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Flu shot side effects

Flu shot side effectsFlu shots cause full-blown autism in children that lack the gene for elimination of mercury from their bodies. This has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in animal tests and tests for mercury toxicity and mercury brain damage evidence in children who had developed acute autism after having been injected with mercury-containing flu shots. More about this research can be read here: Flu shot side effects: Autism
Babies susceptible to mercury buildup do not stand a chance and will always go on to develop autism as a side effect of the flu shots, as they get two flu shots in their first year, and an additional one every year after.
Children injected with the toxic mercury Thimerosal flu shot build up enormous tissue concentation of this neurotoxin in the brain, when they do not have the genetic ability to rid themselves of this cumulative poison.
The dangers of flu shot autism are not the only side effect of the flu shot - Alzheimer is also considered to be a side effect of flu shots and other vaccinations, given over a lifetime and causing brain damage.
There is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that some children develop autism as soon as they are given flu shots. More about this can be read here.
Further flu shot side effects are a local soreness, swelling and pain. Allergic reaction to people allergic to eggs can be hives and even anaphylactic shock.
Another danger of the flu shot is that it can cause death as the most serious side effect. This is not uncommon, and clusters of such deaths have occured in people over 50, as can be read here.
In the seventies there have been reports of partial paralysis caused by the flu vaccine.

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