Candida Cleanser Review: Scam

The Candida Cell Wall Suppressor scammers now call themselves "Candida Cleanser" at and they keep lying. They told a concerned customer this (a few of the untruths underlined):


We are of course forced to respond to this:

I underlined 13 untruths:

1. "Sarah Vaughter is very capable of lying". Technically true, in practice false, and this is likely due to my Asperger's. If you'd search the site, you'd find all kinds of statements by me that hurt us commercially. We often discourage people to buy something and a good example with Lufenuron is that we say that it's not a guaranteed cure. I have written long articles where I discourage people to buy our Lufenuron. I've written articles, detailing what skin conditions dermaneedling can not fix. I ask people who think they have Candida to consider gluten sensitivity first. I tell them that a positive Candida test often doesn't mean anything because many people take bogus tests, such as the spit test.

2. "She deletes our response". I very much welcome their response and urge them to refute this article here, using Disqus comments. The reason they won't respond is that there is no response and they know it. Their lies will collapse like a house of cards as soon as a discussion gets going, and of course they want to avoid that. Instead, they gossip and lie behind our back.

3. "We are taking legal action against her slander". While I can't prove that this is false, I am still 100% certain that it is. So I am willing to put my money where my mouth is: We will donate $5000 to a good cause as soon as their attorney's letter hits our doormat. I trust that Kacper Postawski, the person behind Candida Cleanser will want to cause us that loss and will announce their lawsuit, forcing us to pay up or lose credibility.

4. "We purchase from the same laboratory as her". How on Earth do they know where we get our Lufenuron? We have always guarded this information as one of our most precious trade secrets. I doubt that Candida Cleanser contacted all Lufenuron factories and gotten an answer to whether they sell to us. Incidentally, we do not buy our Lufenuron from a "laboratory" at all, but from a factory, just like they do, because there are no laboratories equipped to make it. The only thing we do to ensure pharma-grade purity is that we met the people in the factory and, together with a Chemistry Ph.D., discussed how we could make our batches truly pharma-grade. We pay a lot extra for that. And of course we test every batch, using a western lab. We publish one of those tests on our sales page. And we test for what the impurities are, not just for purity.

5. "Inadequate dosing". Our testimonials tell otherwise. And our testimonials are actually real. Can we prove it? Sure. We could for example ask some of our customers to directly email sceptics. What's "inadequate dosing" anyway, when we sell 3 times less product for a 3 times lower price? When the customer needs one more dose, they will still pay less than with Candida Cleanser. Candida Cleanser is out to make the biggest profits, not to warn people they may not even have Candida.

6. "Order from the FDA to cease selling". We had no such thing. FDA orders and actions are all public on the FDA site. We pay $1000,- to the first person who can find any such order. If this were true, then why are we still selling Lufenuron to the US? We won the battle with the FDA or something??

7. "She had to shut down her site". We never shut down our site since the day it started. This can be verified using the Internet Archive.

8. "Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is effective against any fungal disease". That's a bald-faced lie and they know it. There are plenty of fungal species Lufenuron does little to nothing against, and that is a published fact. Our unethical competitors even use this fact to pretend that "Lufenuron does not work at all". Lufenuron only kills fungi that use Chitin in their life cycle. Not all fungi use Chitin.

9. "It is made with natural oils". We're offering a no-strings-attached $1000,- paid-in-advance fee to the first person who finds for us a chemistry Ph.D. and ask him or her a single question. The fee for that chemistry expert will also be paid by us, in advance. Ask the expert: "What do you think about the claim that pharmaceutical-grade Lufenuron is made using natural oils?". We'll publish the answer here. The answer has to be provided in written form, either on letterhead paper or stamped/signed and we'll need the name and credentials of the expert of course.

10. "And basic chemical elements". See (9). Lufenuron is not made with chemical elements but with molecules. This is how Lufenuron is made (source: Wikipedia):


All of these are complex and assumedly toxic organic molecules, most containing Fluor. No "elements" and no "natural oils". Only a modern chemical factory can made pharma-grade and it will cost a lot extra. All Lufenuron factories are in China. Novartis does not make it anymore. Do you trust a bunch of "Internet marketing" liars who know nothing about chemistry with your health?

11. "Lufenuron for insecticide use is 5-7% pure". A lie. In fact, it is 98% pure! Here is the proof:


What is sold is Agricultural pesticide-grade Lufenuron. 98% pure. 98% is called "Technical grade" here, meaning it can not be used on humans or animals. Read this PDF to verify that TC indeed means Technical Grade, and that TC basicially stands for "hazardous when ingested". The remaining 2% can be anything - including carcinogenic solvents, fluoride and heavy metals. And it's nearly guaranteed that is will contain some of those. We're talking Chinese pesticides here. Not exactly the healthiest thing in the world.

12. "Clinical trial for Candida Cell Wall Suppressor". A lie. Clinical trials have to be registered with the FDA or other national authorities and are therefore easily retrievable in publicly accessible online databases. In our previous article on the Cell Wall Supressor Scam we have already proven that there is no clinical trial in the US. We will pay $1000,- to the first person showing evidence of such a trial.

13. Where there is no clinical trial, the figure of 70% is automatically a lie as well.

There are many more lies in that email. In fact, the entire email is nothing but lies. Every sentence is untrue. For example, they claim that their Lufenuron is purer than ours. But we published a test that specifies in detail what the impurities are (all harmless ashes) in our Lufenuron. Whereas their Chinese test does not specify this. They also insinuate that I would have a problem with my integrity. Without offering the slightest evidence. When you google my name and you see the headlines "Why I hate Owndoc" for example, and you read the thread to the end, you'll see that the complainers are exposed - by other forum members - as sociopatic trolls or unethical competitors. And you'll see forum regulars testifying to my integrity.


Jim Spears

The person behind all these "Candida Cleanser" and "Candida Cell Wall Suppressor" sites that popped up like mushrooms and are as persistent as black mold is the infamous supplements scammer Kacper Postawski and his contact in Thailand who takes care of the dispatching is James G. Spears, AKA Jim "Bo" Spears, a yoga teacher who lives most of his time in Thailand. It's allright to compete with us. But don't sell pesticide under the guise of "made with natural oils". It will give Lufenuron a bad name and then it will get banned. And show us a test that states what the impurities are. We did that. And please use a US or European lab for that, not a Chinese or Thai one. Stop lying about the "natural oils" and "It cures all fungal infections". Don't lie about "clinical trials". Stop selling it in capsules, because Lufenuron does not absorb well in capsules because it only dissolves very slowly in fat. A capsule's contents does not get homogenized through the meal. Oh - and please stop telling people that "All cancer is caused by a fungus":

Candida Cleanser is a scam

Candida Cleanser Review: Scaring you into buying - with lies.

CandidaCureCenter, another Jim Spears/Postawski website, is one of the many sites selling the same product under a different name. Classy move, using lies to frighten folks into buying your product, and giving cancer patients false hope and taking their money they could have used for something nice!


Candida Cleanser replied to our customer, who requested their rebuttal to my 13 points:


Update of October 16, 2015: Kacper Postawski's on behalf of his lawyer calls his illegal internet pharmacy "Energetic Point Ltd." but we found no company anywhere by that name. The company that owns the CCWS trademark is "Strategic Media Marketing Corporation" and its VP is Kelly Willett, a student babysitter in Vancouver.

Update of November 3, 2015: Mr. Postawski has embarked on an online defamation campaign against us, and they are trying to shut our company down by filing bogus complaints with our hosting provider and other business contacts. We obtained another clue as to how his operations are structured: They can be reached under a Thai tel. nr.: +66 966360633.

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We can finally sell it again (for animal use only), on

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