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Our Derminator® does not cause skin microtearing - most others do.
The Derminator motor is so powerful that it can move the needles in and out of the skin with millisecond-speed, such that sideways movements of your hand do not cause sideways tearing of the skin. "Microtearing" can rip tiny tears into the perimeter of facial pores, permanently enlarging them. The only safe Dermaneedling device is ours. Our Derminator™ uses an extremely innovative, sensor-feedback, microcontroller-controlled reciprocating magnet as its actuator. The motor is able to insert and retract the needles very quickly, preventing a sideways tearing of the needles through the skin. A weaker motor can make the same nr. of pricks per second but its needles stay much longer in the skin (it has a greater "duty cycle") so as you move, the skin is stretched sideways and that can lead to damage. The advantage of a strong, fast motor is that the pain is very minor (because of no sideways tearing) and that it does not tear pore boundaries due to microtearing.

Derminator presentation photo
How we can sell it for $149?

Those Chinese "buzzers" such as Dr. Pen cost around $15 to produce. Their presentation box + shipping costs them more than the actual product. Our machine is very expensive to make, in comparison but we do not pay for fake reviews, ads, YouTube "influencers", affiliates etc. And we do not include a (very expensive!) presentation box. And our machines last forever - so no warranty costs either.

Dr. Pen could easily charge $45 for their product and still make a nice profit. But "cheap" dermaneedling devices raise quality concerns, and the market is prepared, with sufficient marketing hype, to pay much more. So Dr. Pen and the like, all repurposed permanent makeup pens, carry a hefty price tag. Our machine would normally be sold only to clinics, for a price between $2000 and $5000 but our business model, as our website name says is based mainly on serving the home market. So we have a small but healthy profit margin, whereas the Chinese vendors simply make an outrageous amount of money while having no knowledge or care about dermaneedling - their only competencies are marketing and they spend a fortune on that.

Derminator on steroid-related body building stretch marks

Dermaneedling results for body building steroid use stretchmarks
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The customer used a 2 mm needling depth for three sessions, 15 days apart. This is what he posted: "I got these scars on my bicep area from very rapid body weight increase when I was a young lifter, probably before most of you were born. My skin, literally split when I added 9 stone in the first year.
Anyhoo, I put up with the scars for many a decade. Then I recently heard about women micro-needling scars they got from child birth, I thought, I will give this a go on my scars. Gonna work on the biggest scar at the top of the photo, that is very near my armpit and harder for me to reach. This really is my left bicep, it does look like a leg...it ain't"

The Derminator® dermaneedling device is primarily intended for the home user but also these practitioners use the Derminator® 2:

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