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    This man is 70 years old!

    Dermaneedling pioneer Dr. Desmond (Des) Fernandes dermarolled his own face more than 50 times. The result: Skin that looks decades younger than his age, in spite of the South African sun. His results prove that dermarolling is both long-term safe and effective. Recent YouTube interview with Dr. Fernandes so you can see that he really looks like that.

    The Derminator®

    derminator display

    Designed and manufactured in our European facility. The only electric dermaneedling device that does not cause microtearing, and the only machine that is fully digital, with digitally set needling depth.

    Essentialdayspa ☹

    Did you know that essentialdayspa claims to have an A+ BBB rating but they in fact have an F for "advertising issues" and falsely claiming they are BBB accredited at all? And did you know that all the other safety and accreditation logos they fence with are fraudulently used too? And that they pay for fake positive reviews? We investigated Essential Day Spa and found questionable tactics, overpriced products and dissatisfied customers.

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    Articles in Candida

    Candida Cleanser Review: Scam Candida Cleanser Review: Scam

    The Candida Cell Wall Suppressor scammers now call themselves “Candida Cleanser” at candidacleanser.com and they keep lying. They told a concerned customer this (a few of the untruths underlined):

    We are of course forced to respond …

    Candida Cell Wall Suppressor review: Scam! Candida Cell Wall Suppressor review: Scam!

    Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is Chinese pesticide-grade Lufenuron, shipped from Thailand by a criminal. The Thai or Chinese person behind the site claims that all cancer is caused by Candida:
    “Candida Cell Wall Suppressor” scares people …

    Jeff McCombs: Candida quack exposed Jeff McCombs: Candida quack exposed

    Us sick people (I have Lyme) can only choose between a rock and a hard place. The rock is modern medicine, which is uninterested in our health and incompetent anyway. The hard place are the …

    The ThreeLac scam The ThreeLac scam

    Global Health Trax (GHT), the seller of ThreeLac employs an army of misinformation agents, spammers, liars and dishonest marketing folks to promote their expensive but in our opinion virtually useless supplements. If you think I’m …

    No miracle, no mineral, no solution (Jim Humble’s MMS scam) No miracle, no mineral, no solution (Jim Humble’s MMS scam)

    I never knew what MMS really was. I had read it stood for “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or “Miracle Mineral Solution”, so I suspected it to be a mineral supplement containing Magnesium and Phosphorus or something. …

    Why garlic helps a bit against Candida Why garlic helps a bit against Candida

    A lot of bad things have been written about Lectins recently, but not all is as dark as it seems. Not all Lectins are bad. Some Lectins can be allies in the fight against Candida.
    Lectins …

    Candida or Lyme disease? Candida or Lyme disease?

    I have been living with Lyme disease since 1995. I still test positive for Borrelia IgG and IgM on a Western Blot, and also immunofluorescence tests come out positive.
    The lab that tested me at my …

    Bread, our daily poison (Gluten sensitivity mistaken for Candida) Bread, our daily poison (Gluten sensitivity mistaken for Candida)

    I wrote this article for people with symptoms that are often misinterpreted as Candida infection, but are in fact are caused by non-Celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). Of course, people with such symptoms should not purchase …

    Candida and heavy metals such as mercury Candida and heavy metals such as mercury

    Heavy metals are undeniably bad for us. It has been found that especially mercury, in levels found in the average human body, depresses the immune system. This has lead many people with websites about Candida …

    Lufenuron: Success in treating fungal infections Lufenuron: Success in treating fungal infections

    Peter, a Norwegian customer send us the below illustrated testimonial to Lufenuron’s effectiveness in treating various (presumedly) fungal infections:
    NB: We have received an email from someone who did not believe that these feet are the …

    Candida diet & supplements Candida diet & supplements

    I get a lot of questions about the best diet to combat Candida. Often, the person asking is already on a complex, exotic and expensive regimen of a wide variety of cleansers, detoxifiers, immune-boosters, antioxidants, …

    Candida and Mercury in amalgam dental fillings Candida and Mercury in amalgam dental fillings

    An antique tube of radioactive toothpaste (from Germany).

    The use of Mercury (70%), Cadmium (0.5%) and Copper (30%) in amalgam dental fillings (“silver fillings”) is one of the most heinous crimes against health in modern history. …

    Homemade probiotic yogurt Homemade probiotic yogurt

    The commercial probiotics capsules do not have the required amounts of friendly gut bacteria needed to repopulate your small intestine with Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces. But there is a simple way of cheaply making your …

    Candida Facts Candida Facts

    What is Candida albicans? Candida Causes Candida FAQ Candida Symptoms Candida Diagnosis Chronic Candida Candida in the small intestine (IBS) Systemic Candida Candida Diet Candida Myths
    What is Candida albicans?
    Candida is like a seven-headed dragon – …

    Candida muscle testing: Nonsense! Candida muscle testing: Nonsense!

    Kinesiology is the belief that the state of our organs and exposure to chemicals can influence the behavior of our muscles, and that detailed medical diagnoses can be made applying this belief system. Many double-blind …

    Spit Test: Reliable Candida diagnosis? Spit Test: Reliable Candida diagnosis?

    Let me get two things straight: Firstly, we are committed to helping people with Candida infection and we take their side. And we believe that Candida albicans is woefully underdiagnosed today. Secondly: We sell a …

    Mushrooms against Candida Mushrooms against Candida

    Probably the most persistent myth about Candida is that eating mushrooms is a big no-no. Before debunking this story, we want to remind the reader that Candida infection is neither an “allergy to yeasts” nor …