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Onglyza side effects

Onglyza side effectsOnglyza is a medicine against type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Onglyza contains Saxagliptin hydrochloride.

In about 1% of people taking Onglyza, it lowers the white blood cell count to a dangerously low level - a serious adverse effect. Commonly reported adverse effects of Onglyza are headache and a runny nose - a result of the inhibition of the immune system Onglyza causes.

Another bad effect of Onglyza is headaches that increase in severity, according to anecdotal reports. A small but significant percentage of patients taking Onglyza reported Hypersensitivity/allergy-related events, such as rashes and facial swelling. The most common adverse events included lymphopenia, rash , an increase of blood creatinine and blood creatine phosphokinase.

A potentially lethal side effect of Onglyza is the Stevens-Johnson syndrome, where the skin peels off the body. Very rare but very serious. Other reported side effects are lightheadedness, oversensitive gums and tooth pain.

Onglyza has a reportedly dramatic adverse effect on Coumadin levels and the Coumadin appears to counteract any positive effect the Onglyza has on blood sugar levels.

People have been warning about studies that purport to show side effects of Onglyza that includes turning off the ability to fight infection and impairing one of the mechanisms the body uses to fight cancer.

This is our research on the alleged dangers of Onglyza / adverse effects of Onglyza and not medical advice!

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