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The real reason there are some bad reviews about Vaughter Wellness / Owndoc.com / Sarah Vaughter

SarahVaughterMy name is Sarah Vaughter. I run this company. To me, the customer is ALWAYS right. I make sure that all our customers are always satisfied, at least to the full extent that my company has legal or ethical liability. The latter means always believing a customer on their word, even when it means we have to send a replacement without having evidence of a non-delivery or a faulty product. We usually send two replacements. So why are there bad reviews for my company? The bad reviews are not made by customers of ours, that's the short and simple truth. Example: A customer who files a chargeback for several hundred dollars for a "unauthorized transaction" and turns out to be a scammer is not a customer - it's a thief and we publicly blacklist thieves with every scrap of information we can obtain about them, as per our T&C they agreed to, and they retaliate by producing fake "bad reviews", accusing owndoc and Vaughter Wellness / Sarah Vaughter of intimidation, blackmail, harassment, not shipping what they ordered etc.

All bad reviews I know of for Owndoc, Vaughter Wellness and Sarah Vaughter are made in extremely bad faith, meaning they are are either wholly fictional or deliberately misrepresent things with falsehoods. A well-documented example where we prove our innocence is here, where Abraham Cho falsely accuses us of stealing $200 from him, in revenge for us rejecting him as a customer. These attack pieces are intended to inflict maximum damage and can be easily recognized as such, by going so much over the top in the allegations that it becomes clear that the reviewer has ulterior motives. The allegations never are substantiated with evidence and are always anonymous. They are made as revenge for one of the following:

  • Our exposure of a "customer" who did a fraudulent chargeback,
  • Our exposure of an unethical competitor,
  • Our exposure of quackery.

Fraudulent "customers"

The majority of the fake bad reviews we get is from fraudulent customers, people who sign for an expensive delivery and then shamelessly file a chargeback and get away with it. We suffer a 0.1% fraudulent chargeback rate, which is on the low side. Normally, merchants simply absorb the damage and move on, without doing anything to defend themselves or expose the fraudulent customer. We however are unique in that we publicly blacklist thieves, including pictures of the offender in case they caused enormous damage to us by libeling us online. We do this because I hate the feeling of being ripped off by a sociopath. And I hate to have to fire people because a thief takes revenge for a blacklisting by lying about us online. We have become a victim of a fraud around 75 times now, often for hundreds of dollars, making a total of say $15,000. That's on roughly 75000 customers. We've been in business for over seven years at the time of writing. That makes us victim of theft nearly every month. I hate fraud because we try to keep our prices as low as possible. We don't advertise, we save on expensive packaging, we design our own site, all to keep prices low. Yet we lose many thousands of dollars a year on fraud. I don't want to run a store when shoplifters can rob us with impunity. Moreover, having too many chargebacks means a vendor can lose their payment processor. So we expose fraudsters online. As a preventative measure, as retaliation and as a warning to fellow merchants. You can imagine how some of these scammers retaliate: They counter-attack by smearing our hard-earned reputation. They will file a "Ripoff Report" or set up a free WordPress blog or make an anonymous forum posting and claim all kinds of outrageous things, things no self respecting company in their right mind would ever do. The truth is that our customer is always king in our company. We believe people on their word when they say an untracked package never arrived. We usually replace faulty merchandise with two replacements (except for Derminator machines). We respond speedily and politely (well, I'm sometimes guilty of the typical aspie bluntness but as compensation you got a very speedy answer from the CEO) to customer inquiries. But when a customer steals from us all the money they paid us and keep the merchandise, they cease to be a customer and become a criminal. We fight back against thieves - and hard. We know full well that the result will be a plethora of "bad reviews" and those do far more financial damage than the theft itself, but on the other hand, we do not want to sell to people who believe the word of criminal over our word anyway. We're running this business to support ourselves in a relaxed manner by doing something useful and interesting. We're not interested in getting as rich as possible at the expense of our conscience or self respect. That is why we expose fraudulent "customers", and that is why they defame us in return.

Unethical competitors

Many vendors in the health and beauty space are unethical. They sell a wide variety of expensive creams and potions. Generally it's bad value for money. We only sell things that have solid scientific proof to back up their efficacy, such as vitamins. We have no qualms exposing particularly unethical competitors, such as those who make false claims and support them with fake before-and-after pictures. Or people who are on the run for the FBI, live in a country with no extradition treaty with the US and sell toxic Chinese pesticide as a "cure for Cancer". We know for a fact that some of these competitors have filed bogus allegations against us all over the place. They file BBB complaints and drag our name through the dust. The crucial difference is that when we drag someone's name through the dust, they deserve it. It's part of what we do, this refreshing dose of truth is how we got our core readership and it's part of why we are still in business, in spite of the fact that we've never advertised.

Our exposure of quackery

We have exposed several major medical scams in the past. Our articles on MMS, ThreeLac and the GAPS diet are good examples. People have been diverted from proper treatment or lost considerable amounts of money due to such scams. A lot of those scams operate like a religion with their own high priests (occupying the top of the affiliate sales pyramid) and devotees. There is so much money and ego involved that absolutely ruthless hit pieces were published as a consequence of us exposing those quackery scams (always with many hard arguments!). Some of those hit pieces are absolutely brutal and aim to utterly destroy our company with lies.

Why blacklist fraudsters when the consequence is fake bad reviews?

We do not bend to threats of committing further crimes against us by thieves. That's not in our character. We're journalists who expose fraudsters as part of what we do for a living. Money comes after honesty and moral integrity. Thieves should be punished or fraud becomes more and more common. We had to abandon selling on Amazon, because 14% of customers, shipped an untracked package, claimed they never received it, vs. 1% of such orders via our own site. A thief who blackmails us with the threat of libelous reviews will have to deal with the fact that they'll be plastered all over the Internet as the criminals they are. With photo and address. The thieves often have more to lose, relatively speaking, than we do. Only the dumbest psychopaths are so stupid as to libel us online after we publicly blacklisted them for fraud. Those people will see the details of their dirty deeds online for everyone to read - forever. People search online nowadays before they enter any type of relationship. It can be a prospective employer, (business)partner, landlord or bank. We enjoy viral popularity. Our tens of thousands of happy customers know we're bona-fide, in spite of the smear tactics of sociopaths. But we always find out exactly who they are and they'll have to deal with permanent public exposure. We never remove a blacklisting, unless we receive an apology and compensation for our damages. Any type of libel would have to be removed as well. That means that for ex. when a thief filed a libelous RipOff Report on us (which is unremovable), our exposure of them will also be eternal, because we'll file a rebuttal on the same RipOff Report. Including photos of the offender and their address. If the fraudster made some kind of libelous blog posting on us to which we can't respond, we'll create our own, heavily SEO'ed web page on the fraudster, with many more details than a mere regular blacklisting. We can do the same thing to them as they do to us. The criminal can only "win" when they change their name and get plastic surgery.

Copyright violations result in a DMCA to the host + invoice with our content licensing fee.

Certified pure Lufenuron against Candida in animals. Guidelines for large primates: PDF
1.  Ken Yeomans    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This is your claim: "My name is Sarah Vaughter. I run this company. To me, the customer is ALWAYS right. I make sure that all our customers are always satisfied"
I have registered, ordered, paid, then my money was refunded, with no genuine effort to assist me with another payment attempt or method to purchase C-60 and ship to Canada.
To say the least, I am not very satisfied with this result.
Is there anyone with your company that can help me pay for this product and have it shipped to me in Canada?
Your site claims that you ship to Canada frequently.
Thank you,
Ken Yeomans - Toronto - Canada

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hi Ken,

I find it strange that instead of filing a support ticket or emailing us, you chose to put your personal details online but if you prefer to communicate in this manner then that's your prerogative.

This is what PayPal's payment confirmation email to us stated as your delivery address:

Shipping address

Kenneth Yeomans
330 Dixon Road
Suite 2701
Cayman Islands

Initially I thought that must be some kind of mistake and we'd ship to Canada instead of the Cayman Islands. They are next to eachother in a list of countries so it might have been a mistake, selecting the country in the dropdown menu. Not so: Googling for your email address (the one you specified to us and/or listed with PayPal) bwiexpat@yahoo.ca shows several articles online, mentioning your permanent address is in the Cayman Islands.

Our T&C state that we do not sell to people with residency in a country we do not ship to. We only ship to their primary residence and no other place, not even their place of employment. This has many practical reasons. Firstly, people then often buy a machine they'll need spare parts for, and then they lose access to their old forwarding address and demand we ship to a country with an extremely unreliable postal service. If we then decline, they post online what bastards we are. Secondly, people who live in non-Western jurisdictions can order for thousands of dollars, then do a chargeback and we can't effectively sue them for fraud or, after we blacklisted them, for libel. Neither can we get a local court order enforced. Thirdly, in our extensive experience, when we ship to a location that is not the end user's primary living address, there are always 3rd parties involved and that brings with it an increased risk that the shipment never arrives at the buyer's place (which can be in North Korea for all we know). Which again means an increased likelihood of a chargeback, and as I mentioned before, we can't legally pursue chargebacks made by a resident of North Korea (or the Cayman Islands for that matter).

I hope this clears things up. The refund email PayPal sent you should have mentioned the reason for the refund, which we usually specify in cases of an invalid end user address or email address blocking our emails.

3.  Daniel McCarville    Monday, December 4, 2017

Hello Sarah,

I would like to share the positive experience I've had while ordering C60 from Vaughter Wellness.

I reside in California and have made 2 purchases
of the BuckMinsterFullerene C60 in 2017. Vaughter has been forthright
in explaining the possibility of delays, due to the fact the product is shipped from Europe. I was quite pleased when I received each order within about 2-3 weeks. The packaging was well insulated and each bottle was individually bubble-wraped. The bottles themselves are made of extremely thick deep violet / almost black glass and in fact so dark, it was impossible to see the product inside the bottle. This of course, is a good thing, considering C60 is light sensitive.

I'm going to make my 3rd order this morning, again increasing the the number of bottles as I can't help but give away a bottle or two to my adult children. I also started my wife on the product as she is a cancer survivor. Vaugher has made no claims about what C60 can do for humans because no evidence exists. There have been no human trials, to the best of my knowledge. They only refer you back to the rat study done in 2012. To me, this demonstrates integrity. I hope I receive my third order in a reasonable amount of time, as well. -Dan in Whittier (East Los Angles County) CA USA

4.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, December 4, 2017

Thank you, Daniel. In fact the winter-time delays are caused by USPS inside the US because they have a priority agreement with China Post, and in the runup to Christmas, many Americans order presents from Ali Express. USPS then down-prioritizes incoming mail from Central Europe. In winter, when there is snow in the NYC area, where USPS has their itl. incoming airmail sorting station, they again down-prioritize mail from former "East block" countries. Us Eastern/Central European vendors even started a White House petition to let USPS at least admit they are delaying the initial scan, but USPS to this day falsely claims in the tracking status "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment".

As to C60: I was today informed by our Dispatch coordinator Martina that she was told on the phone that US Homeland Security now has their own agents in Prague Airport and they've been refusing a hitherto unknown, but significant amount of shipments of our C60 bottles onto US bound planes because "They could be bombs" and they said we should specify exactly what and how much is inside them and what the bottles are made of. As if that would make any "bombs" less explosive... Yet another cause for delays. We're struggling to convince our US customers that these delays are caused by US postal/government officials, but we get complaints and payment disputes daily and I fear some people post online how "slow and unreliable" we are. While it takes us only four days to get the shipments from a village in the Czech Republic to NYC! These export/import obstructions almost seem to be some kind of covert "budget balancing" trade boycot, which we would have sympathy for, if it were honestly disclosed.

5.  steamer    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

As a very satisfied customer I would like to state that this product is exactly as advertised and I have never had any reason to doubt or any problem with deliveries. Everyone should be aware that there is an extremely well funded FUD campaign against C60 and shungite because they have absolutely huge ramifications for the Powers That Were. They will help humanity regain what they have lost and become free of the chains. I know Sarah says you don't really feel anything when taking this product but I for one would like to say that it has truly made a very noticeable difference to me. I am 62 and have the energy levels I had at 20. I also take Niagen and hydrogenated water along with it (as recommended by others) and the results are truly amazing. I give Sarah and her company 2 thumbs up (more if I had 'em).

6.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Thank you, Steamer. It is interesting that our company paid thousands of dollars to the Immortality Institute to replicate the rat study and to be a lifetime supporting member, but then a strange Pharma startup who said they wanted to commercialize their own, patented "much better" C60 product started claiming that our product "can potentially kill mice in 24 hours" but they refused for a full year to offer any evidence. As soon as I started demanding evidence on Longecity, the forum of the Immortality Institute, I was stripped of my lifelong membership status (for which I had paid $500) by Justin Loew, the sole financial beneficiary ($8000/year) of Longecity.org's income. The libel itself was published/facilitated by Sebastian Caliban Sethe in the UK, who owns and runs the actual website, Longecity.org, of Loew's Immortality Institute, which give Loew immunity from libel- and Copyright lawsuits, while he makes $8000/year for, as his tax returns state, 16 hours of work, total.

Justin Loew sent me a PM on Longecity, explaining that he did not like to give my arguments more "persuading power" by having a red label "Lifetime member" next to my name, so he simply revoked that super-expensive membership. I investigated his business and it's a non-profit registered under false pretenses (= tax evasion).

Another interesting thing is that all threads on Longecity where people that took C60-EVOO reported positive effects were DELETED by Longecity, and Loew / Sethe made an announcement that "Discussing beneficial effects of C60 on this forum is not permitted" (I paraphrase). So we have a "non-profit", dedicated to life extension, a product comes along that doubles the lifespan of rats and protects them against cancer and toxic chemicals, and the largest vendor gets fraudulently stripped of their benefactor status, the product gets defamed/attacked from all sides, positive mention is deleted and forbidden but companies that try to monopolize their own unproven version of it get a platform.

Oh - since we would not want to sell C60-EVOO unless we'd really know that the original study was bona-fide, we paid a couple of thousand USD to Mr. Loew to get that original rat study replicated by a Longecity member. Looks like he just put it in his pocket because no matter how often we inquired over the past years, he refuses to tell us how that replication study went.

We never just take these kind of things lying down. We're preparing a letter to the IRS pertaining Mr. Justin Loew and since the UK has strict libel laws and Mr. Sebastian Caliban Sethe is a UK resident (we're a UK company BTW), he will be sued for publishing libel and refusing to retract it.

If we'd not fight back tooth-and-nail against these shenanigans, we'd been out of business years ago already. We had attacks on our products and company in the past that nearly bankrupted us, and we're still suffering from those attacks, having permanently lost our flagship product then. They're now trying to do the same thing again with C60-EVOO.

7.  Jill    Thursday, May 31, 2018

I have been trying to order C-60 for over a month. The site keeps rejecting my credit card for no good reason that I know of. HOW can I order this product?

8.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hi Jill,

We do not process payments ourselves, sop with \"the site\" you means not our site but PayPal\'s.

If PayPal, our payment processor, refuses to process your payment, that can have many causes. Our store auto-emailed you several reasons (your bank refusing to permit a transfer to Europe is the most common reason) and how to solve them. Our store also emailed you that you can contact our support at https://owndoc.com/support so we can email you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay online with a greater likelihood of success.

We\'re working on a new store, where we\'ll offer an alternative payment processor.

9.  Theresa    Monday, September 3, 2018

Dear Sarah!

I think you are amazing! I applaud your integrity, grit, and perseverance! This is one of the many reasons I trust your products! I have ordered many products from Vaughter Wellness, all superior in quality. Your C60 product has me talking to everyone about it. I give away many bottles. Currently, I live in Europe and am getting ready to start selling C60 in the USA from a another C60 vendor (I am an expat -USA citizen). I am unable to sell here in Europe (Germany) so I refer everyone to you! Should you ever decide to take on distributors, I am all in! Thank you so very much for all that you do to hold people accountable who cheat, steal, and defraud others. I am so proud to recommend your organization! As we often say in the States... You go, girl!

10.  Robert Kindelan    Monday, December 3, 2018

I am an idealist. I want everyone to be honest, helpful, kind, compassionate and I once believed Dr. Natasha Campbell had the answers to childhood illnesses, mainly autism. I have had personal contact with parents whose children were afflicted and after reading Dr. McBride's two books I was convinced her recommendations were the answer to reversing autism. I checked back with two of the parents and though they appreciated my recommendations, they failed to reverse autism. Being a father with four healthy children and 12 equally healthy grandchildren, I was upset, I believed Dr. Campbell would save all the children with autism. I was wrong. However, I wrote a scathing critical response to Sarah Vaughter. I apologize for that. I realize from my very idealistic and hopeful view my comment was based on belief a cure existed and I felt by discrediting Dr. Campbell that cure was being challenged or even withdrawn. Maybe a cure does exist, I no longer get into that. I'm done. I'm just a guy, not a scientist, doctor, etc. I'll leave the autism thing to caring parents, doctors, scientist, and places like Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins Hospital. We all have hope for the future of our species, but it seems we choose few paths that deliver such results. We try, one does with live, caring and often blood connection to afflicted children, but sad to say, only a hint from Dr. Campbell, but a better diet is helpful and many exist but it's such a controversial subject, from all meat to no meat, to vegan to vegetarian to fruit only, etc. Good luck to everyone, I hope a cure is found. I took a course on writing for children hoping to reach parents and children in a format that would resonate and be helpful but realized it's like when I wrote Bill Gates for funding for a cure for asthma. That's fine but I realized what if a woman like my daughter came in with an asthmatic child. She would be hopeful, her heart would be soaring thinking my 'clinic' had a cure for asthma. I knew I could not suggest or claim such a thing since I didn't have an answer to cure asthma. I withdrew the letter I wrote and realized my hopes did not mean a reality and a cure was available. So, Ms. Vaughter, I was wrong for attacking you, I think you want what I want, too, a real live cure for kids suffering the ills of autism. Good Luck

Robert Kindelan

11.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, December 3, 2018

Your blog with disgusting lies about our company that you made years ago is still up, Robert. So it's nice that you apologize for your "scathing response" to me but it would be better if you'd also remove the criminal libel you wrote about me and my company here:


My detailed response to these lies of yours:


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