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Hoodia gordonii side effects

Hoodia gordonii side effectsHoodia is reported to be able to boost the libido as a side effect. Other harmless Hoodia gordonii side effects are that it can elevate the mood.
It is important to realize that Hoodia makes the brain believe there is sufficient blood sugar available, suppressing hunger, and therefore diabetics should take this side effect of Hoodia gordonii into account.
Hoodia gordonii suppresses thirst as well, potentially resulting in dehydration. So whilst Hoodia per se doesn't seem to have many known direct side effects, the indirect side effects of its hunger- and thirst-suppressing activity can be substantial.
P57 is the active ingredient of Hoodia gordonii, and it can cause mild stomach upsets as a side effect. Potential liver side effects of Hoodia are a possibility because P57 is broken down by the liver. Overdosing Hoodia is therefore never a good idea.

This is our research on the alleged dangers of Hoodia gordonii / adverse effects of Hoodia gordonii and not medical advice!

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