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Melatonin side effects

Melatonin side effectsPeople with high blood pressure, seizure disorders, depression or liver problems should be especially careful for side effects of Melatonin, as Melatonin may increase their symptoms.
Melatonin side effects may include headaches, abdominal discomfort, nausea and dizziness.
Other side effects of Melatonin could be abdominal cramps, irritability, vivid dreams and nightmares, daytime sleepiness and depression.
Confusion, sleepwalking or nightmares also are possible side effects of Melatonin. There are studies claiming that Melatonin increases the risk of seizures.
Melatonin is not to be advised for people with autoimmune disorders or cancer of the immune system (leukemia, lymphoma etc.). Because Melatonin suppresses Corticosteroid activity, those who are taking Corticosteroids for immune suppressive or anti-inflammatory purposes (e.g., transplant patients) should be careful with Melatonin supplementation.
Melatonin is a hormone and it has been argued that one of its side effects is that it can interfere with libido (sex drive) and affect the reproductive system.
There are reports about Melatonin side effects that include a "heavy-head" feeling, stomach discomfort, sleepiness, headache, depression or feeling hung over.
Another serious bad side effect of Melatonin is its reported involvement with the development of autoimmune hepatitis.

This is our research on the alleged dangers of Melatonin / adverse effects of Melatonin and not medical advice!

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1.  planejane    Saturday, January 14, 2012

can you please show references for this information? I work on an in-patient psychiatric unit and we use melatonin all the time. One of the child psychiatirst that I work with especially uses it is children rather than strong drugs. this almost sounds like propaganda from a drug manufacturer

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, January 14, 2012

There are a few large, trustworthy sites where we find these side effects, but sometimes we use other sources (such as anecdotal reports). Please understand that these are _possible_ side effects, often including _very rare_ side effects.

Our goal is not to scare people away but to provide all reasonably credible reported side effects, so that when they search for a certain side effect, that they could try to eliminate/point to certain causes. Most of these effects will never happen to anyone, or only when rare sensitivities or over-doses are involved.

Yet, this kind of information can be useful in such cases. I could add sources (I do this with all larger articles) but it would then take too much time to have a side effect section at all, so I decided to compromise.

It's good that people like yourself can comment here - to balance things :-)

3.  Looking for Answers    Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'd like to get my hands on some solid articles related to adverse effects of melatonin. Specifically if there is anything describing unusual behavior, amnesia, irrational thought patterns, .......

4.  Julie Horney    Saturday, April 19, 2014

My melatonin levels are off the charts in addition to elevated cortisol. I am 54 and suffer from seizure attacks especially at night, every day! Mold remediation, Candida/mold-free/low oxalate diets, and a host of b12, gaba, l-theanine, and other pharm grade supps have done nothing to help me. Any ideas?

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