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E102 Tartrazine side effects

E102 Tartrazine side effectsTartrazine is a synthetic yellow azo dye derived from coal tar and has been banned in several countries (Austria, Norway) because of serious side effects such as causing potentially lethal asthma attacks and nettle rash, hives, DNA damage, tumors of the thyroid and ADHD.
Other dangers of Tartrazine are anxiety attacks, itching, rhinitis, urticaria, general weakness, heatwaves, migraine, clinical depression, blurred vision, palpitations, feeling of suffocation, pruritus, purple skin patches and sleep disturbance. In rare cases, Tartrazine side effects are noticeable even at minute doses and can last up to 72 hours after exposure.

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1.  bamboozle    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

fantastic...I have been prescribed this because of migraines but apparently it can cause migraines? -.-

2.  Lin Amendt     Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I am allergic to the yellow coloring in OTC medications. Even one tablet gives me hives and feelings of suffocation and dread. I wish the FDA could at LEAST place a warning on the label that the artificial coloring MAY lead to anaphylactic-like reactions. OR, say "This product contains an artificial coloring agent".

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