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Truvia making people sick but real Stevia still illegal

Since we published people's experiencing Truvia side effects, we have been inundated with emails reporting more and more of them.

In an in-depth article, I exposed the FDA for what they truly are: Big Pharma's and Big Agro's enforcement agency. In a massive propaganda campaign, Cargill, the producers of Truvia, spread the disinformation that Truvia was the same as the natural sweetener Stevia, calling it "nature's perfect sweetness". The ugly truth is that Truvia is far from perfect and far from natural.

To be fair, not everyone experiences Truvia side effects:

My wife and I, along with many people we know, use Truvia daily with no ill side effects. Many of the reviews I read on your site that deal with headaches have similarities. Almost all of them have switched from an artificial sweetener such as Sweet & Low, Splenda, Equal, etc. One of the withdrawal symptoms from aspartame is severe headaches, this was the case when my wife quit drinking diet soda. After a week of being free of aspartame the headaches subsided.

As for the other reviewers with cramping, bloating, and loose bowel movements, perhaps they just have a sensitivity to Truvia. I think it is reckless to consider a product unsafe to the public due to a handful of reviewers sensitivities. For example, I'm allergic to processed chocolate; would it be foolish to insist that candy bars or fudge be banned or come with a warning label? I am aware of my adverse reaction to chocolate so I simply don't consume it.

These are just my thoughts on the matter, for what they are worth. Besides, I'm not a doctor, much like your reviewers.


Jerry Thompson

But here is another "handful" of people reporting bad effects of Truvia. I get one or two of those emails a day.

I have been using Truvia for about 2 months and I finally put the pieces together today about why my blood sugar has been so bad. I have had low blood sugar for most of my life and I have had to watch what I eat so not to make it worse. However for the last 2 months I have had a terrible time controlling it. I finally made the connection the other day about Truvia. Without a doubt, that stuff drops my blood sugar big time. Very dangerous for me to use that stuff. Plus it makes me feel very anxious and dizzy. It should not be on the market at all and to relate it to Stevia is a marketing lie. Stevia has never bothered me in all the years I used it. I just thought Truvia was the same thing but a bit cheaper. I was very wrong. They are nothing alike.

Robert Amidon

As soon as I saw this new sweetener, I went right to google and began looking up info on it. i have always been an opponent of Aspartame (derived from a heart drug I heard?)

I noticed one person at least was mentioning that the Erythritol in it was NOT a natural substance. I would like to point out that nearly everything on earth is "natural", for instance Uranium is a natural substance but as you know it is NOT safe to even be near it. Mercury is also "natural". I am left to wonder if a genetically modified plant can still be called "natural"?

Ben LeMire - Salem, OR

Heart palpitations. They were coming every day and really scary. I couldn't figure out what the heck, I eat an extremely natural diet, supplemented with Truvia. The next day after stopping the Truvia they went away, and I finally felt normal.


"Suitable for people with Diabetes." Yes, it is - if the intent is to kill us off! Just did search on Truvia because of the symptoms I am experiencing with the product (poison), are the same symptoms others have reported on your website. I take care of myself, have become a full-blown vegetarian, eat organic, take high-quality vitamins and supplements, exercise, and stay away from all sugar substitutes. But , I read about how good the product is and decided to try it. Well, that was about 4 days ago and from the very first I noticed I was practically falling asleep at my desk - very early in the morning, and I am a morning person! The morning after I first used it, I woke up with my hands numb and very cold. Throughout the day, a kind of soreness remained. Sometimes they can be the symptoms of Hypoglycemia. Then I started feeling the sides of my stomach as if someone had used me as punching bag. Then I got sharp abdominal cramps, gas, and very loose stools. I also started getting weird cravings, and a craving for carbs. I have become light-headed, losing my balance, and have become bloated, a very uncomfortable feeling! I also noticed I started getting headaches and light symptoms of migraine which I used to suffer from 40 years ago.

Mindy Silva

I switched from my usual Sweet & Low & Splenda about two weeks ago. I too was looking for a healthier alternative. I noticed (and couldn't figure out until now) that I am having problems with constipation unlike any I have ever experienced in my life. I do get quiet a bit of gas in my stomach but this is completely different. Bleeding almost every time I go to the bathroom and alot of pain. I also noticed strange twitching in different muscles & muscular pain.

Britt Brolund

The first time I saw Truvia on the market shelf I was excited that there was something more natural than splenda. I first tried Truvia on fresh strawberries... It was really good. The next day my tongue was swollen and painful. I had a few sores on it too! I had a serious migrain, and loose stools. Uggh! I couldn't function.

Susanne- Hawaii

A few years ago I put up on a website info that Erythritol causes eye pains. No one knew that it had side effects then. How do I know this? I'm in the R&D field of healthy beverages and personally test most nutraceuticals and food ingredients we receive. If I react badly, it doesn't go into a drink. Of course, other people may not have a problem with what I react to, due to their bio-individuality. Those that use Truvia™ & PureVia™ and have reacted to it, may be affected by the erythritol in it (that is why they add in the erythritol...to cover that bitter taste). But, it may also be the leftover chemicals used in the extraction of the stevia that are causing their problems.

I've used Stevia since 1980 when it was available as dried green leaves. Later the slightly bitter stevia powders became available. Now, I use only water extracted stevia which is sweet and without a bitter aftertaste. Organic stevia is preferred.

We were given samples of Erythritol for use in beverages. The first time I tried it, my eyes ached. I put that sugar substitute in the realm of Aspartame & Sucralose which also cause eye pains. And, I tested Aspartame in 1979. By 1981 I had to quit using it as it caused my eyes to flicker. It took a while to figure out that the problem was caused by a greedy aspartame manufacturer using less expensive methanol alcohol instead of ethanol alcohol in the bonding process of the two chem lab amino acids. Methyl alcohol was what old time alcoholics went blind with.

Sucralose in 1998 was okay until 2003 when I found the same effect as erythritol.

There are a number of other low-calorie sweeteners available such as Lo Han Kuo (licorice aftertaste), and a few new ones that we are testing now. Some are quite good without side effects, so far.

Whenever I go to an industry trade show where they give samples of their products out, I always ask if the product was sweetened with Aspartame, Sucralose or Erythritol. If no sign is present or they don't know, I pass on the free sample.

J. David

After using two packets of Trivia yesterday in my coffee at work, I experienced the worst nausea that I have ever had. Very disappointed in this effect of this very heavily advertised, expensive product.

Linda Waxman

For several months now ive been using Truvia in my daily Chai tea, and my occasional coffee, i thought it was the perfect alternative to fattening sugar, and over-processed sweeteners. Shortly after i began using Truvia i devoloped headaches, in fact it was more of a constant headache that just got worse from time to time. I never had a steady diet, so i never considered any change in diet to be the cause. I also found that no matter how tired i was, i found it impossible to sleep most nights. Getting out of bed when i did get to sleep was even harder. I began going days without adequate sleep then sleeping for 14-15 hours a day for days at a time! It wasn't until i quit drinking tea and coffee so i could whiten my teeth, that the headaches went away almost completely and i slept normally again. I thought it was the caffeine that may have been causing all my problems, so i began drinking diet sodas to test my hypothesis, but the only thing it did was make me hyper! I continued to be puzzled until my friend, who was trying to go completely organic, showed me your website. After reading all the side effects other people have gone through, i bucked up and made myself a cup of hot tea with two packets of truvia. Sure enough, i had a headache within the hour and has to take a supplement to get to sleep for the next two nights.


I have been using Truvia for about 6 weeks. I have noticed that I am tired all day long. I was into my second phase of P90X and I had to quit. P90X had taken from 175 to 158 and I was full of energy all day long. I had switched from Stevia to Truvia. I think I will go back to Stevia and see if I get my normal energy back. I believe Truvia is the culprit for causing lack of energy. This is the only diet change I have made.

Tony Bates

The day after I started using truvia in my coffee, (2packets per cup, 2 cups) I lost my sense of smell and taste. I just made the correlation today, but I stopped taking it. I hope my senses come back. Has this occurred with anyone else?


Dear Sarah,

I just googled Truvia and your website came up. I'm so mad right now! Let me tell you a little about my situation:

I've been a relatively healthy young adult who has always been aware of what I'm eating and maintained healthy eating habits. With a history of diabetes on my grandparents side, I've also maintained a low sugar diet. My artificial sweetener of choice has always been splenda. I've purchased the same products for a while, and, never noticed the "switch" they did on me!! I suppose I didn't notice until today.

Memorial Day weekend, I got incredibly ill. It started out as kidney spasms and has maintained as a severe left side ache. (Upper abdomen through to my back). This pain proceeded to get so bad that I was having difficulty eating, so, I went to me Dr. My Dr told me I had a pretty severe kidney infection, gave me some antibiotics and told me to call him if I wasn't better in a few days. Well, since I was unable to really eat, I had switched over to a mainly liquid diet to stay healthy. I've used Odwella drinks for a while, so, I stocked up on them. I also continued to eat the same yogart, drink vitamin water 10, etc. First round of meds didn't work. After 4 rounds of antibiotics, my side started to get better and kidney infection seemed to be cleared up. A few days later, it was back and worse then the first time, so, I'm now on round 5 of antibiotics!

I've racked my brain trying to think of anything I've done differently that might have caused this? Most of my meals I prepare myself, I don't eat fast food, and, rarely eat out. So, nothing was coming to mind. Until tonight. As I sat here eating yogart and drinking my vitamin water, I noticed this new symbol on my containers. I had no idea what this was, or, when these products switched to Truvia! I googled it, and, that's when the side effects start making sense!!

*Kidney infections
*Low blood sugar
*Carb Cravings

I got them, all of them! I started getting a weird unexplained rash in April and it randomly comes and goes with no cause? My sleep pattern has been completely irrational. I'm always very tired. I've been low carb for years, and, suddenly started craving weird carbs. Unexplained blisters in my mouth. It's like a light bulb went off in my mind.

Of course, I know the first thing I have to do is eliminate all of these products! I threw them all away!! I'm really angry that the products I used for years switched without me even noticing. Now, I'd like to know what else can I do? If in fact by eliminating these things from my diet causes me to be over this month of hell, what's the next step? I called the 1-800 line on Truvia's website and got a case number, but, I must say, the guy was a real ass. Said there were no reported adverse side effects of Truvia, and, certainly nothing like I was saying. Really? Then why do you have the 800 number in the first place??

Jessica Fischer

Truvia makes it burn badly when I pee. I tried truvia months ago for the first time. I noticed that later in the day when it moved through my urinary system it really burned when I peed. I stopped using the product and the burning went away. Yesterday I took a sip of my wife's Vitamin Water Zero. Again, I only took one sip. Last night, the burning was intense. I went and checked the refrigerator and realized it was a coke product and sweetened with Truvia.

Please get this stuff off the market!

Mike Albert

I have been using Stevia (with no sugar alcohols) for years and had absolutely no side effects. We moved and couldn't find it in this dinky town so I tried the Truvia. Used it for a week and started having absolutely horrible migraine headaches that were accompanied with severe neck pain.....never had that. Stopped it and they went away. Clearly I cannot handle Stevia mixed with other things.

Chris and Dawn Hakeem

I too tried to replace Sweet and Low with Truvia, the abdominal pain was unbearable. I thought I would give it some time to adjust but after reading your website I will send it back to the manufacturer. Thanks for all the info.

Gerri, Olympia, WA

I am responding to your article about Truvia…I had the worst abdominal cramps of my life last night after drinking a very large cup of green tea sweetened with Truvia. I got no sleep and felt like I swallowed knives pointing in 8 directions. I will never touch the stuff again! I had no idea why I felt that way until I checked out other comments about this sweetener. I am still slightly curious if it was something else, and am tempted to try it again - because I was initially attracted to a sweetener made from a leaf - but the experience was just too painful! I would not recommend.

Heather E. Kephart

I just found your site and thank goodness. I wanted to share that I started using Truvia and after 1 packet a day for about 2 weeks I developed this metallic taste and my tongue began burning. I am still having the issues, but only stopped using Truvia for the past two days. The mouth was significantly better today, but not gone. Hopefully, it will be gone soon.

Thanks for your site,

Maria Keyes

I use artificial sweeteners, mostly to sweeten my coffee, because I have Type 2 Diabetes.

For the past 6 years, I've used another brand of stevia without experiencing the acid reflux which the new product, Truvia, has caused. During the first few months of using the other brand of stevia back in 2004, onions and garlic, whose taste I really like, tasted and smelled really bad. After a few months that taste change went away, and onions and garlic tasted and smelled normal again. However, after trying the new stevia brand of Truvia over about a two-week period, I woke on three successive mornings with acid reflux and the most horrible taste in my mouth that I've ever experienced. During the past week since I stopped using Truvia and returned to the other brand of stevia which I've used since 2004, I've not experienced any acid reflux or bad tastes in my mouth.

Darlene Ford

I started using Truvia several months ago and I started noticing that every time I used it my chest would feel tight and achy. The doctor says it's not my heart. I went to an allergy doctor and he says I have developed asthma. I've never had asthma before and I'm 62! I started making the connection with the Truvia and skipped it for several days and the asthma symptoms went away. Started using it again and the symptoms came back. I truly believe it is the Truvia.


Having a lot of allergies and chemical intolerances, I called Truvia after purchasing the sweetener and using it a couple of times because the ingredients listing was not detailed enough. They refused to tell me what the "natural flavorings" are derived from saying that it is proprietary information and was not derived from any of the "major" allergens which she named off. The problem is that the major allergens as defined by the FDA exclude many other food and plant products that many are allergic to, such as corn. I asked her if they are derived from corn, which I am very allergic to, and got the run-around in relation to the flavorings, answering that the erythritol comes from corn. I asked her a few more times about the flavorings and she would beat around the bush and say various things such as " I don't have any information here that indicates corn", or something similar.

I am taking it back to Walmart to get my money back.

Rick Hansen

I used Truvia for the first time this morning, and within 90 minutes I started having diarrhea every hour for about 3 hours. So much for this sweetener it's going in the garbage.

Peter Wenson

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for creating this forum for people to discuss their experience with the product Truvia. I was so excited to see an all natural product on the market, especially one that tasted great. I had been using it and had not seen any adverse effects initially.

Over the past month however, I began to have severe pain in my upper back, neck, arms, and hands (with numbness). I had a back injury a few years ago and was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I thought that this medical issue must be the cause (or Multiple Sclerosis-when you feel that bad, your mind starts thinking the worst).

I would wake up feeling crippled and reach for the coffee in hope to revive. It wasn't working; in addition to my pain, I was feeling exhausted, foggy, and depressed. Last Wednesday, after the first cup of coffee didn't work, I made another, and yet another later. I found myself worse after every cup. Midday lying on the couch, at my end, something clicked and I found your site. Though most of the people have abdominal issues (and I had some of those too), the first post I saw was in regards to upper back, neck, and arm pain.

I have not had Truvia since last Wednesday and I am slowly feeling better. It is important that until more research is done, we, the public save others from this dangerous product.



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1.  Kayla    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am a diabetic, and since I started using sugar substitutes, I have had no energy at all. A couple years ago, I made some molasses cookies, which has molasses and brown sugar in them. After eating the cookies, I had so much energy that I was cleaning my house, mopping the floors, dusting, cooking and doing lots more. I listened to Dr. Oz who said that if you can tolerate it, it's best to use a teaspoon of sugar instead of a sugar sweetener, although I don't think he was referring to diabetics when he stated that. Nevertheless, in the future, I'm going to add a teaspoon of molasses or brown sugar to my morning coffee because molasses or brown sugar is better for you than white sugar.


2.  Kat M Jacobs    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I started used Truvia about two months ago, very moderately. However, when I did get a craving for something sweet and I use the Truvia to sweeten some strawberries I experienced horrific swelling all over my body and a Kidney Infection developed shortly after. I had also started using a new multi vitamin so I didn't know which was causing the awful reaction. Anyway, I recently tried the Truvia again and guess what? Kidney Infection. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. Pure Stevia (Sweet Leaf Brand is what I have) is great and doesn't do this to me, it is wayyy more expensive, but worth it to have something sweet without a horrible reaction. I'm so glad I found this website and that its not just me.

3.  Stvehud_99    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

kayla if you think molasses or brown sugar is beter for a diabetic than white sugar youre nuts. theyre both horrible for a diabetic period. its like saying ill use cocaine because heroin is worse.

4.  Dawn Hatchett    Sunday, March 18, 2012

I haven't had a UTI in 25 years! I started using Truvia one week ago and started noticing pressure in my lower abdomen which has developed into a full blown UTI. I couldn't figure out what could be causing it since I eat very clean and prepare all my own meals and I am very careful about cleanliness to avoid this very issue.
I normally use Stevia but thought I would try Truvia, Yesterday I bought plain cranberry juice and put Truvia in it to sweeten it thinking it would help with the UTI. a lightbulb went off and I started to look online for answers and found your site. Thank you for posting all of this.
Damn it I am so pissed right now I can't believe what the food industry gets away with.

5.  Jodyjt    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have been experiencing about two migraines a month lately. In fact just getting over one right now. Used to get about one a year. I suspect truvia to be the cause since Ive been using it for about 4 months. I will cut it out of my diet and keep you posted on the results

6.  Katherineroarty    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I started using truvia and suffered the worst headaches and fatigue. As soon as I stopped it, the headaches went away.

7.  Kim    Monday, April 30, 2012

I was so excited to see the new Crystal Light Pur with "natural" Truvia. I drank a couple of packets over two days and started to notice a soapy, detergent taste in my mouth. Won't be buying this product again.

8.  Rcb0022    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Christy in Indiana

I have a sweet tooth and found Stevie to be bitter, so I tried Truvia. It tastes great. But tonight at 4:30 am on my third night of no sleep, racing heart and dry tightness in my chest, I put it together and have realized that Truvia is the only thing I've changed. I'm starting Truvia detox NOW and will not use it again. I had an EKG today due to the racing heart... What a waste of money all for a sweetner

9.  guest    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I started using Truvia and other sugar alcohol based sweeteners about a year ago and started developing a lot of digestive issues that just seemed to get worse and worse. About a month ago I started having terrible headaches daily and every morning after my cup of coffee (even after a full eight hours sleep) I would fall asleep for another two hours I was tired all the time and eventually stopped working out. I was scheduled for all kinds of blood tests an ultrasound and a colonoscopy. I thought I was very ill and maybe had celiacs disease. After finding this site, I have stopped using Truvia and all other sugar alcohol related products. Its only been a few days, but so far no headaches, no more abdominal cramping and gurgling, no more running to the bathroom and I haven't needed a nap in days. I am able to workout again without fatigue. No matter what I find with my blood test results and colonscopy, I will never use these products again. Its like I was slowly poisoning myself. I would rather use a couple teaspoons of sugar here and there then deal with the type of symptoms I believe these products have caused.

10.  mags    Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My story is very similar to the other comments. 4 months ago, I was told that my thyroid was underactive and that I need additional meds to go along with the one I already take for it. Coinsidentally, I had started trying stevia in my coffee and cereal. I would have at least 6 packets a day. After a few days, I was in extreme abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, and diarrhea. These symptoms were all blamed on the thyroid meds. Now I realize it is the stevia. I stopped taking it 4 days ago and my stomach episodes are gone. I'll have to cancel the colonoscopy and endoscopy they wanted to do. Yay, I'm glad this problem is solved. Pretty scarry for users of stevia.

11.  Kristen    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thank you for starting this site! More people need to know about the dangers of this poisonous substance!

When I started having a reaction to Stevia in the Raw, I switched to Truvia. Since then I have had increasing pain in all my muscles and joints, horrible fatigue, nausea every day, have not been able to think, have had no motivation, been hopeless, extreme constipation, and the symptoms go on. Last week I took a break from coffee for a couple days because I was getting so nauseous in the morning after I drank it and thought it was the caffeine. The next time I had Truvia, within 20 minutes I had one of the most intense pounding migraines I've ever had. I finally got on the internet and found your site and was disgusted that I have been poisoning myself all this time.

I got my natural doctor to make me a homeopathic remedy to combat the effects of it and within a couple hours I was feeling a hundred times better!

I will never again use this garbage and will tell everyone I know of my experience.

12.  Luna Zen    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I found your site on a search for links between vitamin water zero and hypoglycemia. While I've consumed this product on numerous occasions with no apparent ill effects, I recently experienced some truly nasty side effects.

I have an ongoing issue with electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. I'm very careful to maintain hydration, especially outside in the Florida summer sun. For me, the result of even mild dehydration includes intolerable headaches and nausea, which worsen if I don't consume gatorade or electrolyte tablets to avoid water toxicity. I eat healthy, and have been a vegetarian for half my life. I generally avoid artificial anything, preferring lightly sweetened or unsweetened options. Recently, though, I've been trying to avoid drinking extra, unnecessary calories. That was what led me top purchase vitamin water zero on a gas station 2 for 1 special.

Last month, I spent the day at a farmers market. On my way there, I drank one vitamin water zero. I likely didn't consume enough liquids, and by the time I returned home, I had a headache and was feeling lethargic. I drank some gatorade and water with nuun tabs, along with half of a vitamin water zero (with rebiana and erythritol) and then took a nap. When I woke, feeling thirsty, I finished the second bottle of vitamin water zero. Within 5 minutes my head was spinning and I felt as though I had swallowed glass. I started to experience tremors and hot/cold flashes, with clammy skin. Assuming that I just needed to eat something, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter, and promptly vomited. After several hours and another piece of toast (consumed very slowly) I felt somewhat better. It was 2 days before I felt completely normal, with a nagging headache and trouble sleeping.

I'm a veterinary nurse, by trade, and I am quite familiar with the signs of severe hypoglycemia. I am certain that is what I was experiencing. In hindsight, I believe I have had several less severe reactions. You can bet I won't be ingesting any more erythritol/rebiana.

13.  Krishne108    Friday, July 13, 2012

I am hypothiroid and I only take SweetLeaf, but I have noticed a lot of bloating and gas. It is not the Trivia product, but i was wondering if it has to do with stevia overall.

14.  robert    Sunday, July 22, 2012

I bike 30 miles everyday and im vegetarian as it gives me an edge in my cycling. About a year ago i was consuming natural turbinado sugar and decided to dump the empty sugar calories for i thought healthier stevia. I am used to hitting the wall with exercise plateaus however the last year has been a combination of just about all of the side effects listed on this site. I guess out of sheer will having biked through hundreds of miles of various pains and injuries these too could be overcome. How very wrong i was. Ive lost an entire year of quality biking just becuase of a few packets of stevia everyday. Reading your site two weeks ago and no stevia since is like stepping out of a fog, I was truly lost to my previous biking self and healthy lifestyle. I had no idea of the cumulative side effects of this plant on some individuals. I am very, very, very, grateful to you and your contributors to this site without which the outcome may have been far different for me, THANK YOU SINCERELY.

15.  Toura Jaylene Hooper    Friday, January 25, 2013

I've been using Truvia for about 2 months off and on along with brown sugar and Nectresse(monk fruit sweetner). Whenever I would use the Truvia, I would feel dizzy, I would get a migraine and feel very sleepy. I found myself reaching for other sweetners besides the Truvia. Today I used it in my coffee and got dizzy. I decided to go onto the internet to see if anyone else felt the same way. So mad right now! How can they let this product onto the market? Tossing the Truvia now!

16.  Kristi Ray-Mootz    Thursday, May 2, 2013

I've noticed that a lot of these symptoms are similar to certain withdrawals as well as candidasis. I'm currently using truvia as part of my candasis diet & treatment. I have had no more side effects than before I purchased it, but after my sugar withdrawals and die-off had begun. I understand that people may react to this product- but please be aware of the dangers plain sugar, aspartame and every other sweetener. Also, plain stevia- even the leaves- is known to cause a lot of these issues. Maybe the reactions could be due to stevia in some cases.

17.  JustSittingHereThinking    Saturday, June 1, 2013

The same thing happened to me. I felt ill after just using one packet. I had the worst headache ever along with nausea and heartburn. Very disappointing. I'm so glad I found your website. I had no idea Truvia is mainly Erythritol not the stevia leaf as advertised. Wow, talk about bait and switch!

18.  Kerri Sharoni    Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thank you for displaying everyone's negative response to Truvia! I thought I was going crazy, as I've used traditional stevia since I was a kid. I recently started using Truvia to replace all sweetener in my diet, and I shit you not--after just two days of using this stuff maybe 2 packets a day, my hands started TINGLING--for HOURS!! I felt like my blood sugar and pressure plunged, VERY DIZZY AND LIGHTHEADED, nausea, etc. I noticed that my knee also started to buckle that night too and I almost fell several times! I am not an elderly person, either--I'm a fairly healthy 27 y/o female with slightly low blood sugar levels.
I am CONVINCED that the added ingredient is bad news bears.

19.  Deb    Thursday, August 29, 2013

I am another one that thought I was making a healthier choice.. I started with a bloating feeling in my stomach that came on slow, then it was cramping so I stopped the Truvia. I purchased Stevia the soda and drank one and it was horrendous the flavor in my mouth and how my stomach felt ... it is coming up on a week that I gave up the Truvia and as I type I am in complete agony with cramping, gas that feels stuck in my digestive tract and tremendous bloat. Im concerned this has given me a permanent issue with my body.

20.  Jennifer Cestari Mess    Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I started using truvia on Monday and by Tuesday my legs were itchy. By this morning(Wednesday ) the itchy rash went up my legs and throughout my body. I have had stevia in the raw with no side effects but this stuff is NOT natural. I want to itch my skin off right now!!!

21.  Himansu Desai    Saturday, September 14, 2013

I've been having bloating, gas and nausea to the point of going to the ER *multiple times* - but doctor's have found nothing thus far (endoscopy, CT/scan, stomach emptying etc.) Small intestine tests are next but yesterday, I just realized that I've been having Stevia (the filtered white powder form) daily with tea/coffee or veg juice or milk. After researching sites like this, I'm stopping Stevia completely and see if I improve. Since the doctor's can't find anything and I'm quite incapacitated and have to work from home, I'm hoping that it's been this slow overdosing over the last year that has wreaked damage to my GI system. Will post results in a couple of days. I think it takes more than just one day for the long term side-effects to wear off.

22.  Barbara Hudson    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I had truvia once: a friend had added a packet to a home-made salad dressing, so my portion was very small. Within minutes, a huge hive-blister covered the front of my neck and I was wheezing and struggling for air. I'm afraid to try stevia.

23.  Betty    Sunday, November 24, 2013

I used Truvia about a year ago and was becoming extremely fatigued. Since I am on thyroid replacement, I assumed that I must have forgot to take my daily pill. After about a week I thought maybe it's the Truvia as that was the only change in my diet. The fatigue went away as soon as I stopped taking it.

Recently I have been trying to watch calories and thought I would try the Truvia again in my coffee in the morning. I figured I would watch for any signs of fatigue and then stop it if I had those symptoms again. Two days into using it, I started feeling sick to my stomach around 4 in the afternoon. By 10pm I was violently ill and vomiting so bad I could hardly breath. My hands and arms started to tingle and I felt weak and dizzy. I was so scared, thought I was having a heart attack. I ended up in the emergency room with dehydration, extreme vomiting, and diarrhea. After 4 hours, at 3am I was finally released, but only after having an EKG and Cat Scan for any obstructions. They told me I just had a bad case of food poisoning. A few days later I finally remembered that I had started using Truvia again. I know that was what caused it.
Now I have a hospital bill of over $3000. Thanks Truvia.

24.  travelerbill    Thursday, March 27, 2014

I used Truvia for many months, going through about 3 1/2 boxed of 80 packets I kept at my desk using 1 each weekday in my coffee. During that time my heart started racing whenever I was bloated...which was most always. I variously thought it might be lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, egg intolerance, coffee/caffeine issues. Almost everything but the Truvia. I started having herbal tea in the morning and opted to use honey as a sweetener. With in 1 week of the switch I found that the bloating that was causing the heart racing was gone along with the arrhythmia. Over a year since it started.

We had a European trip that would have been ruined if that had been a continuing issue. Also, if it had persisted another month, when we returned from Europe, I was going to schedule a gastroscopy on the advice of my cardiologist.

25.  steve    Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I started using truvia a few months ago and recently noticed that i was peeing much more frequently, especially during the night. I made the connection that this started at about the same time as i started using truvia. I stopped using it and found that it had an immediate beneficial effect and i no longer have the problem. I also feel better and not so tired - this is not coincidence.

26.  janetspillows    Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I started putting Truvia in my coffee and noticed I started getting rash on my back. Never taking it again.

27.  Asok Asus    Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stevia gave both myself and my wife excruciating headaches immediately after consumption; we tried several forms: highly refined, natural, etc. They all caused the same horrible effect.

28.  Amber    Monday, March 14, 2016

I tried Truvia for the first time in my coffee this morning. I was excited about using something healthier than just regular sugar, but felt really nauseated afterwards. Then shortly after I drank some water and had a horrible after taste in my mouth that won't go away. What a waste of money, I'm throwing it away. I wouldn't even give it to someone not knowing how they may react to it since it hasn't been on the market long enough to know the long term affects. I think I'll stick to the sweeteners that we have knowledge about, at least then I already know what the outcome might be.

29.  Henry    Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I've experienced arrhythmia occasionally for several years. I've just discovered that Truvia is a trigger. No more for me!

30.  Dottie    Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi I just switched to truvia and have had 2 major side effects. First I broke out in welts and itched all over, including my hands. I didn't put it together until I woke up this morning and had truvia in my coffee. I started to itch within 15 minutes of having my coffee. Also, my blood sugar went over 200. I called the company and they are issuing me a refund. I ask about side effects and was told that "they did not know of any." Beware of this product.

31.  Joanne    Sunday, January 29, 2017

I just spent a night in the emergency department with my heart in a nasty, fast and irregular heart beat. I am nw convinced it was beause i have lately been using stevia. Reading of other people who have had the same symptoms, i will not be using it again.

32.  judydowellb    Sunday, April 9, 2017

I just took two benedryls and i am still itching bad! I drank two cans of coke life last night. Woke up after maybe an hour of sleep with intense itching in my hands and scalp. Didn't get rested, got up and realized my hands were swollen a bit, the itching was horrible! Even itched under my fingernails! Took two anti-histamines and still no relief. Argh! I hate when companies play guinea pig on us!

33.  Ann Smollon    Sunday, May 14, 2017

I generally do not use any types of sweeteners but decided that I wanted to try what I thought was this "all natural sweetener truvia." I feel so stupid that it took me so long to figure out that my migraine headaches, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, Burning tongue and more we're all being caused from this disgusting substance that is allowed on the market. The FDA should be ashamed of themselves. The ingredients that are in this product sre literally poisonous.
I am a psychotherapist and have literally been needing to miss work because of all of the sickness that this product has caused me. All I can say to anybody who is using it, STOP! Even if you don't get the same symptoms as I do, this is a poison And unnatural substance that will hurt your health in the long run. I believe that eventually this product will lead to cancer.

34.  MIela    Monday, July 3, 2017

I was using Truvia to make cheesecake. I made a cheesecake about every week for maybe 3 or 4 weeks. since then I've had HORRIBLE insomnia and my husband had the mouth sores. Now I have some strange feet problems like gout! I NEVER had a problem with my feet. I know it must be some kind of never damage Truvia must have done to me. So I threw whole box in the garbage. I started sleeping again finally but last night I ate some banana cream that I must have forgotten had Tuvia in it. Now I'm up and cannot get back to sleep. I search on Insomnia and Truvia and found this site that's confirmed many of the symptoms my husband and I have had. Oh yeah, and I also acquired a few very, very bad anxiety attacks.
This stuff needs to be removed from the market.

35.  Charlotte    Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I've been using natural stevia sweeteners for a couple of years but couldn't get hold of any so bought Truvia instead. I used a dash in tea once a day with no problems but the other day put a larger quantity in some chocolate cookies and ate quite a few. A couple of hours later I came down with severe nausea and fatigue which hasn't yet gone after 3 days. Day 3 and the diarrhea has kicked in. Pretty sure it was the Truvia in the cookies because thinking about them brings on waves of nausea and that's the only thing I ate that my family didn't. I remembered seeing something about laxative effects on the packet so started looking up the side effects and have just tipped my remaining supply in the trash. What a disgrace for Cargill and the FDA to sell this poison.

36.  Deborah     Thursday, January 24, 2019

I hope Joanne, in comment 31, meant to say that "Truvia" sent her to the emergency room.....NOT real Stevia.

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