No miracle, no mineral, no solution (Jim Humble's MMS scam)

I never knew what MMS really was. I had read it stood for "Miracle Mineral Supplement" or "Miracle Mineral Solution", so I suspected it to be a mineral supplement containing Magnesium and Phosphorus or something. I do not frequent alternative health forums and never visit sales sites for "miracle" products - they are a dime a dozen and it's impossible to keep up with the latest scam - so I had no idea what MMS was, until yesterday.

It turns out that MMS, instead of curing cancer, causes cancer!

MMS is Sodium chlorite, a common form of household bleach, a toxic industrial disinfectant, a powerful oxidant (= free radical) that causes cancer when ingested in small quantities and massive organ damage or death when taken in significant quantities. There also is a "MMS2", containing another form of bleach, used to scrub swimming pools' walls for disinfection (it's not added to the actual water because it would make people sick).

I thought: "How come people haven't been dropping dead from that stuff in droves - it's so heavily promoted that it must be killing off gullible folks left, right and center?"

The answer is simple: One bottle contains only 4 fl. oz. (118 ml), of which 22.4% is Sodium Chlorite (better known as household bleach):

You'd have to drink a couple of those small bottles to be lethally poisoned, so I guess that is rare, since the instructions say not to take more than 15 drops per day. Not that we should pay much attention to the treacherous FDA but just to show that it's not just me who says MMS is poison: The FDA said this about Miracle Mineral Supplement:

"The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health. The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment. High oral doses of this bleach, such as those recommended in the labeling, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration."

Jim Humble disagrees and claims the active ingredient in MMS is Chlorine dioxide, but that's a toxic gas, not a mineral. A mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is solid and stable at room temperature. Chlorine dioxide is thus not a mineral at all.

Even the FDA sometimes says the right thing, like a broken clock showing the correct time twice a day. Canada banned the sale of MMS because a Canadian who took it nearly died. Other countries banned its sale as well. By itself not proof of a bad product.

25 mg of Sodium chlorite per bottle. That would make the bottle and its packaging an order of magnitude more expensive than the cost of the bleach it contains.

When I see products heavily advertised using terms like "miracle", I always look at their profit margin. When it is above a thousand percent, alarm bells go off and I investigate. I did that with the $4 dermarollers sold for $80 (2,000% profit) and I am now doing it with a tiny bottle with 20 cents of bleach sold for $20 as "Miracle Mineral Solution" or "Miracle Mineral Supplement" (MMS). 10,000% profit - you'd truly expect a miracle.

Let's not dwell too long on the man behind MMS, "Bishop" James V. Humble. He usually appears with a gemstone on his forehead nowadays, to appeal to magical thinkers. He bought his Bishop title from a religious title mill "Church" of which both the founder and his successor were criminally investigated for child rape. He needed that title so that it was easier for him to start a tax-exempt "Church". Instead of attacking the vendor, we should judge his claims on their merit: James Humble claims that MMS cures all disease known to mankind including Malaria, Diabetes, Influenza, Crohn's disease, Herpes, Arteriosclerosis, Tuberculosis, CFS, Hepatitis A, B and C, Cancer and of course AIDS. Everything except dying of old age. MMS enlarges breasts too! "A teenage girl, overweight with depression and failure to develop breasts, was given MMS. The next day her breasts started to grow." Yes people, MMS truly works wonders. If not for your health or breast size, then certainly for Mr. Humble's finances. Bishop Humble the Bleach Healer. Funny how he had a massive spinal tumor removed in early 2009. MMS clearly didn't work for him.

A cure for all ills, where have we heard that before? Every couple of years someone becomes wealthy with a miracle cure. It seems none of these miracle cures work, because millions of people keep buying one after the other and they still feel the need to email me and tell me they tried all those magical potions - fruitlessly. People should first get educated on what could be the cause of their health problem, instead of wasting money on "miracle solutions".

I have not been able to find any references to studies done with MMS that suggest that even one sick person has been cured, neither did I find any evidence based in science that would suggest that MMS could kill pathogens in the body, as opposed to on surfaces. The ravingly positive testimonials are fake, published by spammers, MMS resellers and affiliates. In fact there is ample evidence that MMS (bleach) taken orally causes, not cures, cancer. MMS contains hundreds of times more bleach than allowed in drinking water and that rule is for a good reason: Bleach is a powerful oxidant and free radical, and the reason people are advised to eat antioxidants is because they neutralize oxidants. Why do oxidants need to be neutralized? Because they cause cellular damage. Cellular damage leads at best to premature aging and at worst to cancer. Oxidants ravage RNA, leading to cell apoptosis, tissue necrosis and, if the immune system has a bad day - cancer. More about how MMS causes cancer here.

Mr. Humble the magical potion millionaire says that MMS "kills all bacteria, pathogens, viruses, cancer cells" and whatnot, but - another great miracle - the gut flora is left in peace! Mr. Humble abuses microbiological terms like "aerobic" and "anaerobic" to make you believe that that's actually possible. As far as Mr. Humble is concerned, the invention of Penicillin was a waste of time. A few drops of bleach in your lemonade cures Tuberculosis, Cancer and AIDS and enlarges your boobies too.


"Jim Humble, a chemist and metallurgist accidentally discovered the MMS by using a whole bottle of Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen (S.E.O.) to immediately cure a companion of malaria during a jungle expedition. S.E.O. contains about 3 % sodium chlorite. Humble gradually realized that S.E.O. is too weak".

Let's ignore the fact that Jim Humble is no chemist, but focus on the claim: Malaria was instantly cured by drinking a 3% bleach solution, but 3% was too weak. It was in fact extremely much too weak, since Jim increased the concentration in his Miracle Mineral Supplement roughly tenfold. Then how come Malaria was instantly cured? That page contains so much baloney and downright ridiculous gobbledegook that I could debunk every sentence as hilarious nonsense but it would take an article ten times this size. Just as one crazy man can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer, it takes quite some scientific reasoning, backed up by references, to refute the baloney in those claims. Such as the claim that Lyme disease is caused by a virus, instead of the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi (s.l.) And that bleach can't damage body cells. The abject advice is given to rinse out burns with the MMS bleach, causing of course even deeper tissue damage, increasing the risk of permanent scars. There are countless web pages devoted to the crapolic MMS cult. Literally every sentence is nothing but lies, disinformation, pseudoscience and psychological manipulation.

Mr. Humble bought his Bishop title from a religious title mill. Hoping to get rich quick, he started as a gold prospector in Africa, but he found a richer goldmine in sick people's gullibility and he now is a multimillionaire. He says he has more than 5 million customers. Say that each customer buys on average 5 bottles during their lifetime, that's 5,000,000 x 5 x $20 = five hundred million dollars. Tax-free, since "Bishop" Jim Humble owns the "Genesis II Church of Health and Healing". Yup, if you don't want to pay taxes, do as Ron Hubbard of Scientology did: Start your own cult. James Humble made at least twice that amount and is closer to billionairehood than being a mere multimillionaire because it's not just bleach he sells. Books, DVD's, ebooks, courses, seminars, consultations, the lot. On top of that, he sells pastor titles. His pastors give away MMS on street corners, but they "solicit donations" in return that go to a numbered offshore account belonging to Mr. Humble. For his "legal defense fund". Sick but rich individuals are asked up to donate up to one million dollars to the "Church" as a sign of gratefulness for their "cure".

Because various countries would like to arrest Mr. Humble for causing the deaths of their citizens, he exiled himself to the Dominican Republic, a country without extradition treaties. Imagine the splendor of his mansions and the beauty of his mistresses. The man is more liquid than Bill Gates. The best Cuban cigars are but a short yacht trip away. Mr. Humble can afford the world's best lawyers, wealth managers, tax attorneys, search engine optimization experts, web designers and forum spammers. He employs his own private army of affiliates - ready to rip their enemies - anyone with a brain - to shreds. I think I should also launch a "miracle supplement".. Caustic soda, anyone? (Kills all pathogens stone dead, leaves the body alone because "its got electrolytes!")

Why MMS does not kill pathogens in the body, but the body itself

On the MMS disinfo pages it is claimed:

"When a chlorine dioxide ion contacts a harmful pathogen, it instantly rips up to five electrons from the pathogen, in what can be likened to a microscopic explosion… harmless to us, but terminal for pathogens."

The big lie here is the "harmless to us" Because this also happens with the first human cell the bleach ion encounters. Since the chance that those ions touch a body cell before they touch a pathogen is almost infinitely high, in reality, when you drink bleach, all it does is cause cell damage to your own body, leaving virtually no bleach left to kill any pathogens. So it's a double lie. All damage is done to your own body, and none to any pathogens - except perhaps some in your throat. Bleach indeed kills pathogens - but the catch is that bleach absolutely can't distinguish between your cells and bacterial/viral/fungal/parasite/cancer cells. It kills the first cell it stumbles upon. It denatures the first protein it sees, cuts through DNA like a hot knife through butter. The problem is that the average person just doesn't grasp this simple scientific principle. When confronted with the incessant barrage of lies coming out of James Humble's multi-level marketing machine, it's all too easy for a little seed of hope to grow and from there it's a small step to pulling out a credit card.

"Bishop" James Humble is a criminal, plain and simple. Megalomaniac liar as he is, he claims to have saved the lives of 100,000 people. I say on the contrary: He undoubdedly has contributed to the death of many sick people who could otherwise be saved. By promising them that MMS cures all disease, he encourages patients to cease unpleasant, but life-saving treatments in favor of his bleach. With his admitted 5 million customers, if just one in a hundred suffered from cancer and only one in a thousand of those decided against that extra treatment that could save their lives, then we have over four dozen poor sods who died because they believed that quack's lies. Such cynical, yes psychopatic liars must be cut out of society. The damage they do is too great. It's not the billion dollars stolen from the weakest in our midst. It's not the spreading of magical belief systems-for-profit on an industrial scale. It's the globally spread hope and faith in a poison that makes the sick sicker and bereaves children prematurely of their ailing parents and grandparents - not to mention those deluded individuals who administer this vile broth to their toddlers in the hope they'll stop crying - because that happens too. MMS is good for you and totally harmless, right? And when it's harmless and good for you, the more the better, right?

Several countries have already put out arrest warrants for this thug.

"Jim Humble is wanted in Malawi Africa and other African countries surrounding it, and has at least two arrest warrants out for him, regarding the poisoning and death of several people who have died due to taking this procedure and giving them false information. On his websites he is careful not to say it cures just helps conditions, but in Africa he says it does cure all, the problem is he has been saying it cures everything from aids to hep and more, these peoples immune systems are already compromised so if they take this in heavy doses they become very ill or die!"

From that same page:

"I'm a chemist, and I can tell you for a fact that chlorine dioxide will attack anything that it can grab electrons from. That includes healthy cells in the body, such as the stomach and gut lining. That causes irritation which results in nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as the body desperately tries to rid itself of the poison you have ingested. Chlorine dioxide cannot tell a toxin or a bacterium from a healthy human cell, it will happily damage any of them. If you took enough MMS to get blood concentrations of chlorine dioxide high enough to kill a single pathogen, you would probably die, though that would take about 400 ml or a couple of bottles full. Antibiotics are far more potent at killing bacteria than MMS, and far less toxic. Dicloxacillin, for example, is 100 times more potent at killing bacteria than MMS, and 20 times less toxic."

Noone knows exactly what this man is up to. He say he's working with prison authorities in African countries to do experiments on prisoners, to give but one example.

MMS affiliates and magical thinkers alike will be saying: "Bishop Humble is the victim of a Big Pharma/FDA witchhunt, they want to neutralize him because he found the cure for all disease!" Sure. When I start selling caustic soda as the cure to all ills, I'll also eventually be "witch-hunted". The real witch hunting is done on MMS forums. Anyone who speaks against MMS is immediately banned, like Rhys Morgan, a boy with Crohns disease who explained why he thinks MMS can't cure disease - on the contrary.

MMS doesn't work, period. It can't work, because it would have to violate a few laws of nature to do so. Ions would have to have brains and legs to direct them to pathogens, instead of random body cells. Of course you can believe in miracles and believe "Bishop Humble" on his honest-to-God word, since this do-gooder, in his own words, descends from a line of priests all the way to Jesus. Some people buy into Humble's snake oil and innocent people are the victim of that.

MMS bleach is being given to autistic babies orally and as enemas by Kerri Rivera, with the dose increased until they get very sick - this woman should stop causing harm to small children:

Video streaming by Ustream

Kerri Rivera should stop deceiving parents and parents should do their own research. Research into scientific facts, not anecdotes and unsubstantiated claims.

Articles debunking MMS:

"Anyone on the board been cured of cancer, herpes, AIDs, hepatitis? I haven't read about it. And as for the 1000's of people cured of Malaria in Africa? I'm a researcher. I research everything, and I'm good at it. I have spent months trying to find info on the Malaria cures in Africa. The government of Malawi knows nothing about it. It isn't in any of the African newspapers. There is no evidence whatsoever, other than Jim Humble's word. And how is it that it can cure Malaria in 4 hours, AIDS in a day, and you guys have been taking it for months and nothing but nausea and diarrhea? People keep saying, "Jim Humbel says that it's pathogen die off", or "Jim Humble says to increase the dose" He isn't a doctor, he isn't even a chemist. He hasn't seen the patient, how does he know? I think that the referral to a cult comes from the book that Humble wrote about him having lived 100's of previous lives and the difference between him and others is that he remembers."

The articles of association of the "Genesis Church of Healing" of this criminal genius show that it's nothing but a tax-exempt multinational corporation that intends to aquire real estate and business holdings worldwide.

If you have at least 1200 dollars to spare, the sleazeball will relieve you of your cash in a "private consultation":

Jim Humble in his gold-digging days:

Update 1

Humble's army of affiliates have gone into full-blown attack mode and even come with threats of violence. In an attempt to educate this poor ignorant soul, Jim Humble sent me a PDF he made. That PDF purports to explain exactly how MMS destroys pathogens on a molecular level. After reading it, I became strengthened in my belief that Mr. Humble knows full well that his MMS is a fraud, because someone who's able to use all the scientific-sounding terms such as "electron shell" and even draw a (falsified) 3D model of one, clearly has done some research into the chemistry involved. Meaning, he is educated enough to know the truth, but he chose to misrepresent it in order to sound credible. If he would merely have come with vague claims that could still be attributed to ignorance. Someone who publishes a very scientific looking PDF full of three dimensional models of the quantum mechanics of molecules and who uses all the applicable professional lingo, but who lies about the facts every step of the way clearly is a deliberate fraudster. Me calling him a ruthless thug was appropriate, and I am not taking it back. People are dying because of this scam. I fervently hope that Humble will sue me, because the outcome will prove once and for all that his whole setup is a scam:

1. Humble claims that electron shells fully envelop covalently bonded molecules (or polyatomic ions). That is a gross misrepresentation of basic chemistry that nicely helps draw the wool over our eyes.

2. Humble claims that by pulling some of the electrons out of their outer shells, that the entire molecule will disintegrate into separate atoms. That is nonsense for many reasons, one of them being the threedimensional electron orbital structure of molecules and hence the need of a lot of electron-pulling in many places simultaneously - impossible to do unless half of the blood serum would be replaced by MMS.

3. Humble claims that part of the MMS "curing mechanism" involves the creation of free oxygen atoms, and that that free oxygen is totally harmless because "it can not oxidize things but become part of the water or carbon dioxide in the body". This is complete nonsense. An oxygen atom will immediately destroy the first random molecule it comes into contact with - whether it be that of a pathogen or that of your body.

4. Then follows a claim on how oxygen "can't do damage to the body", because its oxidation strength is "only 0.95 Volts". This claim is patently false. Oxygen is very harmful - so harmful in fact that breathing pure oxygen for just a few hours will result in permanent brain damage due to central nervous system oxygen toxicity. Every IC ward nurse knows this, and adjusts the supply of supplemental oxygen such that the patient never breathes pure oxygen, or even 50% or 40% oxygen. The devices used are designed in a way that the patient can never breathe pure oxygen, because it would kill in less than a day. Under higher pressures than atmospheric pressure, Oxygen can kill in minutes. Every NITROX SCUBA diver knows that. Even the 21% oxygen in our air damages our cells and tissues all the time, and our body has to repair that damage all the time. It has even been postulated that the oxygen in the air we breathe is a small contributor to causing lung cancer.

5. Humble also says that the Chlorine split off by his carcinogenic concoction is nothing to worry about, because it "turns into harmless table salt by combining with Sodium in the body". Well, no. There is no free Sodium (Na+) in the body for the Chlorine atom to attach to. Instead, it will severely damage the nearest protein molecule or DNA strand or anything else it touches.

6. Humble claims that there is a big difference between the proteins in bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites and in the proteins in our bodies. He says that MMS kills only the proteins in the pathogens, but not in our bodies. But he is wrong. There is no such fundamental difference. All proteins react the same to free radicals.

There are many more wild, unsubstantiated claims and plain untruths in that PDF. For the layperson, it looks like an impressive explanation of fundamental biochemistry principles. For anyone with a basic knowledge of highschool chemistry, it is unadulterated baloney. Basically, Humble claims that "All pathogens and all diseases and all sick cells are anaerobic and MMS kills only those because it is a weak oxidizer and therefore can only oxidize weak pathogens and anearobics are weak but it oxidises them very powerfully like an explosive because MMS is basically an explosive but can't oxidize any cells or tissues in the body." (From a Project Camelot interview). Then he affirms that MMS can cure any disease, including cancer. If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you on the Moon.

Update 2

The MMS criminals started to spam people with Lyme disease that MMS will cure them. I was forwarded such an email:


The email claims that MMS is sent from God to Jim Humble's Church and that their "Sacramental Protocols" (using MMS) will cure all disease of mankind. If you believe that, I've got some prime real estate to sell you - on Pluto. Another gem from the same email from that psychopath:


1.  ionic minerals    Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hi, guys...thanks for sharing the post...i appreciate it...i will be visit again here.......

2.  Peace4All    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I fully believe in Sarah's breakdown. Unknowingly, she has provided me the push to always do my own search to seek out the truth about products and their claims. Plus, I am naturally curious and crave information as I do on mostly every topic, but oddly I didn't do it much on products. "Bishop" Humble, you should be ashamed of yourself. It's people like you that creates such an evil world we live in now.

3.  Bob Fleming    Sunday, April 14, 2013

these idiots would have you believe that hiv causes AIDS to and that is bullshit! hiv is a retro disease and you would need 500 retros to cause a cold! this lady is an idiot and should be locked up for slandering Jim Humble. listen to this idiot say i didnt know what it was until yesterday! i am sure you research MMS that quick. you can check out real doctors who recomend this mms and they dont care about the fda because they are not murders like you everyday doctors who worship the FDA

4.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, July 12, 2013

You know what? If the HIV virus does not cause AIDS, why don't you go and collaborate with a HIV-positive person, inject yourself with their blood, do not get treated and come back in some years to report on your status, including blood tests! Then collect your Nobel prize. You can share the cash with the HIV-positive person.

5.  Judith Dew    Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I have come to the unremarkable conclusion that most people who

have a lot of opinions usually don't know what they're talking about.

I happened to have cured my own breast cancer with MMS, so when

I notice the talking dummies sharing their opinions with the listening

dummies, I have to say something.

Read a book. Take a class. Do something to get informed. It's ex-

MMS is C1O2, a common oxidizer found in the body - like hydrogen

peroxide - and it is harmless to other cells (in the correct dosages),

because it can't break through the membranes of normal cells. It's

isotonic. It is not allowed through their "selection" process.

Why am I saying this? Because our planet is getting increasingly

more stupid. And the stupid people are getting by with saying

things that are so moronic, they'd never make it in an organic

chemistry class, so they go online and say things they know

nothing about.

Big suggestion: Read. Don't trust the bloggers unless they have

credentials. And don't even trust the ones who have credentials

until you've studied what their opponents have to say. Then, don't

say anything until you've read about a dozen other authorities'

FACTS - not narrow-minded opinions. If what you say can pass

this kind of scrutiny, go ahead and say something. By then, however,

you probably will recognize how unimportant what you have to say

really is. Then, nobody will call you stupid any more.

6.  Dallas McMillan    Monday, September 9, 2013

This is a great article - I've been researching MMS on the net - this is clearly a large scale scam posing as a grass roots, medicine for the masses movement.

IT would be SO easy to do a trial of MMS to assess effectiveness - even a small case study of 10 people with Malaria, or AIDS, or small breasts, or whatever they claim to cure.

What I find so scary is how easily people get sucked into this - it really does appear to be a cult movement. Sadly the state of scientific literacy is so poor that people find the testimonials to be evidence.

I'm amazed at just how little evidence they present - they haven't even tried to falsify a few decent case studies.

It shows they are really a MLM movement, and all they need is new suckers to keep making the people at the top wealthy.

7.  poo    Saturday, October 19, 2013

I have small boobs ... I took mms ... guess what, I still have small boobs!! ;)
Mms for me seemed to do nothing whatsoever ever for any health complaints and I stopped taking it after I got sick. Any one who has ever taken the stuff will know how much of a battle it is to drink the foul smelling potion down ... uggg ... it truely is disgusting!!!! Cure your ills but eating REAL food, organic unprocessed natural food.

8.  Christian Becker    Monday, May 5, 2014

Interesting. Only learned about MMS a few days ago and was like "What the hell?". Although I don't really understand what your problem with the FDA is (I'm not from the US), I think this article should be read by those people who really think that shoving bleach up or down their bodily orifices will do any good. Granted, I'm not sure these deluded people will believe (as if you needed to "believe" it) anything you say.

I'd like to point out a small mistake: The actual bleach (ClO2) is a radical, but not an ion. Chlorite, which disproportionates to chloride and chlorine dioxide, is an ion, though, but it's not the (in)effective agent.

9.  Jorge Defoe    Friday, June 20, 2014

Anyone that believes everything that the FDA says is Naive.


Please feel free to moderate this comment after you have watched the movie Burzinski, Sarah.

10.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, June 20, 2014

You are right of course, but in this context you're putting up a straw man.

I have been familiar with the FDA's crimes and Dr. Burzynski for many years. I never used the FDA's opinion as proof of anything. I don't know whether you've noticed, but I used chemistry and logic instead of fencing with the FDA's judgment. And a couple of chemistry Ph.D.'s here even agreed with me, while correcting some details in my arguments. The claims are just 100% impossible, based on fundamental (and extremely simple and intuitive) laws of physics.

The FDA not liking MMS is not evidence that MMS is not a scam, corrupt FDA or not.

One other thing: It is very easy to get carried away and get driven into the arms of quacks. The medical mafia certainly are unable to cure disease, so we have little choice but to try to find help elsewhere. The sad reality is that nowadays, the psychopaths have become extremely crafty at presenting themselves as genuine geniuses and saviours of humanity. Research is falsified or manufactured on demand, reputation managemtn and PR agencies make cool movies about some person or treatment - it's become very hard to discover the truth. I was convinced that antineoplastons were the holy grail, until recently. There is increasing doubt on Dr. Burzynski's methods as well:

I think nearly all the people in the limelight on both sides are scammers. The good folks are the little people in between the spectrum. That hard working ER doc and the alternative therapist eager to find relief for his patients.

But Burzynski may be the real deal. It's very hard to say. I used to think that if people were prepared to go to jail for violating FDA rules, they were genuine. Hower there are many exceptions. Kevin Trudeau is a full-blown sociopath. So I don't know anymore. Only hard science can answer those questions, not "The FDA is the guard dog of Big Pharma so MMS must by definition work if they hate it".

If I try to sell battery acid tomorrow and promise it cures cancer, the FDA will try to take me down just the same.

11.  Steve Andrews    Sunday, November 1, 2015

I remember being taken in by this scam when I saw it promoted by Project Camelot years back. Stupidly I bought a bottle of the stuff and started taking it as directed. It made me ill and I found it was making my work much harder because I was feeling so tired and nauseous...I was teaching at the time. I quit taking the stuff.

12.  Mike Copeland    Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nice try. If you are reading this propaganda I recommend you take a look at these videos documenting the Red Cross involvement in testing MMS . The evidence for efficacy is clear. You decide what is the truth. Maybe they are just unaware of this study.
By the way, Jim Humble does NOT sell MMS. It is available from multiple different sources on the web. Information on buying the raw products and making your own MMS are openly given by Jim Humble. It isn't a proprietary formula. Exaggerated statements that so many people in this article and comment section have proposed like Jim is a Billionaire, MMS is a toxic poison, only exemplify the absence of any real knowledge.
The FDA has cleared chlorine dioxide for water purification and for use in spraying on fish and meats without the need of rinsing:
"In recent years, chlorine and chlorinated compounds have
come under severe scrutiny because of health eff ects and
environmental concerns. Chlorinated compounds form
when chlorine reacts with organic material in water producing
powerful carcinogens, such as trihalomethanes
(THMs), halocetic acids (HAAs), and dioxins. Chlorine
dioxide does not react to produce these chlorinated
byproducts or other toxic compounds that are discharged
to the environment, causing risk to human health and
potential taint to foods."

I have spoken with Jim on a few occasions and be assured, he is an honest man doing a great work. The only income he receives is from his e-book which he uses to fund trips to Africa and cure people from Malaria for free. A $26 set of bottles to make MMS only cost $20 at retail and will cure up to 600 people of Malaria.
I'm not sure who really is behind this propaganda article, but be assured 1. the threat to the pharmaceutical and medical industry from MMS is very real 2. the creator of this article and the comments have an agenda and it's not for your best interest.
Mike Copeland

13.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, February 6, 2016

That video was made by Jim Humble's propaganda apparatus, not by the Red Cross. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies rejected in this press release "in the strongest terms" reports by promoters of MMS that they had used the product to fight malaria:

I quote:

"The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) dissociates itself in the strongest terms from the content of the recent Master Mineral Solution newsletter (May 2013) entitled “Malaria finally defeated” and supporting YouTube video. IFRC does not support or endorse in any manner the claims made in relation to this project, and has at no time been involved in ‘clinical trials’ related to malaria treatment."

Creating these fake "leaked reports" and "Red Cross studies" shows what heinous criminals we're dealing with here. There is a reason Mr. Humble lives in the Dominican Republic, a country without extradition treaty with the US. He'd be in jail if he'd travel outside that hiding place. I've been emailed cases where people died because Mr. Humble (whom I've communicated extensively with) persuaded them to give up medial treatment and exclusively take MMS.

I received many emails from Mr. Humble, trying to intimidate me into deleting this article. He even threatened me with assassination. He said he has many followers all around the world, also where I live, and that those followers may want to save lives by ridding the world of me, since I am "standing in the way of a cure". Don't forget that gangster started his own religion to safeguard his profits and semi-legitimize his worldwide criminal enterprise, just like Ron Hubbard did. Some of his devotees may be prepared to use violence. His emails became increasingly threatening. There is nothing I can do - the man hides in the Dominican Republic. I won't take the article down - if you'd read my other material, also on other sites, you'll know I make a point in fighting Big Pharma and their guard dog the FDA and I'm all about saving lives by getting proper diagnosis and treatment, and that includes alternative treatment, if it works. MMS does not work.

14.  Pearl    Thursday, February 11, 2016

I recently posted here in objection to this article, but have since changed my mind. I recently bought and started the MMS protocol and had only used it at the recommended dose of 3 drops 8X a day. It has not even been a week and I have become very ill. Having sever migraines and nausea. Obviously I feel like a big fat fool. I have tried over the past three years on many natural means t treat a parasite/candida issue that has devastated my health with very little success. So, like many others I thought I would give this a try. I did a lot of research before finally breaking down and ordering some from a "reputable dealer" as suggested on a Jim Humble site. I had looked into this product before and decided against it as I initially believed it was a toxic poison. I wish had stuck to that opinion and not the rambles of other desperate individuals who were raving about the benefits of this and the healing they were experiencing. Needless to say, I now am very sick and sorry for making such a grave error in trying this horrible chemical mixture. I don not no how long it takes to get this deadly garbage out of my body, but I I am so glad I did not "push through it" as they tell you to do. This article speaks the truth, and furthermore, if anyone finds this site and is reading this, it is not a false attack on a product that could save your life, but severely damage your body, and health, and make recovery even harder to accomplish. Look to other safer natural means to address your heath issues. Please believe me, it is not worth it!

15.  Pearl    Thursday, February 11, 2016

I know now by my own experience with this deadly MMS Poison that your article speaks the truth. I hope my symptoms form using this highly toxic substance subsides soon. I am very ill after ingesting this stuff as recommend. I has cost me an even more toxic body, sever nausea, unbearable migraines and cellular damage. I am angry with myself for giving in and letting the false claims divert my decision to originally stay clear of this substance. I hope this man and his claims meet with great calamity before more people and innocent children's health is damaged beyond repair.

16.  Sonia Farukh    Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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17.  Ole    Sunday, March 6, 2016

How does this man continue to do business?! He should be charged with fraud and thrown in jail! Aren't there laws against this kind of thing? If not - there oughtta be!

18.  Ole    Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mr. Fleming, your claims would have so much more credibility if you could cite peer-reviewed studies, or perhaps provide us the relevant information from your resume, so that we may discover that you actually have some level of expertise to back up your claims - I mean besides calling doctors murderers.

19.  Ole    Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mr. Humble also claims to have been sent to earth from the Andromeda galaxy by aliens. Sound familiar? L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology cult, also claims earth was settled by beings from another planet - where, I am not sure. Another thing besides a shared belief in aliens, is that they both became fabulously wealthy by selling their claims to the most gullible of the gullible.

20.  Ernährungsberater.t    Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello, all,

thank you for this article.

Here I have done the correct chemistry of MMS (scroll to 10% of the text):

It is in german, but perhaps one might translate the most inportant.
You will find:
- the correct redox potentials of MMS (not 0.95 but 1.15V) and of oxigen which is much lower (!) than that of MMS: 0.775V.
- what happens if activated (formula) and the different activation models
- lots of information concerning MMS - and its dangers (e.g. in nearly every reaction chlorine Cl2 is developed)
- and where JimBob's 0.95V really come from ( - go to chapter 3.4, then to the lower blue box) and of an aquatic (!) solution of ClO2 gas in water (not the case with MMS).

21.  Albert Fish    Friday, March 24, 2017

I've used it and helped others to cure their cancers - even converted a medical doctor to its use. Cures colds and influenza overnight. But if you never used it and prefer cut, burn and poison therapies then do that. Make sure you don't ever use it, just research it online, enjoy the standard treatments and get your affairs sorted.

22.  Albert Fish    Friday, March 24, 2017

" I don (sic) not no how long it takes to get this deadly garbage out of my body..." That's because you never researched it at all and were too stupid to use it properly. (It has a half life of 2 hours.)

23.  Mike    Friday, August 25, 2017

Interesting article, thanks.

I think that most the positive reviews on so many websites like here, but also on movies, products, you name it are just spam reviews from the companies. They have people working for them to write good reviews, so they looks like real, genuine people and real reviews and people can easily be sucked into wrong beliefs, when they are vulnerable. Nowadays it is so easy to order online without being critical and people are also getting more and more stupid, just look the presidents they are voting for.....

24.  Matt    Thursday, December 28, 2017

I bought this stuff years ago and ingested it for about a week. Had horrible stomach cramps and headaches. Opened conversations via email with Adam Abraham and his pimp, Humble. After a couple of days, I got them both to admit that they do not take MMS, even though they recommended a 'maintenance' dose to all. To be perfectly honest, Humble did not strike me as very intelligent or educated, nor did Adam. Neither one of them put up much of a fight when confronted.

BTW, sodium chlorite does not equate to household bleach. Sodium chlorite is mostly used to sanitize meat at packing/processing plants.

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