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Candida or Lyme disease?

I have been living with Lyme disease since 1995. I still test positive for Borrelia IgG and IgM on a Western Blot, and also immunofluorescence tests come out positive.

The lab that tested me at my own initiative is a "reference laboratory", a lab that sets the standards for, and verifies the results from all other labs in the region in case there are ambiguities.

That lab even asked me to send more of my serum, to be used as a "golden standard" for Lyme infection, as I test positive for both Borrelia afzelii as well as Borrelia garinii, the prevalent European strains. Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto is more prevalent in the US. I showed this letter to my local ID specialist, who shrugged his shoulders at it.

I have a textbook case of neuroborreliosis. Bitten by many ticks from an endemic Lyme area, some of which were only discovered embedded in my back days later, wrongly removed so that their stomach contents was pushed into my bloodstream, followed by the classical bullseye rash (Erythema Migrans) and a myriad of typical Lyme symptoms. I did not receive treatment until four years later, when I almost died and it had become too late for a full cure.

BorreliaSince then, I have been on a near-continuous regimen of broadspectrum antibiotics. Over the past decade I have taken Doxycycline, Minocycline, Tinidazole, Metronidazole, Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Azithromycin, Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole and even Hydroxychloroquine because it is synergistic with the antibiotics. I never used intravenous abx. because they carry significant risks and from what I have read, they seem to about as effective (or ineffective) as the much cheaper orals. I like to keep the IV option in case the orals I use now stop working. There isn't any choice in orals either: Neuroborreliosis needs an antibiotic that penetrates the blood-brain barrier, and the only oral antibiotics that do that are a fcouple in the family of the Tetracyclines: Doxy- and Minocycline.

A sizeable proportion of people putting their hope in our Candida treatment Lufenuron are in fact suffering from something that can't be distinguished, at least symptom-wise, from neuro-Lyme. These people are most seriously ill. We're talking about people so sick that they are unable to work and so miserable that they're seriously contemplating suicide. I know I have.

I almost literally went through hell and back with my Lyme and it pains me to see how others are going to hell but won't make it back. My symptoms were very serious. I ended up in an ambulance, taken to an IC ward, put on oxygen, a full set of EEG leads on my body and an IV in my arm. During the years that followed, I lived like a zombie. A tormented, half-paranoid soul who lost all her friends and who would get a fit if she heard a teaspoon stirring. Violent mood swings, chronic headaches, joint pains, severe heart rhythm problems such as 175 bpm sinus tachycardia when trying to relax, ADHD, memory problems, problems talking, extreme fatigue, balance problems, excessive perspiration, muscle cramps, anxiety attacks, tingling limbs, loss of motor function in the fingers etc. I still have some of that and I still need antibiotics or I suffer a quick and severe relapse.

Do some of these symptoms sound familiar to you? Did you think they may have something to do with Candida? They might not.

Everything I write is my personal opinion, based on scientific research by others. I do not have all the answers, but I have observed myself during all those years, I have postulated, experimented and studied the available medical literature.

Fact is that the etiology, the cause of almost all disease is officially unknown. The medical-industrial complex likes you to think otherwise. They claim that "Our knowledge doubles every few years", making it an exponential curve towards imminent omniscience if you believe them. Or they waffle about "autoimmunity" and ignore the evidence of living Bb bacteria in the brains of deceased MS patients, for example. Autoimmunity my ass. God or evolution did not make such basic mistakes.

The sordid reality is that they are at best ignorant, and at worst lying. All they do is inventing complex-sounding names for the symptoms they don't know what they're caused by. Parkinson's disease, for example. They know that the symptoms are caused by the destruction of a specific part of the brain, but they are clueless as to what actually causes it. The same with Multiple Sclerosis. The same with Alzheimer. The same with Crohn's. The same with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. And so on and so forth. They want us to spend money on a cornucopia of symptom-relievers, they bedazzle us with mumbo-jumbo voodoo science, but when push comes to shove they're only relieving symptoms because they don't want to know how to attack the cause. The reasons are varied, but it all comes down this: Big Pharma makes much more money keeping you sick and addicted to symptom-relievers, than to find and eliminate the cause. Contributing factor is the monkey-nature of humans: Any doctor or researcher sticking out his head above the rest will get it chopped off. Paradigm shifts are few and far between in any discipline, most of all in medicine. It wasn't long ago when those few surgeons that washed their hands before an operation were ridiculed by their peers.

In our day and age there are doctors who think that there is sufficient hard evidence that almost all serious chronic disease of the central nervous system is caused by mycoplasmic bacteria. These doctors are marginalized. As far as Big Pharma is concerned, this idea doesn't even exist. There hasn't been any significant R&D effort into developing novel antibiotics for decades. Symptom relievers are more profitable. They like us to believe that bacteria can be killed with a few weeks of antibiotics. They hide from us the myriads of effective ways bacteria have to evade the immune system, our deliberately rigged "tests" and even our antibiotics. Look up "efflux pumps", for example. Antibiotics only kill bacteria when they're growing or dividing. But bacteria such as Bb, Borrelia burgdorferi, divide and grow a hundred times slower than "ordinary" bacteria, turning three weeks' treatment into six years. I will write about the flawed tests another time. Yes, tests purposely designed to yield many false negatives. Sometimes the reasons are as mundane as the necessity not to violate patents, but more often the reasons are more sinister and have to do with how best to extract the most money out of the patient. Governments have to trust the Medical-Industrial complex and politicians routinely get lucrative career offers from Big Pharma. I have done my homework. In front of me is a paperback copy of "The American Health Empire - Power, Profits and Politics - A report from the Health Policy Advisory Center (Health-PAC)". Written by Barbara and John Ehrenreich in 1970, fourty years ago. It exposes how Big Pharma owns the US government. How they sabotage health care. How their diagnostic tests are rigged. How their treatments are phoney. And how this situation is deteriorating fast - in 1970!. I have been doing my homework since 1970, and you better start doing it too.


If you were a bacterium that had just invaded a human body, and you wanted a secure future for your offspring, what would you do? Where would you go? Evolution has provided bacteria with ingenious ways of surviving our immune system. There are places where our immune system can't reach them at all - neither can antibiotics get fully rid of them. They are often invisible for any and all tests currently available. It is a complex subject matter and I can only touch upon it here.

Our immune system has cells being pumped around by the bloodstream that recognize bacteria and trigger the production of antibodies. Some cells simply "eat" bacteria . None of such cells exist in so-called "immunoprivileged sites". Those are places in our body where there is only a severely impaired or even non-existing immune system. Examples are the synovial fluid (the fluid surrounding the joints) as well as the cartilage of the joints themselves, the liquid in the eyeball, the testes and first and foremost: The entire Central Nervous System, including the brain. So this is how a lot of chronic bacterial infections manifest themselves: Arthritis and neurological problems. The neurological problems are caused by tphenomena such as chronic vasoconstriction or neurally mediated vasospasms. This can lead to chronic pain and organ impairment anywhere in the body. Pain can also be caused by damaged neuronal tissue. Lyme bacteria eat away the insulating myelin layer around the nerves, and all kinds of mayhem ensues. On top of that comes a chronic inflammation of the capillary vessels in the brain caused by our immune response and the neurotoxins from the bacteria themselves. Last but not least: Many bacteria like to go intra-cellular: They burrow inside neurons and even T-cells, where they can survive for three months - the lifespan of such cells. Borreliae form "blebs", "granules" and "cysts". The former two are small particles that preserve the bacterial DNA and can later, under more favorable circumstances, grow back into a spirochete - the most advanced of all micro-organisms. The latter is a protective "bubble" around a bacterium, impenetrable to immune system cells. The short-circuiting of nerve fibers and the physical destruction of neurons, as well as the constant inflammation of the bloodvessels that feed the brain cause a wide variety of "invisible" neurological symptoms. Irritability and mood swings are just as common as balance disturbances or more serious "psychiatric" problems such as apparent paranoid behavior. Parts of the brain are being starved of oxygen due to chronic ischemia - restricted bloodflow due to neurologically- and inflammation-caused constriction of blood vessels in the brain. everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Especially the Medulla oblongata is a likely target for the bacteria, as it is their first stop from the spinal cord towards the brain. Things will go haywire. Constipation, insomnia, (sleep) apnea, heart rhythm disturbances, incontinence and a plethora of the weirdest things can and will eventually happen. When I moved my head suddenly, my heart rate would double. When I tried to sleep, my heart rate would triple. I perspired profusely, my husband watched how water dripped off my hands when I took antibiotics for the first time. The large drops formed visibly and dropped on the floor, every few seconds one until there was a wet spot on he floor. For a couple of years, I could not hold my pee. My breathing stopped several times a day and I only became aware of it because I suddenly gasped for breath, after having been non-breathing for at least a minute. Constant exhaustion was perhaps the worst part, together with the pains and the severe cardiac irregularities. Nobody understood what my problem was. They thought I was going crazy. I was getting desperate and started to lose hope.

I never received adequate medical help. I had to arrange for my own reliable diagnostic tests. I had to arrange for the proper antibiotics in their proper dosages. I still do, and I still have to pay for them myself, in spite of the fact that I have health insurance. Chronic bacterial infections of the CNS are grossly underdiagnosed, mainly because they are considered to be extremely rare - but they aren't and that has been proven, only for the evidence to be buried. The infectious disease specialist in my local hospital refused to even look at the test results from this laboratory. "Get that out of my eyes", were his exact words. Any test not done by them was considered bogus, even when they had no experience with Lyme disease and that lab is a recognized authority on tick-borne infections. In fact, I had been bitten less than 100 miles from that lab, so they had the proper tests for the strains that were prevalent there. See, medical doctors in the West have no interest in curing people. They're arrogant and ignorant bureaucrats.

A picture of Lyme spirochetes attacking Lymphocytes (50 000 x):


I am very much better than ten years ago and still slowly improving. If I hadn't found out what was wrong with me through my own research and enforced antibiotic treatment through legal threats delivered through an attorney, I would have died mere days afterwards. I know of several people - family of friends - who weren't that persistent and predictably, they died. The uncle of a friend was hospitalized with what they thought was a rare neuromuclular disorder. They took him of life support a week later. The day after his hospitalization I found out that he had been treated for an infection of the vertebrae the year before - only with the wrong antibiotic - an antibiotic that doesn't penetrate bone. Both his ID specialist as well as his family physician were on summer vacation and his family was unwilling to urge antibiotic treatment on my insistence alone. So he died, less than a year after starting his pension. He had worked and saved hard all his life. The autopsy showed that an infection had eaten through his spinal nerves. His family was unwilling to sue the hospital, and wouldn't have been successful anyway. The uncle had never married and they got the inheritance. Do your homework or die. I was too ill myself with Lyme disease at that time, or I would have gone to that hospital. Anyway, his family forbade me in no uncertain terms to interfere, so as not to upset the doctors and their "beloved" uncle who was at that point on a ventilator, at the mercy of people who had neither the interest nor the competency in saving him.

The only antibiotic that helps my case is relatively large doses of Doxycycline, or about half that dose of Minocycline. It helps to occasionally combine it with Hydroxychloroquine. And it helps to alternate with Amoxicillin, every few months for a week or so. This takes care of the Lyme Encephalitis, which can act as a "Trojan Horse" for the Amoxicillin: Encephalitis "opens" the parenchyma, the capillary blood vessel cells that make the blood-brain barrier, allowing the Amoxicillin molecules through - temporarily. Any molecule that is not lipid-soluble and smaller than 500 Daltons can't pass the BBB, except when it's inflamed or opened by other means. You see, I did my homework. So should you, before you go and self-treat. I say it again: If your symptoms are caused by a bacterial infection of your CNS, Lufenuron is not going to help you.

Sometimes I go "cold turkey", not taking anything for three to five weeks until exacerbating symptoms force me back. Some people believe that "pulsing" antibiotics helps. Recently I've observed that when I am otherwise at my healthiest, my immune system attacks the Lyme hardest and I feel worst. Nevertheless, if I then force myself to take a walk, I walk faster than normal and get less fatigued than normal. Counter-intuitive but useful - by stopping the antibiotics when you feel worst, you may in fact help your immune system eradicate the infection more effectively. Whatever you do, don't mix classes of antibiotics and stay away from Flagyl and Fasigyn because you'll end up with a serious Candida infection.

Again: Do your homework before you assume you have Candida. In spite of what Global Health Trax says, not everything is Candida. Some things are worse and you may have it. Find out which disease fits your symptoms before it's too late. Do not rely on quacks, commercial websites or hysterical forums.

If many of your symptoms are neurological, please consider the fact that you may be suffering from a bacterial infection of the CNS. Candida does not produce sufficient neurotoxins that it can cause significant neurological problems. Even with the best antibiotic treatment against a bacteriological neurological infedtion, it might take months before you'll improve, and you may worsen significantly for a year or more even, as the immune system, faced with bacterial debris, mounts a massive response and keeps responding until the bacterial load is diminished by orders of magnitude. This is complex stuff. Nobody can help you with this but yourself, as not even LLMD's (Lyme-literate medical doctors) can be considered particularly knowledgeable. Even Joe Burrascano still combines Probenecid with Amoxicillin, whilst a study in The Lancet clearly showed that Probenecid competes with Amoxicillin's entry into the parenchyma, leading to treatment failure in neuroborreliosis. Burrascano, allegedly the world's #1 LLMD, refused to admit he was wrong and kept using Probenecid. All I can do is urge you to find out what's wrong with you and then do whatever it takes to get proper treatment. Be your own doctor if you can't get help from "The System".

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Certified pure Lufenuron against Candida in animals. Guidelines for large primates: PDF
1.  Lymebuster    Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yes we must be our own informed physicians. I wanted to try tygacil because of the research that it killed all spirochetes in vitro. One LLMD told me it did NOT cross the BBB and another rock star LLMD told me it did and the manufacturer of the med said they can not ascertain whether it does or does not cross the BBB. Sarah there are so many other pathogens transmitted by ticks and specific meds are needed for those.

2.  Numaiunaltblog    Sunday, June 24, 2012

Great article! firs of all I want to apologize for my English as I'm not a native English speaker.
Second, the same thing happens also in the West Europe with Lyme borreliosis. They don't recognize the disease, etc, etc.
Third, my question because I'm a little bit confuse. Once in your blood, Bb can go anywhere in your body (including CNS) in a matter of hours, maybe days from the actual tick bite. In this case, even though one doesn't have neurological problems it COULD have spirochetes in CNS even from the start. So, this kind of infection is difficult to be eradicated no matter the "age" of the symptoms/disease.
Am saying this because, even though I knew about Lyme and I had the "luck" to find myself a LLMD in a matter of two months from the actual tick bite, I still test positive (wb and dark field microscopy) after 7 months of continuous antibiotic treatment.
If the antibiotics can't reach CNS in dosages that kill bacteria or they don't reach at all some places, that means that NO MATTER in what stage of the disease you are, it's practical impossible to get rid of borrelia using antibiotics. So? I guess it's a fight (using antibiotics) against borrelia until our kidneys, liver, gallbladder will refuse to function...

3.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, June 24, 2012


But antibiotics can not only prolong the life of Lyme sufferers for several decades, they can also slowly improve the symptoms to a very bearable level, so antibiotics are a necessary "evil" in the sense that they have side effects (Micocycline can stain the teeth of adults, Tetracyclines cause severe photosensitivity and even can cause bouts of depression and all antibiotics put a strain on various organs).

It will take a long time before it will be generally accepted that many diseases with officially unknown etiology are in fact neurospirochetoses. Until then, there is little hope for more effective antibiotics that penetrate the parenchyma.

4.  Carlie    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hello sarah, your article so sooo informative and inspiring. Once a vivacoius teen & young adult with drive, intelligence and a scary good memory, I now, at 26 struggle daily with cognition, spelling, focus, articulation and vision issues. One thing, as an IT student that has been incredibly frustrating is my typing accuracy. If I don't type slow and think about the letters, only mumbo jumbo comes out. and major anxiety attacks. The past few years I have been on a slow but steady decline. I also suffer with daily nausea, fatigue, dizziness head and neck aches, joint pains, low grade fevers, hot/cold flashes, severe allergic rhinitis, dermatitis and asthma. I have doing my best in treating for candida & adrenal fatigue for nearly 4 years.

Looking through my records just a few days ago, I saw that I came back with just one of the 5 required IgG bands for an official dx of Lyme 2 years ago, and went to get retested a week ago, I am still waiting on results and I know this sounds weird, but actually praying for sufficient AB this time around, b/c even though I am sure I have it, if not documented, it is going to be so much harder to get abx, & documentation I feel I may need for employers or other disability claims in the future. I have been struggling for so long now, and despite a good day or two per week I hardly remember what it was like anymore to feel "normal."

And although it is not easy knowing that treatment may be forever, and symptoms will only improve, not go away is a very hard pill to swallow, hopefully I can stop "searching" soon and begin healing. I too have come to dislike conventional doctors very much (and the only reason I am not saying hate is because for acute illnesses where your life is on the line, they do what needs to be done, but everything is still so backwards, and I have little faith the the health industry will start to see clearly any time even in the rest of my lifetime).

Thank you for your article, I only wish it could reach audiences on a much much much more grand scale.

5.  TrueBlueMom    Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rock on girl. Continue to make beauty out of ashes. Thought you might find the following interesting:

http://pjlanghoff.wordpress... Snippet below:

unpublished “truth” about Lyme and Morgellon’s diseases, which I published in
my books God Science and The Fourth Monkey; seems to have
revealed a very different side of the history than what the public has been
told, for decades.

studying various patents for devices including diagnostic tests and vaccines
for Lyme disease, one of the gems I uncovered was a US patent invented by
scientist Dr. Alan Barbour from the University of Texas, which is assigned to
the University of Texas Board of Regents (Austin, TX).

patent refers to the purified outer surface protein “D” or OspD of Borrelia
burgdorferi, or Bb.

The aforementioned
patent is curious to me because on the one hand it discusses the theoretical
creation of things useful for a potential Lyme diagnostic test or vaccine. On
the other hand it also refers to other patents, including one that is
assigned to (for lack of a better word) Agroscience company Calgene, Inc.
(Davis, CA).

The Calgene
patent also (coincidentally) refers to a 30-kDa protein from the microbial
pesticide Bacillus
thuringiensis, or B.t. This is the most
globally-used microbial insecticide on the planet…and according to the research in my
books, an organism that not only has been grown in E. coli to
specifically express (or produce) toxic proteins called Cry proteins
(Cry = crystal); but it is an organism that is well-known in scientific circles
to be able to reactivate latent (sleeping/dormant) infections in insects,
animals, and you guessed it — humans. Cry proteins are used to make the
toxic portion of the B.t. insecticide, and are lethal to insects, arthropods,
and lepidoptera (caterpillars).

6.  pdalma    Saturday, November 23, 2013

What do you think of treating lyme homeopathically?

7.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, November 23, 2013

That's exactly the same as trying to "treat" Syphilis with sugar cubes.
I find it incredible that there still are people that believe in that nonsense.

8.  Viktor Bognar    Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hi, my name is Viktor Bognar. i am 21 years old. I have for some time suspected that i have candida. I got panic attacks in september, but they dissapeared for like 1 month ago. After my first panic attack my eyesight became blurry. and i had some dizziness. But that was it. Now my panic attacks are gone, thank God. But for like 1 month ago (a little more) i started to feel sick, and warm in my body. And i felt like i was going dement. My ears started to ring and now i also have some memory problems. and i have eyesight hallucinations (sorry i am not a native english speaker. ) I got biten by a tick in october, and it started like 4 weeks after. And now i have difficulties to sleep also. But i dont have more or less pain than average ( i have becheterws syndrome).

i dont think anxiety alone can cause all these neurlogical problems. I have been testet with borrelia test. I had to lay on the bed like an egg, and then the doctor took samples from my back. Liquid from my spine or something like that. But it did not show that i have borrelia in my nervous system, which i suspected. Then i asked if the test is valid, if i can trust it? He said that it is a very safe test. My question is could this be borrelia even if its not shown in that test, which he wold was valid? If i do have Borrelia, ive had it for like 2 months now. What should i do about it? I wont reiceve help from the hospital so i will have to get to treat myself somehow. I will , God willing, order some antibitotics, Doxycycline, because it helped you. I Appreciate your answer.
And i like this site alot, lots of good info! Thanks/ Viktor bognar from Sweden

9.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hi Viktor,

My answer to you here can be interpreted as the offense of "practicing medicine without a license" but I'm doing it anyway, in a citizen's attempt to prevent a possible death. Such intervening action is obligatory in many countries, and when one neglects that duty, that is also a criminal offense.

I am nearly 100% certain that that tick gave you Lyme disease. The neurological symptoms you mention are typical for a beginning neuroborreliosis.

The "test" that you have been given is very likely bogus and not a Lyme test at all. Normally, in Western Europe, when a person requests a Lyme test and is very insisting and adamant Lyme might be at play, the hospital does a spinal tap because the invasiveness usually "satisfies" and impresses the patient, but all they do is test for increased white blood cells. That's completely useless.

Swedish doctors have nearly no expertise at all on Lyme disease, and the situation is only marginally better in most of the rest of Europe or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

And even if they do test for Lyme, they nearly always use the absolutely worthless ELISA test, which is WORSE than tossing a coin (false negative percentage > 50%!). Antibody tests are false negative for many reasons, such as all antibodies being bound to Bb spirochetes and/or the test not testing for many important "bands" due to patent- or insurance issues.

And, even with the very best tests (antibiotic-provoked urine PCR etc.) it still is not certain at all that the test will show Lyme disease when you have it.

You are in a very serious situation. Your symptoms may persist, vary, change and eventually you'll be diagnosed with MS, ALS or any of dozens of fake diagnoses. I don't want to scare you but neuroborreliosis is ususlly incurable. It can only be kept under control and the only oral medicine I know of that can do that is Doxycycline. (Or Minocycline but that is very expensive and has more possible side effects. It causes much less sun sensitivity though and seems to work a bit better than Doxycycline).

Too little and you'll get worse, too much and you won't be able to sleep. In the dose a Lyme patient needs it (approx. 500 mg/day) it causes very severe sun sensitivity. Chronic over-use (> 800 mg/day) can cause organ failure. That's for athe average-weight adult. Combining it with too many other antibiotics can cause deadly Candidiasis. Taking expired pills can give a lethal intracranial pressure buildup in a single day. So do not self-treat without caution.

However, DO self-treat IMMEDIATELY and keep testing yourself for Lyme disease. Go to a private clinic and let serum be sent to a German reference lab. Keep fighting for a proper diagnosis and educate yourself about the technical details of the tests they gave you, learn to interpret their results, etc.

Your life is too young to be destroyed by this. The sooner you start with Doxycycline or Minocycline, the better. I will email you.

10.  Johnny    Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yet big pharma uses sugar pills to make their pills look good when studying yeast/diabetes.

11.  Kenya101    Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Not sure if you're still answering questions on this site or not, but here we go...

I suspect I've been infected with Lyme for about 11 months. Went through the gambit of trying to detect every possible autoimmune disease. Of course, those tests kept coming back negative. Recently figured that it may be lyme. I'm awaiting test results, but those are pretty much irrelevant to me at this point - I'm almost 100% sure I have Lyme.

I recently had a seizure (2 weeks ago). I have a history of seizures though, so while I'm pretty positive the lyme triggered it, it's not that abnormal of a thing to happen to me, and so I don't know if I have neurolyme yet or not. However, in the past few weeks since the seizure I've noticed worsening brain fog, balance issues, cognitive issues, comprehension issues, mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, tremors, and increased joint pain. None of these symptoms have EVER occurred after a seizure for me, and I've been having them my whole life. The most I'll usually experience is a little fatigue and brief memory lapse for a few days after.

Do you think the lyme is progressing? I just found a LLMD, and he seems pretty trustworthy and I'm also reading a lot and trying to come up with a regiment before I start treatment, but I'm pretty certain I will start antibiotics in the next week or so.

I know you said neuroborreliosis is usually incurable, but if I've just started having neuro symptoms in the past few weeks and if I've only been infected with lyme (plus whatever other co-infections I'm sure I have) for a little less than a year, do you think it's too late to permanently put this thing into remission if I treat it properly? Any advice or opinion you may have is greatly appreciated.

12.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, May 23, 2017

After 22 years with this disease, I now am certain that there is at least an auto-immune component to it. Based on extensive experimentation, observation and logical reasoning. I do not know whether the auto-immune aspect goes away when the active infection is addressed, or whether it remains after the Bb s.l. is eliminated - if that is ever possible.

I now am certain that the Doxycycline I have been taking for the past 18 years and which is required to prevent me from deteriorating to the point of death, modulates the immune system or reduces inflammation (the former more likely, or more significantly than the latter).

All I can advise you is to go on Doxycycline and use it as a symptom reliever instead of hoping it will ever cure you. I discovered that using it permanently in high doses can lead to increased inflammation, so what my best current strategy is, is to use it until things get worse again (something that's after 48 hours!) and then I discontinue it for a while, etc.

Abruptly stopping Doxy usually causes severe inflammation. It's all about immunity-mediated inflammation. It could well be that due to Bb s.l. OSP-cloaking, the immune system will forever attack our own Myelin, joint cartilage and bloodvessel walls. All I know is that Tetracycline-class antibiotics prevent me from dying.

13.  David Clark    Friday, August 4, 2017

I believe Dr. Ty Vincent showed with his LDI treatment that there is an auto-immune component. Since he tested people who had no Lyme symptoms, including himself and his family, but tested positive for the associated bacteria that go with Lyme. Feeling that it was close to an internal allergy/auto-immune reaction, he created antigens and applied them as he had done for LDA, and apparently has gotten positive results, proving his theory.

14.  Jan    Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My 12-year-old daughter has episodes (every 2 weeks) of sinus tachycardia when she is at rest (specifically resting, as you mentioned about yourself; i.e., such as getting an episode after watching TV for a few hours), and gets high (205+ beats/minute) heart rates with strenuous exercise. She has other symptoms that are less observable by others (tingling fingers, lack of concentration, fatigue, migratory joint pain in her ankles/hips/knees). Her Igenex PCR plasmid tests were positive, and she also had a few positive bands on her IgG (39) and IgM (18 and 41), with two additional "indeterminate" IgG bands of 34 and 41. Her dr says that without enough positive IgM bands, the tests are negative, and specifically that the PCR tests are worthless because of likely contamination. Thoughts? Do you believe that your sinus tachycardia is caused by the Lyme? I think it is weird that they wouldn't look at IgG and IgM together, since they both appear to be reactions to some sort of infection that creates antibodies with specificity to lyme proteins. Thanks in advance for your thoughts... Hope you continue to get better!

15.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I think that the claim that the PCR tests are worthless due to "likely contamination" is abject nonsense bordering on criminal negligence, seen her symptoms as well as the test results. You should always formally put medical folks on notice that you will hold them liable for the consequences of malpractice. They refuse to do their jobs anyway so you have little to lose, although it's not beyond the medical-industrial meatgrinder to get you blacklisted nationwide in their systems as a malingering hypochondriac, a paranoid schizophrenic or a Munchhausen-by-Proxy sufferer. That would be bad in case you'd need them for something else serious.

Nearly all of these sx are caused by immune action, I've learnt that over the past two decades. Meaning that antibiotics will only go so far. I am not sure that the symptoms will disappear when the infectious agent is fully removed, but I suspect so, over time. I am skeptical that it is currenrtly possible to fully cure a neurospirochetosis.

MD's are neither scientists nor engineers, they are bound to strict protocols and the prevailing ideology is that chronic Lyme does not exist, hence they are compelled to do whatever it takes to avoid such a diagnosis or administer proper treatment. It's criminal but it will not change soon.

16.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The sinus tachycardia is in my opinion caused by neurally mediated coronary vasospasms, caused by inflammation of the lining of cerebral bloodvessels, caused by an immune response against those same bloodvessels, caused by OSP cloaking of the Bb s.l.

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