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Chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy side effectsChemotherapy's most dangerous side effect is that it completely destroys the immune system, and the immune system is needed to fight cancer. This implies that if you decide to employ chemotherapy against cancer, that you can not try other methods any more.
Because "chemo" (the proper name is cytostatica, or cell-division blockers) affects the fast-dividing cells, the most common side effect is hair loss. Chemotherapy also impairs the cells that line digestive tract, cuasing side effects like nausea, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and sores on the lips and in the mouth. Also the skin can get thinner.
Chemotherapy drugs can cause an allergic reaction, of which the worst manifestation is an anaphylactic shock that can be lethal.
Fast-dividing cells are also found in the bone marrow, which produces blood platelets and white and red blood cells. The side effects of chemotheraphy on the bone marrow is that it stops producing these cells, causing anemia and an impaired immune system. Strong chronic fatigue and exhaustion is a consequence. The dangers of chemo include increased risk of bleeding and infection. Bone marrow depression is a serious condition and can cause potentially life-threatening side effects that make it necessary to be admitted to hospital and be put on antibiotics or antifungals. Dizzyness and shortness of breath are the result of bone marrow suppression. A low platelet count can impair the coagolation of the blood.
General side effects of Chemotherapy include body aches and pains, fever, general feeling of mailaise and fatigue. Patients on Chemotherapy are immunosuppressed and should not be given vaccinations with living virus. Specific bad effects of Chemotherapy are painful gums, dry mouth and a burning, swelling or peeling tongue. You can get infections in the mouth or experience a change in taste.
Chemo can cause constipation. This may be caused by the direct side effects of the cytostatica, or by the damage caused to the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause the cancer patient not to drink enough.
Some chemotherapeutic drugs can cause nerve and muscle damage, potentially causing bad symptoms like difficulty walking, visual problems, brain fog, clumsiness, hearing impairment, shaking, tremors, loss of balance, tingling or burning sensation and weak, sore or aching muscles as well as headaches or a stiff neck.
Chemotherapy can cause damage to the female reproductive system like the ovaries, resulting in permanent or temporary infertility. Sexual intercourse during chemo treatment carries a higher risk of bladder- and vaginal infections. The infertility problem associated with chemo treatment in men are similar to those in women. Chemotherapy can even cause impotence due to a lower Testosterone production.
Some chemotherapy drugs can increase the risk of heart disease, specifically cardiomyopathy, weakness of the heart muscle. Certain types of chemotherapy also increase the risk of heart attack, especially during IV administration of the medication.
When looking at the specific side effects of certain brans of chemotherapy drugs, we find a potentially fatal ruptured spleen, serious lung problems such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, and sickle cell crises. Worrying signals are abdominal or shoulder tip pain, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, or a fast rate of breathing.
A comprehensive list of chemo side effects is here.

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