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How to get rid of coffee addiction very easily

Coffee dependency

Officially there is no such thing as coffee addiction. We are supposed to call it caffeine dependence, and a dependence is less serious than an addiction. And then there are even those (scientists included) who say they think there even isn't such a thing as caffeine dependence and they claim that the habit-forming properties of coffee are just because of its "delicious taste and aroma". Upon further investigation, the people who claim this are often affiliated with the coffee industry. In reality, it is very hard for someone who has drunk several cups of coffee a day for years to ever manage to stop drinking it permanently. Reports of multi-week headaches abound. I could only drink two cups a day or I would feel myself "drenched on the tissue level" in coffee, meaning I would somehow feel the coffee taste linger in my mouth as if my tongue started to exude the aroma through my bloodstream. I felt "toxic" on three cups a day.

Coffee tastes terrible

Fact is, coffee by itself tastes absolutely disgusting. People drink it in spite of its taste, not because of it. That is exactly why lattes have become so popular: The milk greatly dilutes and mildens the taste. It is also why the majority of coffee drinkers prefer milk or sugar or both in their coffee. Do you remember the first cup of coffee you ever drank? It gave me stomach cramps, mild diarreah and a racing heart. If coffee was so delicious, then why does no one snacks on coffee beans like they were peanuts? If coffee had such good taste, why don't we mix ground coffee beans into cakes? Coffee is an aquired taste. Children usually find the taste and smell unappetizing, and for good reason.

Coffee causes cancer

It has been known since 2002 that coffee is very high in Acrylamide, a Group 2A carcinogen on a par with Tetrachloroethylene and ultraviolet radiation A, B and C, which includes the most skin-cancer causing frequency. There are currently no practical ways to reduce the high Acrylamide content in coffee. Even more worrying is that Acrylamide's classification as a group 2A carcinogen may be partially based on having insufficient data to classify it in a riskier class and partially based on industry lobbying.

The easiest way to stop drinking coffee

Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff once said: "Every disadvantage has its advantage". I found an enormous advantage in getting seriously ill, as in being sick for days with fever, too ill to eat except some yoghurt, banana or soup. As is the case with Influenza or food poisoning for example. I had the latter recently and successfully took advantage of the infection to kick my coffee habit for good without suffering noticeable withdrawal symptoms, simply because the symptoms of the actual illness were orders of magnitude greater. For a day, I wished I could just die. I vomited and was a curled up aching ball of feverish human misery. Coffee withdrawal symptoms pale against a serious case of food poisoning. Not many people drink coffee when they are very, very sick in bed. The trick is to not start drinking coffee after the illness. Just abstain. You'll very likely not suffer any of the bad withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and terrible letharghy because the worst of those symptoms appear in the first 48, 72 hours after coffee cessation. And you were already sick for such a duration and did not drink any coffee. Such an occasional illness also gives you a psychological advantage in terminating your cafeine intake: You say to yourself: "From now on I will try to live healthier and abolishing coffee is a good move". If you hope to kick your coffee habit one day, keep this tip in mind. Next time you are sick in bed and don't have an appetite for coffee for a few days, try not to resume drinking coffee. I tried it and it worked. And don't substitute the caffeine with green tea or energy drinks.

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1.  MacieJ    Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So how to get sick to quit coffee :)

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Just organize a big midsummer Fondue and cut up lots of raw chicken filet etc., making a total mess in the kitchen, don't pay too much attention washing your hands all the time and cleaning kitchen surfaces. Then get severe bacterial food poisoning, nearly killing you :-)

3.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I add that since I wrote this article, I became addicted to coffee again, and I bought a 4500 dollar La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso maker with a 1500 dollar Mazzer Major grinder. My statement that "Coffee tastes terrible" - I retract it - it depends how it's brewed :-)

4.  anna    Monday, December 25, 2017

Those marzocco machines can go up as high as 20 thousand dollars

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