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Acai berries side effects

Acai berries side effectsThere are few documented side effects of Acai berries, but they are reported to contain 30 times as many antioxidants as red wine. This could potentially cause problems, because the human immune system relies on oxydizers to kill infectious microorganisms.
With a very high level of antioxidants in the bloodstream, the immune system could be impaired as a side effect of Acai berries.
Acai berries reduce appetite, but this can not be called a "side effect" of Acai berries because they are primarily taken to lose weight.
One known Acai Berry side effect is a allergic skin rash. Most people won't experience any allergic reaction though, and those that do are most likely allergic to other berries such as strawberries.
Another side effect of Acai berries overdosing is a bitter acidic aftertaste or a messy stool or caused by the excess vitamins E and C.
A reader named Michelle wrote: "I started drinking the Bolthouse Acai Berry with Blueberry juice and I noticed that I have been getting more headaches than usual. I haven't "felt" better or feel any changes. My skin also feels very very sensitive, almost like something is scratching my skin all the time whenever I put on clothes or run my hand on my arms. I'm guessing it's just the brand and that it's not "genuine"? I don't know ... I'm going to try another brand."

This is our research on the alleged dangers of Acai berries / adverse effects of Acai berries and not medical advice!

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