Privacy policy

We take the privacy of our visitors seriously.

One of the policies we have in force to safeguard the privacy of our visitors is the lack of social media "like" buttons, because those buttons record the IP address of all visitors to a page and transmit this information to the companies issuing those buttons, who sell this information to third parties.

Our site does not store cookies itself onto your computer, but we do employ Google Analytics to see general visitor trends on our site (no IP addresses!) and Google may put a cookie on your computer. We also have a Twitter widget on our site and that may place a cookie onto your computer as well.

Visitors to our store give their email address to us and we store that with the address and order information on our server, which is not shared with other users - it is a managed server for us alone, hosted with the best hosting provider in the world: Liquidweb. Our server is hardened, by Liquidweb, against hacking attacks.

We never SPAM our customers. We have never mass-emailed them in the many years we were in business and we will only do so in case of product recall or otherwise truly important information, and in that case we will first try to identify those customers affected and only email those.

We will never disclose personal information, email addresses etc. to a third party, except when our T&C allow us to do so (blacklisting of fraudulent customers).

Our site never gets to know your card number. We use PayPal and Stripe for our card processing. PayPal payments are processed by PayPal and Stripe payments are sent encrypted to Stripe only via your browser directly to Stripe. So it is impossible that a security breach in our company or on our site can lead to your card details being leaked.

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