Dermaneedling videos

We discovered this old video of this customer, treating one half of her face with Dr. Pen and the other half with the Derminator. The Derminator shows lots of pinpoint bleeding, while Dr. Pen causes no pinpoint bleeding whatsoever. Depth settings were the same. This is evidence to our assertion that the pen-type devices simply are too weak to needle to the depth they claim they are able to needle to:

Heather demonstrates the recommended dermarolling technique.

Please note that she is not moving the roller a few mm sideways after every roll, which is a mistake. But the most important thing we wanted to show is that the roller should be lifted after each rolling motion, and she does that correctly. When rolling more skin than just a narrow strip, you should follow our dermarolling instructions and move the roller a few mm sideways after every rolling motion, so that you cover all of the skin equally.

All that really matters is to achieve a sufficient prick density, without going through the same prick channels more than once. However you do that is up to you, what we offer is just a suggestion. You can also roll "randomly" over the skin, as long as you create a roughly uniform prick density. The "star pattern" is not recommended because it causes a too high prick density in the center.

Derminator technique videos:

Please watch these videos on YouTube to see some important remarks on these videos (do not needle with makeup on, the needling time in these demonstrations is longer than would normally be done etc.)

In the below video, she is pushing the cartridge very hard, the result is deeper needling than the set depth, due to the skin forming a bulge inside the cartridge. That bulge can easily be 1 mm, resulting in a needling depth of 3.25 mm instead of 2.25 mm. Pushing hard can be done deliberately in order to achieve a deeper needling depth than the machine is designed for, but you have to be aware that only smooth gliding with light pressure results in the correct, set needling depth.

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