Candida Cell Wall Suppressor review: Scam!

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is Chinese pesticide-grade Lufenuron, shipped from Thailand by accomplices of the notorious scammer Kacper Postawski. Read how the CCSW "clinical trial" is a fake by a convicted criminal, and how Mr. Postawski's other products have been recalled by the FDA because they made people extremely sick and even are suspected to be responsible for at least one case of cancer. Talking about cancer: Postawski claims that all cancer is caused by Candida:

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor review

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"Candida Cell Wall Suppressor" scares people into the idea that they will get cancer if they don't quickly cure their Candida (with their pesticide-grade Candida Cell Wall Suppressor of course):



CandidaCellWallSuppressorScam-BadReviewPostawski is Polish and his partner Angela Force is Serbian. In order to avoid extradition, they moved to Ecuador. Their sites are rife with basic errors such as using "Copywrite" instead of "Copyright". When they don't spend money on proofreading, you think they'll dish out the four-figure amount needed for independent purity testing? But the real problem with Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is not that it tries to scare people into buying this expensive product. The real problem is that there is no publicly available source for human/veterinary grade Lufenuron. None of the producers on Ali Baba, in spite of what they sometimes claim, produce veterinary grade. It's all pesticide grade, made in China for agricultural use. We know this because we have been selling this product for nearly a decade and we've spent thousands of dollars testing the output of all manufacturers we could find. They all submit fake analysis reports and when you do an analysis in a Western lab, the results are always the same: Heavy metals, fluoride residues and organic solvents. Heavy metals may cause neurological damage, the fluorides cause osteoporosis and the organic solvents can cause cancer. The levels in pesticide-grade Lufenuron vary with the batch and manufacturer and won't kill a person - if the contaminant levels were that high, the substance wouldn't even pass China's pesticide-grade certification. But usually, people who buy Lufenuron are ill and the last thing they need is more poison in their bodies. The spelling mistakes made all over the site show that the person behind it does not have a western background. The person obviously does no quality control, not even on his own site where he sells an extremely expensive product:


Now, with all that cheap Chinese pesticide-grade Lufenuron around, do you trust a Polish guy with your health? A guy who ran away to Ecuador, with associates with an extensive prison past, fake "clinical trials", past and current products that were warned against by consumer watchdogs worldwide and eventually seized by the FDA because they made the customers sick and gave at least one of them, a British woman, cancer? Someone who claims that all cancer is caused by Candida? This person claims that Mesothelioma is caused by Candida, not asbestos. This person claims that infant Leukemia in Iraq is caused by Candida, not Depleted Uranium. This person claims that chain smoker's lung cancer is caused by Candida, not by cigarettes. This person suggests you are at great risk of getting cancer if you have Candida and you do not buy his Candida Cell Wall Suppressor for $117,-. Absolutely disgusting!

Because we sell veterinary grade Lufenuron, tested to be EU-veterinary grade, conforming to identical requirements as human grade medicines, and because we are much cheaper as well as being the only ones that have non-toxic Lufenuron, he does his best to hide what's in his capsules. But it's Lufenuron:


Candida Cell Wall Suppressor Review

Kacper Postawski, the person behind this product is a criminal and the product is a scam. Their "clinical trial" has been made by a convicted and jailed fraudster and the customer testimonial video they put on YouTube is produced by one of those shady Internet marketing companies, offering their services on the "Make Money Online" part of the web. Those companies offer people money to record a fake review. In the nearly a decade we've been selling Lufenuron, we've hardly ever seen a review video, positive or negative. It's extremely rare that people bother with that. But CandidaCellWallSuppressor is bombarded by them! In reality, such fake video reviews are made by companies such as Here you can see an example of their service. By using such unethical marketing tricks, the person behind the site can uphold a veneer of legitimacy. They must be making a bundle because their ads cost thousands of dollars a month. That Rense ad for example runs for around $1800,- a month. The shady character behind CandidaCellWallSuppressor can afford to pay top dollar for advertizing because his gullible customers are paying through the nose for pesticide grade Lufenuron:


Pesticide-grade Lufenuron costs between 1 and 10 dollars a kilo.
Do you trust an anonymous, provably lying Chinese or Russian guy with your health?

Our Lufenuron is made for us only, in a pharmaceutical facility, not a pesticide factory. We ship from Europe. We pay very much more than the price for Chinese pesticide grade. Every batch of our Lufenuron is tested by a reputable, independent western lab such as Exova. We do not want Lufenuron getting a bad name due to the many unethical copycats out there. And we do not want to end up in a US prison.

Candida Cleanser review: Same scam!

All online scammers work with affiliates because it is the fastest way to make as much money as possible. It makes the product much more expensive for the customer, because the affiliate wants a hefty commission, and of course the supporting advertising infrastructure costs a lot of money as well. The only way to make this pay off is to have a two dollar product and sell it for a hundred dollars. CandidaCleanser is such an affiliate, and they use the same "Cancer is a fungus" scam:



The big danger with these kind of lies is that the FDA will act against those people. When you claim that all cancer is caused by Candida and that Lufenuron cures Candida and thus cancer, you've made yourself guilty of just about the most severe crime in the eyes of the FDA, and they will shut you down and you will go to jail, as Kevin Trudeau can attest to. That is why Kacper Postawski lives in Equador, a country that does not extradite Polish and Serbian citizens to the US. And that is why his accomplice Jim Spears emigrated to Thailand and keeps a very low profile, only doing the dispatching. Cancer is not caused by Candida and anyone who says so is out for your money. I do not exclude the possibility that a vanishingly small percentage of cancer is caused by Candida, but I have seen no evidence or logic reasoning of any cancer ever been caused by Candida. In fact I have reason to believe that most cancer is caused by ionizing radiation, specifically alpha particles, in our food and the same radiation in tobacco.

Also these affilliate sites have great difficulty with the English language, writing "irradicate" instead of "eradicate" and using an apostrophe behind the word "diets", which would mean: "Of the diets":

Candida Cleanser review scam

Candida Cleanser does not shy away from bold-faced lies to make their customer feel safe:


Natural oils have nothing to do and can not have anything to do with any Lufenuron synthesis process! This lie alone fully exposes "Candida Cell Wall Suppressor" as a scam.

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor's useless "test"

The scammers published a "test" but it only shows the purity - not what the impurities are:


The whole point of testing is to analyze what the impurities are. What is that remaining 0.7%? When you look at OwnDoc's Lufenuron test, you'll see that the substance was subjected to more than half a dozen tests to exclude all possible harmful impurities from the production process. The test we obtained certified our Lufenuron as acceptable veterinary quality for the EU. And EU veterinary standards are identical to human standards. Our tests tell us that our impurities are harmless ashes and not heavy metals, organic solvents or fluorides (Lufenuron has Fluor in its molecule where it is totally harmless but residual fluorides should not remain in the final product. For pesticide purposes in China, no one cares).

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor lies about trials

A customer forwarded us this email, in which this fake persona "Clare Davidson" claims that multiple clinical trials with Lufenuron against Candida are close to completion in the US:


The funny thing is that one single clinical trial can take ten years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. And this dodgy company with a dispatch center in Thailand, spelling mistakes all over their site and "testing" done in China by the manufacturer itself claims they've spent the past years and countless millions of dollars on US clinical trials - wow! For a company that can't even spell, that's an amazing feat! The good thing is that all clinical trials in the US must be approved by the FDA. Let's see what the FDA says about where we can verify approval status for clinical trials. The "trial" is at the moment of writing still ongoing, claims "Clare":


OK - we have to go to, but they have no record on Lufenuron being approved for clinical trials:


Neither for Candida Cell Wall Suppressor:


There is no such trial and there never will be. CCWS (Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) paid a convicted fraudster money to fake such a "trial".

"Clare Davidson" is Angela Force

Angela-ForceThis is Angela Force, the Serbian partner of Kacpar Postawski. They live together in Vilcabamba, Equador and have a daughter together. She uses the alias "Clare Davidson". There are a many typical mistakes in the short email that "Clare Davidson" sent in response to a concerned customer. Mistakes that a native speaker of English, with a name like hers would never make: "The website that you found is selling [the] same product as ours" and: " complete by [the] end of February. She forgets the article a third time in "[The] Attached file is the test results", where she also erroneously uses "is" instead of "are". And she forgets the article a fourth time in "of [the] pharma grade we are using". And a fifth time in: "clinical trials in [the] US". Consistently omitting articles points to the writer coming from a linguistic background where no articles exist in the language, such as in Slavic languages. It is very common for Eastern Europeans never to fully master the use of articles, not even when they're otherwise very proficient. "Clare" also makes many childish errors in using apostrophes, writing "its" when she means "it is" ("when its done") and forgetting the comma in "pharmacautical, not pesticide". There is no shame in being Serbian but please don't call yourself Clare Davidson in that case.

Candida Release review: Same scam!

The most idiotic and downright criminal sales technique is used by the same scammers on one of their sites, where they tell you to give toddlers a dose that would correspond with an adult taking five times the recommended dose! A typical weight for toddlers is 10 kg. We calculated that a very heavy adult should take 9 grams of Lufenuron. The CandidaRelease scammers say you should give any child, regardless of weight, "half a dose". But a small child weighs ten times, not two times less than an adult! So if you give an infant, a toddler or a small child half a dose, they end up with a gigantic over-dose! These scammers have no idea what they're doing, and they don't care.

The CandidaRelease scammers use every dirty trick in the book to push their product. One of the things they did was commenting on a YouTube video of one of our customers who made a series of videos about using our Lufenuron. The Candidacleanser spammers/scammers posted 15 times a link to their product, pretending that what she was reviewing was in fact their product, not ours:






Lufenuron is liver-safe, but no one knows what happens to the undeveloped liver of a small child when bombarded with a massively higher dose than has been used in animal experiments. And don't forget that these criminals use pesticide-grade Lufenuron from China, full of pollutants!

Because existing sites are being exposed as scams, the scammers are aggressively branching out to many names and sites and have started to make French, German etc. versions of their Candida cure scam sites: Same Scam! Same scam!

Candida Cell Wall Dissolver: Same scam!
Candida Cell Wall Suppressor: Same scam!
Candida Cleanser: Same scam!
Candida Cure Center ( Same scam!
Candida Release ( Same scam!
Candida Capsules ( Same scam!
Candida Protocol ( Same scam!

They also operate as "Candida Cleanser" - more info on that scam here

Update of October 15: Kacper Postawski's on behalf of his lawyer calls his illegal internet pharmacy "Energetic Point Ltd." but we found no company anywhere by that name. The company that owns the CCWS trademark is "Strategic Media Marketing Corporation" and its VP is Kelly Willett, a student babysitter in Vancouver.

Update of November 3, 2015: Mr. Postawski has embarked on an online defamation campaign against us, and they are trying to shut our company down by filing bogus complaints with our hosting provider and other business contacts. We obtained another clue as to how his operations are structured: They can be reached under a Thai tel. nr.: +66 966360633.

Update of November 20, 2015: Mr. Postawski has complained to our business partners that we are "bad people" and that they should terminate the relationship with us. Two of our important business partners have indeed complied with Postawki's demands in the assumption "Where there is smoke, there must be fire".

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