted Uranium shells. In one of Rokke's reports, he states that DU (Depleted Uranium) is a potent alpha emitter, and that alpha particles cause great damage to cells and thus health. This is exactly Busby's main point: The negative health effects of internal emitters (esp. alpha-emitters) is greatly underestimated and deliberately and actively covered up by the nuclear industry and the medical-industrial complex.

Doug Rokke on the threat of "Depleted Uranium":

Doug Rokke got a B.S. in Physics at Western Illinois University and a M.S. and Ph.D. in physics and technology education at the University of Illinois. Dr. Rokke served with the 3rd US Army Depleted Uranium Assessment team during Gulf War 1 ("Operation Desert Storm"). He was the US Army's Depleted Uranium Project director from 1994 - 1995. He developed the US Army's "common task for DU incidents". Dr. Rokke has taught biological, nuclear and chemical warfare, hazardous materials and emergency medicine for over 20 years to both military and civillian personnel. Dr. Rokke has served as an advisor with the US Centers of Disease Control, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, US Senate, House of Representatives, Department of Defense, General Accounting Office, Department of Veterans Affairs, British Royal Society, British House of Lords and House of Commons and the United Nations. Dr. Rokke has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental science, environmental engineering, nuclear physics, and emergency management and was a staff physicist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for 19 years. major Doug Rokke is included in "Who's Who in America" and is included in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering".

Rokke's credibility has been attacked by accusing him of promulgating the "conspiracy theory" that he claims that the only reason DU exists is for the nuclear power industry can get rid of their waste. This is a lie, as can be read in this interview, where he mentions the weapons-superiority of DU on page 4: "You have to understand, this is an incredible weapon. It kills and destroys everything. I mean, it's absolutely incredible. [...] It's the best we've got."

US Airforce bully demands takedown of Busby-articles

Less than 24 hours after publishing the first draft of this article, I received the following email:

Used in in Fair Use. Partially pixelated to avoid a Copyright claim by Mr. Helbig.

The reason that I pixelated part of the email is to avoid a DMCA takedown request, since emails are copyrighted by their author. Parts of Helbig's email are reproduced in Fair Use and a counter-DMCA notice will be filed as a reponse to any DMCA claim, and a lawsuit will be filed against Helbig for making a fraudulent claim in that case.

Up to the point Roger Helbig emailed me, I had not heard of him, and he was not originally mentioned in this article. Note how Mr. Helbig has a Google Alert on anything new articles appearing on the Internet, containing the words "Chris Busby". Mr. Helbig then proceeds to immediately issue a demand for retraction of the article. Ironically, Roger Helbig thereby validates my claim in the first sentence of this article: That the US military employs people to attack Dr. Busby, his work and his supporters. The reason for having someone doing full-time Busby-related damage control is perhaps to avoid a class action lawsuit against the Pentagon by the victims of the pollution that ensued as "collateral damage" as a consequence of the US army spreading depleted and enriched Uranium dust as well as Plutonium dust on battlefields in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Dr. Busby discovered that some of this dust was detected in British air, and he got the word out, causing serious headaches in the Pentagon. I entered into an email exchange with Mr. Helbig, and here is a selection of the threats he made:

"Perhaps I should find out if I can obtain a judgment against you in Swiss court and perhaps put you out of business."

"Are you willing to face me in Northern California Court of law? I am a personal friend of Chief Chris Magnus."

I think it is clear that when faced with such severe threats, the great majority of online journalists such as myself will chose to retract their article, as Roger Helbig demanded in his first email. One can only guess at the treatment the mainstream media receives from the likes of Mr. Helbig, but judging the coverage they've given the subject of Depleted Uranium in the Gulf War and other wars, we can safely assume that they are "in bed with the Pentagon" or simply are too busy covering the Kardashians to get educated on the nitty-gritty of internal radiation emitters.

Roger Helbig: "Retired" US Airforce Lt. Col.

US Airforce Lt. Col. Roger Helbig seems to have a full-time job monitoring the Internet for articles on Dr. Christopher Busby and Dr. Doug Rokke and others, and immediately demanding a full retraction of the article, backed up by very severe threats of lawsuits and the destruction of the livelihood of the author. This is an article on how Helbig monitors articles mentioning Doug Rokke and how Helbig literally spent years harassing hundreds of authors. Roger Helbig is thought by many to be just a crank, a mentally unbalanced person. But this article shows he has Google Alerts on "Depleted Uranium" as well, and he threatens people within 24 hours to take down whatever they wrote. One petition-signer against the use of DU munitions was called on the phone within 15 minutes of signing the petition, as this chilling story (from the link) relates: "Roger Helbig was able to find my work phone number within 15 minutes of my signing a petition to the UN agains DU weapons. He apparently has some connections with military intelligence if he is able to do that, that quickly. He asked for me by name, then called me a liar, and with a voice filled with venom and veiled threats, told me he had no trouble finding out anything he wanted to about me."

Roger Helbig has a habit of making threats in order to get articles on Depleted Uranium retracted:

Used in in Fair Use. Partially pixelated to avoid a Copyright claim by Mr. Helbig.

So there are US-army affiliated people working full-time, over the past decade, doing nothing but getting critical articles on internal radiation emitters retracted. Helbig, working at least 40 hours a week at this task is an expert bully and he is often successful:


Note how the reason for the refusal of the paper is trivial and irrelevant, and clearly a cheap excuse to refuse publication.

Chris Busby explained in an email to me about this case: "The interesting thing about Helbig, is that when I had just finished drafting my second Fallujah paper, about the birth defects and Uranium, the one that was published in Conflict and Health, I was about to mail it to the IJERPH in Switzerland to be considered for publication. They refused to look at it, even though they had published the first paper, the sex ratio one. I phoned the Swiss in house editor. He said that Helbig had contacted him telling him that the paper was fraudulent and I was a liar etc. But here's the thing: He contacted the editor BEFORE I EMAILED IT. So he knew everything I was doing. Later I heard from the Iraqi author that she had received a smiley face on her computer and a message like "we are watching you". These people have serious resources. The IJERPH int J of Environment and Public Health) eventually refused to look at the paper and when I argued, they said that they had come under pressure that they could not resist."

These same people undoubdedly are responsible for most of the online attacks on the reputation of the principal scientists involved in critical research on the effects of internal emitters - a major source being DU shells mainly used by the US military, other sources being nuclear disasters like those of Chernobyl and Fukushima. Dr. Busby is an expert on internal emitters and there are people working 24/7, silencing him and his supporters. I say 24/7, because I received an email from Roger Helbig in the night between Saturday and Sunday, around 04:00 his local time. Is Mr. Helbig merely pathologically obsessed with his full-time crusade against whistleblowing nuclear scientists and the journalists that mention their work, or is there a more sinister side to the constant threats from Roger Helbig, hours after an article comes online? Helbig has once been to court for harrassing his Syrian neighbor. Helbig had plastered the windows of the side of his house that faced his neighbor with the Israeli flag. I think it's safe to say that Roger Helbig is a crank. However, being a crank does not necessarily mean that one can't work for the Pentagon, as Leuren Moret alleges:


According to the US military, Dr. Michael Kilpatrick works for them as "Director of Strategic communications", euphemism for "Propaganda coordinator".


And who is Leuren Moret? She used to work at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is now educating the public about the dangers of internal emitters of radioactive radiation. She was one of the first to warn about the seriousness of the Fukushima disaster and she is against nuclear testing. Wikipedia calls her a "Conspiracy theorist" and "lobbyist". The circle is round..

Disinformation attacks on Dr. Christopher Busby

Busby's Wikipedia entry to this day is a disgraceful attack-piece and yet another example of how a website where anyone can write anything is not worthy of the title "Encyclopedia". Proof that we are not exaggerating is in the screen capture at the beginning of this article, where Google displays on the right side in their search results for "Christopher Busby" Wikipedia's first paragraph for him: "Christopher Busby is a British tool known for his half-arsed theories [...]". The Wikipedia entry doesn't even get his birthday right, claiming it to be January 5, 1945 whereas Busby was born on September 1. Those paid to smear his reputation obviously do not care about such puny details. All that counts to them is to have the mainstream media, Google/YouTube and Wikipedia ridiculing and smearing him. Their strategy is working: The naive UK Greens thought "Where there is smoke there must be fire" and have abandoned his cause.

Even more disgraceful attacks on Dr. Busby can be found on sites where anyone can anonymously write whatever they want (but correction of the tripe written will be considered "vandalism"!) RationalWiki is one of those sites. RationalWiki is a project of Trent Toulouse, who has the stated objective of "exposing conspiracy theories". He once implied that he considers a conspiracy theory everything that disagrees with mainstream dogma, making RationalWiki a platform for anyone with an agenda to attack researchers struggling to bring important facts to public attention.

An example of what Busby is trying to prevent:


On the lower right is a baby with Harlequin ichthyosis. Harlequin ichthyosis is a genetic disorder. Caused by a genetic mutation. That child happens to be an Iraqi child with Harlequin ichthyosis - caused by genetic damage, just like all the other children in those pictures are Iraqi children with genetic damage. Most likely, the majority of these children's genes were damaged due to "depleted" Uranium - a highly radioactive substance, often polluted with traces of enriched Uranium or even Plutonium stemming from "mistakes" of the reprocessing industry.


The truth about Christopher Busby

Due to the work of his detractors, searching for "Chris Busby" will yield mostly websites that spread lies about him. If you want to know more about Dr. Busby and his work, visit:




Copyright violations result in a DMCA to the host + invoice with our content licensing fee.

Certified pure Lufenuron against Candida in animals. Guidelines for large primates: PDF
1.  Rhotel1    Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christopher Charles Busby is the one who spreads the disinformation. He is a master propagandist with Neo Nazi connections and he would do Goebbels proud. This article is yet another example of Busby's smearing anyone who dares dig up the truth about him. For example, anyone of you can look at Busby's denied patent application. In the application, you will find references on the last page and one of those sources is the "journal" that Busby created. If you look in any library anywhere, you will not find a copy and you will not find a librarian who knows how to find one. You will not even find a copy on the internet, which is a bit surprising unless Busby is concerned with the possible legal consequences of publishing his pseudoscience in a self-made allegedly peer reviewed journal. Here is the link. Check it out for yourself.

Busby Patent Application – 7 claims found to lack novelty or inventive step and patent denied

GB2449266 - Methods of enhancing radiation effects in cells using uranium or other metals or compounds combining high atomic number with high affinity for dna phosphate

The journal is cited on page 5, European Journal of Biology and Bioelectromagnetics

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, February 11, 2013

If it was not yet clear to our readers, Rhotel1 is Roger W. Helbig.

He has zero counter-arguments to Busby's research, so his tactics are:

-Ad-hominems ("Neo Nazi connections", "Goebbels proud" etc.)

-Red herrings (a denied patent - patents get denied all the time for prior art)

-Accusing Busby of "having to self-publish", while it is Lt. Col. Roger W. Helbig himself who is (sometimes successfully) "persuading" journal editors to refuse Busby publication!

UPDATE: Rhotel1 emailed me several times with a barrage of very serious threats (threatening prison for me and the dismantling of my company) if I don't take my article down.

3.  Robert K    Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sarah, I truly respect your courage to stand up to evil and don't let the evil to intimidate you. I salute you.

4.  AIDAN WALSH    Saturday, April 6, 2013

I have followed Dr. Busby's work for quite some time and find him to be a thoughtful precise expertise in his field and he is not anything to do with conspiracy, I believe the Pentagon suffers now with a great case of Conspiracy diareaha...They are a criminal empire that must be fully dealt with in plublic court rooms now, they are evil scumbags...I wish them all responsible life time prison sentences for war crimes...

5.  AIDAN WALSH    Saturday, April 6, 2013

I would also like to add that I will be filing a £123 million pound lawsuit against these agencies and will request also a full criminal and public international inquiry to these radio/bio warfare agents of mass destruction...War crimes...

6.  Bill Stark    Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fukishima is a crime scene, and there are a thousand more of them everywhere that the Bohemian Grove nuclear terrorist Pentagon communist mensheviks are still running, ready to destroy this planet at any second!

What we have here is criminal incompetence and negligence inherent in the DEEPLY FLAWED designs of this unsafe garbage where many THOUSANDS of MEGAWATTS of supposedly "surplus" FREE heat energy from decaying, stored fuel rods and the decaying, "shut down" fuel rod cores themselves, was STUPIDLY and cavalierly being totally and irresponsible WASTED with the grossly improper, unsafe and inappropriate use of external power to run water pumps essential to safely cool them down!

This heat is then spread indiscriminately into the environment as HEAT POLLUTION by the nuclear terrorists

This FREE Heat Energy was (and still is everywhere else) being irresponsibly, unsafely and criminally "dumped into the environment as Thermal Pollution by irresponsible, wasteful, mollycoddled wealthy corporate-socialist criminals!

There is no "other" reason why or how the Fukushima disaster happened. It's plain and simple - it was caused by negligence and waste!

FREE HEAT ENERGY = FREE ELECTRICAL ENERGY ! Converting one to the other is the simplest of child's play!


All fuel rods are the essential core-heat producing element of an atomic battery. the fuel storage racks and the reactor core should be bristling with them to act as auxiliary uninterruptible power "thermopiles" (thousands of free heat > free electricity batteries)


You don't need either power lines, generators or batteries to damn well just pump water - AT ALL, unsafely relying upon such other power sources to keep them safely cooled is sheer stupidity and negligence.

7.  Estim8z    Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chris Busby is a hero and a man of great courage. There are very few who will do the work it takes to find the truth and then present it to the various theaters where it can be evaluate by the public and also can not be ignored by the government. The government ignores most worthless conspiracy theorists, but they terrorize those who pull the vial back on their heinous operations that the tax paying public will not tolerate, if the were aware of it. The attached he suffers from are a validation of his statements. We are killing our soldiers and their offspring, all generations of their offspring, we are also contaminating the lands in which we do battle, leaving behind deadly, long lasting isotopes and element that are sure to harm innocent children, and further create a hatred for America by those who we make suffer. Those in charge as homicidal maniacs and need to be removed. This will not play out well.

8.  keith    Friday, October 11, 2013


9.  Warren Neasmith    Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hi, I wish Chris, Sarah below and all others that are involved in this work success for the years ahead; I have appreciated the insight into Nuclear technology and the industry as a whole. Would you be able to point me in the direction of relevant supplements such as Stable calcium etc that would be beneficial?

10.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I don't know of anything that significantly helps to un-bind these radioactive molecules from the tissues they are chemically bound to. Perhaps there are ways to flush out certain radioisotopes, Busby should be asked.

Basically, prevention is the only real game in town.

11.  Warren Neasmith    Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yes you are right prevention is certainly key; I mentioned the Calcium as Busby spoke of this and the idea of distributing tablets predominantly to children around the exclusion zone of Fukishima; although I think this ultimately never got off the ground this was blocked and let me make it clear to anyone that reads this; these are my words not Busby's so if I got any part of this wrong that is my fault. I believe contaminated Iodine will be an issue in the atmosphere and so taking a dose of iodine I believe would be helpful, although I am not sure of the method or dosage!

12.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Iodine 131 has a half-time of 8 days, meaning in about three months, all damage has been done, the I131 is gone and supplemental iodine is useless. Since no more I131 is emitted after the meltdowns, iodine supplementation is at best useless and at worst harmful.

13.  Julie Crory Telgenhoff    Monday, February 10, 2014

I'll comment on your propaganda about Leuren Moret. Whistelblowers always have people attack them because they tell the truth. I will never use your website since you are not telling the truth and furthermore, I have a FB page with over 235,000 subscribers and website that gets 1 1/2 millions views/month and GROWING that I will post on about websites who do not tell the truth about scientist Leuren Moret (like yours). Her information is spot on. One doesn't commence alternate news/media, like myself, and within only 3 short months have a huge following unless they knew what they are talking about. You can clam to do research, but I'll bet in 1 year, I'll surpass your website because I care about truth more than anything else. Keep feeding the BS about Ms Moret and when you and your family finally die from this Fukushima horror (all nuclear really), remember my name. Thanks...

14.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, February 10, 2014

You are the biggest idiot that ever posted on my website in its entire existence. I normally don't approve inane comments such as yours but when a comment is so dumb and self-incriminating that it becomes newsworthy, I allow it to stand.

If you would have paid the slightest attention, you'd have seen that you're commenting on a PICTURE that is part of an article I wrote here:


And in that article, I defend Leuren Moret as a TRUTH SEEKER and I point out how evil people call her a "conspiracy theorist".

If you would have read the other articles I wrote under "Radiation", you would see that I warn extensively about Fukushima and have done so from the very beginning.

But thank you for wishing radiation death on me and my family, Julie Crory Telgenhoff. And good luck with your "research"..

15.  Julie Crory Telgenhoff    Monday, February 10, 2014

Glad I came back here and please allow me to apologize. I did not see the article you referenced in the reply on your website, just the 'conspiracy' photo. I tried clicking on the photo and all over the website and couldn't find anything but the that photo. Thank you for letting me know. We are on the same team, and you do have my sincere full-hearted apology. :)

16.  $46033475    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The unfortunate infant on the bottom right suffers from a genetic condition known as "harlequin ichthyosis". There is no proof that this condition is caused by military use of depleted uranium. When pictures of harlequin ichthyosis are used to dramatize the effects of DU ammunition, it puts the entire article or webpage into question. DU might be a bad thing, but picking random pictures from the internet that "look scary" is not going to help any cause or agenda in the long run. Do your research, and check your sources. The internet is full of dramatizations, misuse of images, and all kinds of misinformation. Fight misinformation one page at a time.

17.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I know full well that that's a baby with Harlequin ichthyosis because I personally put that picture there.

And I also know that Harlequin ichthyosis is a genetic disorder. Caused by a genetic mutation. That child happens to be an Iraqi child with genetic damage, just like all the other children in those pictures are Iraqi children with genetic damage.

Most likely, the majority of these children's genes were damaged due to "depleted" Uranium.

But your attempt to inject disinformation into the discussion has been duly noted.

18.  Bernhard    Friday, March 21, 2014

Reporting about this makes me look at your page in favour of the page itself and it's editor. Thank you.
These are some of the worst ongoing crimes, will there ever be anyone involved in committing these crimes, from manufacturers to those who told to pull the trigger to those who actually pulled the trigger, be held liable?
Will sane humans ever become a majority, or will the insane ones ruling finish this planet off entirely, no life to support human life as well, being left?

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