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Skin treatments side effects

Skin treatments side effects
Today's society lays great value on a youthful appearance, mainly spurred on by the media. There is a wealth of rejuvenating skin treatments to choose from, spanning all budgets from plastic surgery through botox to DIY dermarolling. Not all of these skin treatments are without dangers. Below are some categories of skin care rejuvenation techniques for which we have summarized the main risks and potential side effects.

This is our research on the alleged dangers of Skin treatments / adverse effects of Skin treatments and not medical advice!

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Botox side effects

Botox can result in death due to respiratory failure, even when used in low doses due to its ability to travel far from the place of injection. Botox can have the adverse ...

Dermarolling side effects

Potentially the most serious side effect of dermarolling / microneedling is the (extremely small) infection. It is important to properly clean and disinfect the dermaroll ...

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Plastic surgery can result in complications ranging from minor to life threatening. Life threatening side effects of plastic surgery are usually the consequence of infect ...