Candida muscle testing: Nonsense!

phrenologyKinesiology is the belief that the state of our organs and exposure to chemicals can influence the behavior of our muscles, and that detailed medical diagnoses can be made applying this belief system. Many double-blind medical studies have been done and all have shown that Kinesiology ("muscle testing") is no better than random guessing.[1][2] Moreover, these peer-reviewed studies have shown that "muscle tests" are non-reproducible[3][4][5] and subjective as to who does the testing. Kinesiology has been proven not to be able to distinguish a test substance from a placebo under double-blind conditions.[6] Kinesiologists are unable to give a scientific explanation validating their belief system. Rigorous research by respected scientists concluded that Kinesiology does not do what it purports.[7]

There are no mainstream medical organizations endorsing "Applied Kinesiology". Quackwatch condemns it in the strongest terms. Although this is no evidence of anything, there is no shortage of people calling Kinesiology/"muscle testing" voodoo, quackery, pseudoscience, magical thinking, a scam, nonsense, a hoax, baloney, deception, controversial, a fraud, mumbo-jumbo and unscientific.

Of course, we are not implying that people with a "positive" muscle test for Candida or other ailments aren't ill. These people are sick - that's is why they spend time, money and effort on getting diagnosed and treated. Main stream medicine has utterly failed in that respect, so the playing field lies wide open for anyone offering an alternative. Neither are we implying that Kinesiologists are fraudsters.

We have sold many Lufenuron treatment packages to all kinds of people who told us they are suffering from chronic Candidiasis. People who have been previously diagnosed with Candida infection, people who have been prescribed antifungals by an infectious disease specialist, people in risk-groups who have self-diagnosed after documenting unmistakable Candida symptoms, people who test positive on Candida antibody tests, people who have opportunistic Candida infections, people who score high on the Candida questionnaire - all these people report great results with Lufenuron.

Whilst those with vague complaints and only a Candida muscle test or Candida spit test to show for their alleged Candidiasis - quite a few have poor results. When Lufenuron does not make any change in your symptoms, you most likely do not have Candidiasis. It is a cheap way to discover this. Please do not rely solely on diagnostic methods that have not yet been proven in the field!

Alternatives to the Candida muscle test

Good alternatives are Candida antibody tests on blood or saliva. A less accurate test is the "alcohol challenge" test. Stool tests are unreliable. A vinegar enema is reported to show white strands if you suffer from intestinal Candidiasis.

A good naturopath will take the entire person into account and will diagnose not solely based on a muscle test but on his or her experience and assessment of the patients' history and present symptoms.

The best Candida test:

The "Candida Immune Complexes" test is the most reliable. (See Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Vol. 10, No. 3 published by the American College for Advancement of Medicine.) The test costs more than $100 and is available from several labs.

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