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Barbiturates side effects

Barbiturates side effectsThe most common side effects of Barbiturates are light-headedness, dizziness, drowsiness, and unsteadiness or clumsiness. These symptoms are only considered problematic when they persist or interfere with normal activities.
Alarming adverse effects of Barbiturates include depression, confusion, or unusual excitement.
Further common Barbiturates side effects are bleeding sores on the lips, chest pain or tightness in the chest, fever, muscle or joint pain, skin problems, such as rash, hives, or red, thickened, or scaly skin, sore throat, sores or painful white spots in the mouth, swollen eyelids, face, or lips and wheezing.
Overdosing Barbiturates can result in symptoms such as difficulty thinking, slow speech, sluggishness, incoordination, shallow breathing, faulty judgment, drowsiness or coma, staggering and in serious cases coma and death.
Bad side effects of Barbiturates include respiratory depression, hypotension, fatigue, unusual excitement, irritability, sedation, confusion, addiction and respiratory arrest which could cause death.
A Barbiturate high gives feelings of euphoria and relaxed contentment. The main risk of Barbiturate poisoning abuse is respiratory depression. Psychological and physical dependence may also develop with repeated use. Other effects of barbiturate intoxication include ataxia, drowsiness, vertical and lateral nystagmus, slurred speech, decreased anxiety and a loss of inhibitions.

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