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Benzodiazepine side effects

Benzodiazepine side effectsBenzodiazepine side effects can be behavioral, and include aggression, agitation, anger, depression, hostility, hyperactivity, irritability, property destruction, self-injurious behavior and socially inappropriate behavior as well as temper tantrums. The aforementioned side effects are especially pronounced in persons suffering from mental retardation.
Main side effects of Benzodiazepine are concentration difficulties, confusion, sedation, and motor incoordination.
Psychomotor retardation may be especially profound following initial administration of Benzodiazepine or with a sudden dosage increase. Psychomotor symptoms of Benzodiazepine include drowsiness, ataxia, poor concentration, dysarthria, motor incoordination, diplopia, muscle weakness, vertigo and mental confusion. Driving skills can be impaired as well.
Benzodiazepine induce anterograde amnesia, which accounts for the beneficial effects of benzodiazepines for presurgical medication. Specific deficits in visuospatial ability and sustained attention have also been described when Benzodiazepine is used longer than one year.
Increased excitement, irritability, aggression, hostility and impulsivity may occur in some patients who take benzodiazepines. This paradoxical disinhibition may, in rare cases, result in attacks of rage or violence, or other indiscretionary or antisocial behaviors. These reactions most commonly occur in children, the elderly and in persons with developmental disabilities.
Benzodiazepine adverse effects include depressive symptoms and in rare cases the emergence of suicidal ideation.
"Emotional anesthesia" is also a side effect of Benzodiazepine.
Benzodiazepine crosses the placenta and is a teratogen, leading perhaps to the development of dependence and consequent withdrawal symptoms in the fetus.

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