Stevia still banned: The Stevia FDA Conspiracy

We are being hoodwinked again by the FDA and Big Business - the Coca Cola Company, feeling the heat of an increasing consumer rebellion against carcinogenic sweeteners like Aspartame, managed to beg, bribe and bully the FDA into approving Truvia™, also-known-as Rebiana.

Truvia has gotten GRAS ("generally regarded as safe") status - but not Stevia.

First of all, it took chutspa to call it "Truvia", as if Stevia somehow isn't the real thing! Secondly, tales of Truvia™ side effects are starting to appear.

All those editorials about how wonderful it is that "Stevia is now FDA-approved" were just grossly misleading advertisements for Coca Cola's new "Stevia-sweetened" soda pop. It's a hoax, folks! And the dime-a-dozen "health sites" are taking the bait hook, line and sinker. The FDA was bribed, blackmailed and bullied to approve Aspartame.

Truvia™, AKA Rebiana® is an abbreviation for Rebaudioside A, one of the many sweet-tasting compounds in Stevia. Rebaudioside A has the least bitter after-taste of all compounds in natural Stevia, that's why the Coca Cola Company, faced with mounting consumer pressure to remove Aspartame from their products got it rushed to FDA approval.

There are worrying reports about Truvia side effects.

But Stevia is still banned as a food additive or sweetener in the US, Europe and many other countries.

The Australian and New Zealand food standards authority recently approved Steviol glycosides (including natural Stevia) for use in foods, while in June 2008 the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) concluded that Stevia extracts containing 95 percent steviol glycosides are safe for human use in the range of four milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. The corrupt FDA only made Cargill/Coca Cola's product Truvia™ legal to use in food and beverages.

Why was Stevia banned by the FDA?

Perhaps for the same reason that Aspartame (NutraSweet) was unbanned? The non-patentable, natural Stevia is the main competitor for a multi-billion dollar sweetener industry. If this sounds far-fetched, watch this excerpt from the documentary "Sweet Misery" on how the FDA initially banned Aspartame for 16 years, but Donald Rumsfeld - President of Searle and member of Reagan's transition team - fired the FDA chief and put a puppet in his place who overturned Aspartame's ban during his first day in office. Aspartame-patentholder Searle was sold to Monsanto - a major Aspartame producer.

During the FDA's 16-year ban on Aspartame, G.D. Searle Company continued to spend millions of dollars in their effort to bring it to market, trying to persuade the FDA that their studies 'proving' the safety of Aspartame were sound. An investigation into Searle's testing procedures subsequently came into question.During the investigation into Searle's testing procedures, it was discovered that much of the data was inaccurate, manipulated, and downright false. The investigators reported "Never to have seen anything as bad as Searle's testing". What followed was a first in the history of the FDA: They requested a criminal investigation of a manufacturer for knowingly misrepresenting data, concealing material facts and falsifying tests.Cheney and Rumsfeld, 1975The U.S. Attorney's office was asked to begin grand jury proceedings to investigate whether indictments should be filed against Searle. The U.S. Attorney in charge of the investigation was Samuel Skinner and Sidley & Austin was the law firm representing Searle. Sidley & Austin negotiated a job deal with Samuel Skinner and in July 1977, Mr. Samuel Skinner left his U.S. Attorney's position and joined the Sidley & Austin law firm working for Searle. His resignation stalled the grand jury investigation long enough for the statute of limitations on the Aspartame charges to expire. Therefore the grand jury investigation was cancelled.The Public Board of Inquiry, FDA scientists and investigators, the National Soft Drink Association and many others made their objections of any Aspartame approval clear. But then Searle hired Donald Rumsfeld in March 1977 as their CEO. As former Member of Congress and Secretary of Defense in the Ford Administration, Donald Rumsfeld soon hired several of his Washington friends as top management. Rumsfeld, then CEO of Searle, stated in a January 1981 sales meeting that he would push for Aspartame's approval using his political clout in Washington, rather than proper scientific means.

When Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States, Reagan's transition team, (incl. Rumsfeld), picked Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes Jr. to be the new FDA Commissioner. In one of his first official acts as the new FDA Commissioner, Arthur Hayes approved Aspartame. Dr. Hayes resigned two years later and took a job with Burson-Marsteller, Searle's public relations firm, as a senior scientific consultant. Burson-Marsteller also represented several of Aspartame's major corporate users.

FDA cartoon

And then in 1998, two FDA officers forced Oscar Rodes of the Stevita company to burn, yes, burn, thousands of copies of their "Stevia Cookbook", because the literature suggested that "Stevia could be used as anything else than a dietary supplement" (namely as a sweetener). And that's a criminal offence.

Stevia as a sweetener for human consumption is still forbidden in many countries besides the US. In Norway for example, the maximum punishment for importing it is a - never enforced - three months in jail.

Stevia made illegal by Codex Alimentarius

In many countries, Stevia can only be sold as a food supplement, not a food additive, due to "lack of long-term safety research". Of course, the fact that the sugar-industry and the artificial sweetener industry are lobbying like hell for this has nothing to do with it.

But I want to focus on a much greater danger upon us, a far greater threat than just some individual countries regulating which supplements can and can't be sold.

Have you noticed the many articles, some years ago, in the mainstream media, about the "dangers of vitamins"?

Codex Alimentarius cartoon

Those articles were intended to weaken opposition against the most tyrannical law the world has ever been subjected to: Codex Alimentarius.

The Codex Alimentarius is the most authoritative set of international food standards ever proposed. It was set up as a joint program of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

When people think vitamins are not very important and can even do harm, they are less likely to protest what the WHO (World Health Organization) forced down the throat of the world by means of the Codex in 2009: The total ban of all beneficial nutrients on Earth. Yes, the WHO is just as corrupt as the FDA, but on a global scale. It's all to protect our health, of course.

I refer to article 3.2.2 of the Codex. This article is implemented in the current ratification of the Codex as a ban of all vitamins and minerals with dosages greater than the RDA's. But recommended daily amounts are highly in dispute for being much too low.

Why make therapeutic doses of vitamins illegal? In theory, fat-soluble vitamins can be overdosed but in practice, a large percentage of people walk around with deficiencies. To protect a few zealous over-dosers against themselves, surely a world-wide ban on vitamins, minerals and herbs is a bit over the top?

Codex Alimentarius - implemented by the WHO - classifies all herbs, vitamins and minerals as pharmaceutical drugs

..and only large pharmaceutical corporations will be allowed to produce them, only medical doctors are permitted to prescribe them, and only licensed pharmacies will have a licence to sell them - at the usual extortionate markup for non-generic medicines. This will make those health-sustaining substances unavailable to the entire civillized world, because all member countries of the World Health Organization have to abide by it. Even China and India succumbed.

This lecture "Nutricide" sheds light on the nefarious Codex:

Former Canadian Minister of National Defence states in his book "The Evil Empire": "Codex Alimentarius is supported by international banks and multinational corporations, including some in Canada, and is in reality a bill of rights for these banks and the corporations they control."

With "Codex", any food supplement in a dose that has a measurable effect on the human body (including raising tissue levels significantly) is deemed a pharmacological substance regulated by law.

If you think you'll get your nutrients from healthy food like fruit, nuts and veggies, think again. Soils are depleted worldwide and fertilizers lack trace elements and organic compounds essential to maintain health.

Big Pharma makes their fortune selling outrageously overpriced symptom-relievers that mask the cause of the problem and often excacerbate it. The more symptoms, the more to relieve. Big Pharma doesn't like healthy folk. Big Pharma's own research shows that many modern illnesses never develop, or develop later, or develop more benignly, or are even cured, with proper help of essential nutrients that are lacking in industry-farmed food.

The entire world will have to start complying to Codex Alimentarius now, as it came into effect in 2009, because the WHO threatens severe trade sanctions against any country that dissents. Countries have been bullied by the WHO to sign the treaty - the WHO has nothing to do with health, the WHO is a Big Pharma front, a global pressure group with the clout to coerce nations into submission.

Aspartame: Sweet Misery

Donald Rumsfeld didn't just help a few million people into an early grave by "managing" the US slaughter in Viet Nam and Iraq - he also "managed" millions of his fellow countrymen into an early grave by getting Aspartame FDA-unbanned by corrupt and nepotistic means. Since the stuff was being used in softdrinks and other foods, people were dropping like flies, but the US government and the FDA refused to disclose reports of bad side effects, let alone disclosing that Aspartame causes cancer.

It was hard to do tests on lab animals, because Aspartame producers refused to sell to scientists. Dr. Ralph Walton, in the mid-nineties, was one of those academics. It finally took a Freedom of Information request to get the Aspartame side-effect data, and it wasn't pretty:

List of Aspartame side effects / symptoms

list of aspartame symptoms

This is only the tip of the iceberg - the report excludes long-term symptoms like cancer and Alzheimer. Since Aspartame got FDA-approval, Alzheimer incidency doubled. Nowadays the toxicity of Aspartame is well established and it is held responsible for everything from ADHD to brain damage. No wonder - Aspartame's main metabolites are formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and wood alcohol (terrible poison), amongst a few toxic others.

Victoria Innes-BrownMeet Victoria Innes-Brown - MA & BA Mathematics UCSD from La Jolla California. She set out to prove once and for all that Aspartame causes cancer, and what she found stunned the world. Victoria set up a controlled Aspartame experiment with 108 rats over almost 3 years - the natural lifespan of the animals. No rats were killed during the experiment, such as to honor their sacrifice to us, potential Aspartame consumers. Most rats developed large tumors. Victoria, having a degree in mathematics, took great care to set up a bona-fide experiment. In fact, in a way she greatly exceeded the requirements that are common to such experiments, by not using genetically identical rats, but using as varied a population as possible. The people of the world aren't all identical clones either.

Victoria used commercially available NutraSweet packets dissolved in the rats' drinking water. The daily dosage was approx. 40 mg/kg per animal per day for the life of the animals until they died a "natural" death. She used 30 males + 30 females for the experiment, and 24 males + 24 females as the control group. She did everything to assure that the experiment was professionally conducted. The results were horrifying. Most, if not all rats became severely ill, many of them with cancer. Rats lost their skin, became blind, obese or developed other serious ailments. Some of her pictures:

rat with tumor

Rat with side tumor

rat with tumor

Rat with large tumor below

Many say: "Aspartame is poison" and consider it common knowledge. Here's the evidence - I'd call it proof.

The documentary "Sweet Misery" shows how Aspartame is slowly killing us:

Update: There is a new scientific study that the FDA-approved daily intake of Aspartame causes brain damage:

1.  Nury Ibanez    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How many years ago the Japanese are using stevia, why is not approve here in the USA.?

2.  Sandy Lee    Monday, June 17, 2013

The only way to stop this is to refuse to purchase any of these products and NEVER stop educating the world population. Start with children. They are the most vulnerable and most sensible. Clearly those that promote or manufacture the products known to be toxic to human life are global criminals of the very worst sort. Those in power who refuse to accept evidence know that they are doing the wrong thing. They are even killing their own families.

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