Alopecia dermaneedling with the Derminator - before and after

These images were provided by one of our customers and document a nearly full recovery from androgenic pattern baldness, using a combination of dermaneedling and Minoxidil.

The exact treatment protocol follows below. The needling instrument used is our Derminator® 2.


I began scalp microneedling on March 17, 2019.

Initially, I used a .75 mm dermaroller twice daily, with immediate application of a Minoxidil 5% solution.

I performed a weekly session with a 1.5 dermaroller, again with immediate application of Minoxidil, and Ors “hair food” after microneedling.

On this day, only one session was performed, not the 2x daily, and on the following day, I would do one session with a .75 mm roller.

I switched to the Derminator 2 mid-May, and repeated the same protocol, substituting the Derminator (on fast setting and same depths) for the dermaroller.

I saw results as soon as 1 week after beginning protocol; I could observe new hair growth forming in a spiral, innermost point of spiral first. I used some additional products as well: Copper peptide spray and MSM cream.

It is difficult to gauge the impact of these products, but I can say with certainty that microneedling is the primary catalyst for my recent hair regrowth, as I had used Minoxidil regularly for decades and had used it in conjunction with Finasteride for a year or more when in my early thirties.

Obviously, my hair loss was not defeated by those products alone. I am 57 now. I now have a maintenance routine of perhaps 4x a week a once-daily session with the Derminator at .75 mm, fast speed, and 1 session with derminator at 1.50 to 2.00 mm every ten days or so.

There was a period where I discontinued my regimen for about two months, due to suffering a broken tibia as a result of an auto collision. I noticed a deterioration of hair quality, and the thinning process seemed to resume. This was corrected as I resumed my protocol. I should mention that I have been using Dutasteride since June 2019 or so, and continued to use it during the 2 month period that I discontinued microneedling and Minoxidil due to discomfort sitting for any length of time. As I said, it appeared to me that my hair loss resumed in the absence of the microneedling and Minoxidil treatments.

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