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Jeff McCombs: Candida quack exposed

Us sick people (I have Lyme) can only choose between a rock and a hard place. The rock is modern medicine, which is uninterested in our health and incompetent anyway. The hard place are the countless scammers on the Internet, preying on the gullible and desperate, trying to sell us their miracle cures. The most shameless and successful scammers are relentless self-promoters, pretending to be top experts. They use medical lingo and link to studies, ventilating their "expert opinion", drawing "conclusions", spreading their quackery far and wide at every opportunity. They often enlist an army of affiliates and peddle the most expensive stuff that's useless against Candida.


By far the most devious fraudster in the Candida-space is Jeffrey McCombs. Jeff claims on CureZone that Lufenuron is not only useless against Candida - he also says he suspects it can cause damage to the gut lining, for which he offered no evidence or credible arguments - only an illogical FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) story, for which he cited some irrelevant "references", counting on the fact that people will believe him at face value on the basis of his "authority", because those studies show absolutely nothing. Jeff McCombs spread these false rumors linking Lufenuron with bowel irritation not because Lufenuron "eats into the lining of the gut" - it's eating into his profits!

We have never heard anyone complain of an "inflamed gut" after taking Lufenuron. People wouldn't recommend it to others if it would cause such severe side effects like IBS. The "Lufenuron causes IBS" story is BS. BS from Mr. McCombs.

"Dr." Jeff McCombs sells super-expensive anti-Candida quackery. This is the absolute cheapest package you can buy from him at the time of writing:


But he recommends spending about 1000 dollars for his full "program". For pills that cost him about 10 dollars to be produced in China. The packaging + cost of shipping likely is more expensive to him than his cost of materials. That's why I used the words "devious fraudster". Why is McCombs given such a prominent platform on CureZone? Why do CureZone moderators highlight this quack's postings as "especially worthwhile"? Have a look at CureZone's ads. Nothing but expensive nonsense for the gullible masses. They will run anyone's ad, as long as they pay. CureZone is not about educating the public. CureZone is about making money and McCombs pays for the privilege of using the site as his personal sales channel. He has his own commercial forum on CureZone. It's a win-win for both McCombs and CureZone. CureZone gets a "house doctor" writing "scoops" attracting eyeballs and hence ad-clickers, McCombs gets customers. McCombs' CureZone donations come out of the pockets of people who pay him hundreds of dollars for useless "Vital Flora".

Jeffrey McCombs plays doctor online

All alarm bells should start ringing when someone dares to charge that kind of money for a few dollars worth of at best cheap Chinese herbal blends and questionable probiotic bacteria. Especially when "miracle results" and "better health" are promised, which is making medical claims about products - forbidden by the FDA (not that they are the good guys). Anyone who knows anything at all about Candida is that there is absolutely no way mycelial Candidiasis will ever go away by "detoxing" (don't we have our liver and kidneys for that?) or by popping any amount of probiotics. Entrenched mycelial (with fungal hyphae, not in yeast form) Candida is not killed by "detoxing" (a completely nonsensical term used by quacks only) or some more good bacteria. Such Candida has roots deep in the tissues and only heroic pharmacological intervention (antifungal medicines and/or immune-stimulating medicines) will make a dent in that. Fact is, chronic infections remain chronic. All you can do is live as healthily as you can and treat with antifungal medicines. Pathetic "programs" such as McCombs' do absolutely nothing but make you a lot poorer.

Jeff is serious about selling as much of his worthless powders as possible: He tells us that virtually everyone has chronic systemic Candidiasis - a potentially lethal fungal infection. That makes us all his customers, because he calls himself "The Candida Expert". Mr. Candida Expert says in this YouTube video: "The most accurate test for a Candida infection is whether you have done antibiotics in the past". How many people have never used antibiotics in their lifetime? This is of course an outrageously irresponsible, profit-motivated statement and it will be condemned by infectious disease specialists and microbiologists alike. It's like saying "The most accurate test for an HIV infection is whether you have had sex in the past". Then this bald-faced liar continues with this nonsense: "In the lab, the most reliable way to create Candida is to use antibiotics". The message he tries to get across is this: Everyone who has ever taken antibiotics has very likely systemic Candida, and although multiple testing is recommended, it's still very limited but costly so just buy my products instead.

Jeffrey McCombs is not a medical doctor

Surely, no MD would put his reputation and possibly his license on the line by making such crazily-wrong statements? Is McComb a real medical doctor? No, he is not. He is a DC, a Doctor of Chiropractic, which is a non-medical title and occupation. He is permitted to put "Dr." in front of his name, but he is not allowed to use the MD title, and he indeed never does:


Source: http://drmccombs.wordpress.com/category/chiropractic/

As you can see, Jeff McCombs is not an MD but he's a Chiropractor, (= a scammer and a quack). Neither is he a member of any medical associations because he's not a medical doctor. The only associations he's a member of are quackery clubs, suchs as Kinesiology and Chiropractic. Note how Kinesiology refuses to acknowledge the role of germs in disease. Rather ironic for a self-appointed "Candida expert". Not being a medical doctor, as a DC, Jeff McCombs is not allowed to prescribe medicines. All he is permitted to prescribe are food supplements and of course homeopathic "remedies", which are quackery. Because Homeopathy by its very nature, by the fundamental laws of particle physics has no effect on the body, the FDA allows anyone to prescribe it.

Jeff McCombs is a fraudster and belongs in jail

You may think: "That escalated quickly!" but we don't accuse people of being criminals lightly, and surely, with those prices, Mr. McCombs can afford a good libel attorney. Look at the "Super Growth Energy Stone" he sells for $82.10 a bottle. We tried to find out what the ingredients are, but they are "proprietary" (the manufacturer doesn't want to tell). When we digged further, it turns out to be rather common volcanic stone, a bottle worth perhaps a few cents cent in labor cost of picking it up and grinding it. McCombs tries to avoid liability by putting: "From the manufacturer" before the incredible medical claims that follow, but "likelihood to deceive" is the main criterion to deem advertising deceptive, so no amount of weaseling-out will protect him from a class-action lawsuit. These are the claims on his site for his miracle "energy bath" stone:

  • Expel mercury, chemicals and environmental toxins
  • Raise body energy, balance hormone levels
  • Relieve pain, aches and joint stiffness
  • Burn calories and eliminate toxic fat
  • Reduce stress and fatigue; improve sleep
  • Significantly reduce atopic dermatitis effects
  • Improve general and micro blood flow
  • Detoxify lymphatic tissues
  • Contribute to better liver and kidney function
  • Balance the biological terrain

Source: http://candidaplan.com/store/Energy-Bath-Small.html

A wondrous stone indeed! McCombs goes on to claim even weirder things that defy the laws of nature by saying that the powder emits heat, stronger than a sauna: "SGE mineral stone emits a far-infrared energy between 4 to 14 microns, to which many of its health-related properties are attributed."

That demonstrably false claim alone makes Mr. McCombs guilty of deceptive advertising. The only stones emitting IR energy all by themselves are lethally radioactive stones or fairytale stones. In our opinion, Dr. Jeffrey McComb is at least guilty of practicing medicine without a license and false advertising. In addition, selling something and claiming it has a beneficial health effect is, according to the FDA, selling unlicensed medicines (often with the added offense of doing so without a license to sell medicines). In the US, penalties for all these transgressions depend on the state and vary from inprisonment to fines and asset forfeiture.

Trudeau and McCombs: Scammer Dream Team

People who amassed a fortune with a quackery empires sometimes don't pay the fines imposed for deceptive advertising and end up in pound-me-in-the ass federal prison for a couple of years, as happened to Kevin Trudeau, the most audacious bullshitter in modern history. Mr. Trudeau was also fined 37 million dollars and stripped of his assets and passport. On August 12, 2013, Kevin Trudeau was again imprisioned for making false claims about his diet program. At the time of writing, he is in jail and faces life in prison.

It is not surprising that McCombs teamed up with Trudeau. Trudeau plugged McCombs worthless Candida quackery for a piece of the pie: https://youtube.com/watch?v=O02ShGLqm2E.

Trudeau and McCombs have been a fraud-team for a long time, Trudeau having promoted McCombs many times: https://youtube.com/watch?v=_eS5YaVBUu8.

UPDATE: The video has been made private, apparently to make it harder to prosecute Jeffrey McCombs. But McCombs and Trudeau have been partners in crime for a long time:


Pay attention, Mr. McCombs. Those fines, when they'll come, may have eight figures. And, like Mr. Trudeau, if you don't pay up you'll go to jail, where you belong.

Trudeau only works with scammers. That's why he removed this posting he made about me exposing the corrupt FDA, which approved side-effect-causing Truvia while still forbidding plain, pure, natural Stevia. He emailed me, asking us to consider raising our price for Lufenuron threefold and let him promote it for 66% of the turnover. "A win-win proposition" he said. With him promoting the product, we would become rich quickly. We politely declined.


Trudeau scam on ABC News - McCombs next?

Skip to 14:35 for an example on how (now jailed) this liar and criminal preyed upon the gullible and cheated his way to money - then denied every bit of it. Let's hope his partner-in-crime Jeff McCombs will be next. McCombs has been able to fly under the radar because he's more intelligent than Trudeau, using medical lingo and avoiding the more obvious type of scams. But you can't fool everyone all of the time.

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Certified pure Lufenuron against Candida in animals. Guidelines for large primates: PDF
1.  Jackson Mind's Medicine    Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I didn't know that quacks cure people.
lol I can not take this seriously at all.

2.  Emma Eldredge     Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oh wow..I have candida and found McCombs on YouTube . I almost bought his book ! Thank you for the expose

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