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E100 Curcumin, turmeric side effects

E100 Curcumin, turmeric side effectsCurcumin can be artificially produced.
Very high doses of Turmeric or Curcumin can cause nausea and migraines. This phytochemical has shown to inhibit tumor necrosis factor, meaning it can help against cancer. Curcumin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. A phase 1 human trial with 25 test subjects being administered up to 8000 mg of curcumin daily for 3 months found no toxicity from Curcumin. Half a dozen other human trials using between 1125 and 2500 mg Curcumin daily have also found it to be safe.
Long-term studies in rats given very high doses of Curcumin showed it to be safe, although their livers became enlarged.
Turmeric and Curcumin has shown to be the most effective medication against rheumatoid arthritis in rats.
There are indictations that Curcumin inhibits angiogenesis - the formation of new bloodvessels.

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Certified pure Lufenuron against Candida in animals. Guidelines for large primates: PDF
1.  Zoe     Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I was taking Tumeric in powder form, and i experienced awful side effects, diarreha, lower abdominal cramping and spasm. It felt like it brought on period pain, and bladder irritation. everything in that lower region became distressed.

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