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Sarah Vaughter

Sarah Vaughter

OwnDoc means: "Be your own doctor" - Hippocrates' advice! Sarah Vaughter is a dermaneedling expert and an investigative blogger regarding health matters. She wrote the free, non-commercial book (available as a PDF) "When ALS is Lyme", on Lyme being the cause of ALS in at least 15% of cases, supported by medical- and obituary research as well as a wealth of circumstantial evidence. Her articles on this site reflect her "special interests" (a peculiarity of her Asperger's syndrome). Psychology enthousiasts can download her test results here. Her Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. INTJ (more info) is by far the rarest personality type (1.5%), and has overlap with Asperger's (0.25%).

Female INTJ's are extremely rare (0.8%) and aspies are only 0.25% of the population but we have another female INTJ aspie in our midst: Jessika Endsley writes for us on OwnShrink.com.

Asperger's hiring policy

Since 2007, we seek out people with Asperger's syndrome to work with us, usually as independent contractors. Sarah has Asperger's as well. Other companies are following our lead. Even Microsoft went aspie-hunting.

Sarah is a lifetime supporting member of the Immortality Institute and a principal sponsor of the replication of the famous Baathi rat study, where rats lived twice as long on C60 in Extra virgin olive oil.

Her dermaneedling forum is the largest skin improvement forum online. Her scientific literature research and original research on neurospirochetoses as a cause for common neurological syndromes with unknown etiology is the most comprehensive available and has been "Facebook liked" by more than a hundred thousand people, including microbiologists, journalists and medical doctors. Sarah writes articles on health and beauty, exposes scams, puts the spotlight on researchers that need our support and she likes to dig up new facts and lesser-known truths about health issues.

Sarah is no fan of Big Pharma - She considers it a criminal kartel, enforced by the corrupt FDA and the worldwide legislation they lobbied for, Codex Alimentarius.

Please note that nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice. We are not medical doctors.

On this site we sell our own products. They have a thorough scientific basis and we provide the details. We do not advertize. We rely on satisfied customers to spread the good word.


EU Dispatch Centers

Our two dispatch centers are in the Czech Republic, so there are no customs delays to EU countries.

Our people (dispatch coordinator, CEO and Derminator engineer) can be reached via /support/.

Support tickets are read every day, also in case of holiday or illness. We are not reachable by phone any more because we were getting many calls from people looking for medical advice, which we are not licensed to dispense. Sarah does not give product advice anymore because there simply is no more time for that since the company grew much larger and giving medical advice is unlawful anyway. Nearly every conceivable question is answered on our main sales pages, in the extended product descriptions in our store, in our instructions downloadable from our support page and in our site's articles or on our forum. If you still have questions, for example you want to exchange experiences with users of our Derminator machine: We sold so many of our products that most larger health & beauty forums have several of our customers as regulars.