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    Dermarolling before and after pictures

    Microneedling really works! Have a look at some photos our customers sent us or were posted on our dermarolling forum.

    dermaroller before and after photo

    Dermaroller review

    Are the most expensive dermarollers really the best? Whatever they claim, all dermarollers are made in China and South Korea. The most expensive ones are often the worst. We are brand-independent and sell those rollers we found to offer the best value for money.

    dermaroller test and review

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    Dermaroller before and after (acne, stretchmarks, pigmentation)

    Those who have never seen the dramatic improvement a dermaroller can have on acne scars and stretchmarks will find such before-and-after pictures hard to believe. No, they are not “Photoshopped” and yes, there are even better examples to be found on the net. Click the images for bigger photo.

    Acne scars dermarolling – before & after:

    Great improvement with the suction method (used after single-needling and dermastamping).


    Dermarolling pigmentation – before & after:

    Dermarolling works really well against hypopigmentation.

    Stretchmarks dermarolling – before & after:

    dermarolling stretchmarks before and after

    Dermarolling stretchmarks before and after (1)

    dermarolling stretchmarks before and after

    Dermarolling stretchmarks before and after (2)

    Stretch marks become flatter and lose some their contrast after dermarolling.

    The principle of dermarolling – how dermarolling works – is new collagen and elastin formation. When you roll the skin, the many tiny holes in the skin cause micro-inflammation, which causes new collagen to form. This regenerative collagen “smoothes over” the scar tissue. Dermarolling can be used to strongly improve:

    • Wrinkles
    • Saggy skin
    • Acne scars
    • Stretchmarks
    • Sun damaged skin
    • Pigmentation spots
    • Surgical- and other scars

    Dermarolling also highly enhances the penetration of skin care products or hair growth stimulants into the skin.

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