CCWS Review: Another Kacper Postawski Scam

CCWS stands for "Candida Cell Wall Suppressor" sold on We wrote more about this product and the scammers behind it here: Candida Cleanser and here: Candida Cell Wall Suppressor. It consists of toxic Chinese Pesticide-grade Lufenuron and it is marketed by a Polish individual known as Kacper Postawski. Mr. Postawski's company is run from Ecuador hides behind a P.O. box in Las Vegas, and as we will show, the woman who produced the fake "clinical trial" for his CCWS product has an extensive prison history for fraud and also hides behind a Las Vegas mailbox. Ecuador has no extradition treaties with western countries.


Kacper Postawski (right) with accomplice Joshua Dharma


Angela Force

Kacper Postawski used to live in Poland, then Canada, but now lives in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Ecuador has no extradition treaties with most countries, but criminals have been extradited from Ecuador before, after having been placed on Interpol's wanted list. We were informed by a reliable source that Mr. Postawski and his Serbian partner Angela Force (calling herself "Clare Davidson") grossed two million dollars in 2013 with their "Candida Cell Wall Suppressor". This means that tens of thousands of people have been victimized by these people.

Kacper Postawski has poisoned people before

Mr. Postawski, a ruthless sociopath, still sells Adya Clarity, a toxic brew akin to pool cleaner containing brain-damaging amounts of aluminium and heart-attack inducing amounts of iron. A shipment of the poison was seized by the FDA after several consumer watchdogs warned that it was making people violently ill and was documented in hospital to have been the likely cause of cancer in at least one customer. It is very hard to prosecute or sue a wealthy psychopath hiding in corrupt Ecuador, a country with so few extradition treaties that it is one of the last countries where such criminals can operate with impunity. The FDA is still investigating the people behind Adya Clarity.

CCWS "clinical trial" faked by a fraudster

Consumers are getting increasingly streetwise and are forcing unscrupulous Internet marketeers to be more devious. In case of questionable products, nothing convinces a potential customer better than a "clinical trial" with a positive outcome. And that can be arranged. An Adya Clarity "clinical trial" was faked by a woman with an extensive criminal record. She pretends to be a Ph.D. and she runs "Fenestra Research Labs". This setup has research accreditation whatsoever and does not do any research - it's just a "pay-for-a-fake-trial-report" shop. She was forced to admit its "research" was falsified. As mentioned in the Museum of Hoaxes: Fenestra Research Labs have recently been made aware that some of our published studies have been modified or falsified. If you are working with an organization that claims to have been tested by Fenestra Research Labs, please contact us to verify the authenticity of the research. "Fenestra Research" is just one woman. As explained on "Further investigation reveals that Fenestra Research apparently consists of ONE individual, Dr. Melonie Montgomery, who uses the 'Bioanalyzer Technology' she has invented."

Postawski used the same "Dr.", the criminal calling herself "Melonie Montgomery", to write up a fake "clinical trial" for Candida Cell Wall Suppressor (CCWS). You can download it here. The last page of the "report" is an ad for CCWS (Candida Cell Wall Suppressor). If after reading the "clinical trial report" there was any doubt left that "Fenestra labs" is a scam, just have a look at their website, which is apparently made by a mentally disadvantaged person; likely Mrs. "Montgomery" herself. We discovered her real identity: Her real name is Melonie Ahlgran, and she has spent years in jail for fraud, embezzlement and larceny. He only qualifications come from a diploma mill and the "lab" is registered on a similar Las Vegas postbox as Postawski's company. There are only a couple of people in the US with that name, and only one with a Las Vegas address:


And here we have her real identity. Same age, 55 years old:


The CCWS "trial" is a complete fraud

Of course, with just Mr. Ahlgran, a habitual criminal, her kindergarten-level web presence and a Las Vegas P.O.Box, there is no "clinical trials laboratory" and there are no "test subjects". The "clinical trial" mentions that the Candida spit test was used to determine efficacy. Hilarious. We wrote an article on why the "Spit Test" is nonsense. They even ripped off our picture. If you think that clinical trials use a "spit test" to gauge the severity of Candida infection, I have a bridge to sell you. On the dark side of the Moon.


Victim of false CCWS marketing? Chargeback!

There is nothing much you can do, when you trusted Mr. Postawski and took his Candida Cell Wall Suppressor / Chitin Inhibitor, which is pesticide-grade Lufenuron made in China. These people are Eastern-European mafia, hiding from Western authorities in Ecuador which has no extradition treaty with any western country. So you can't sue him for deceptive marketing and he can't be arrested for jeopardizing people's health, as he has done before with his "Adya Clarity" pool cleaner brew sold as a miracle cure. But what you can do is initiate a chargeback and file a complaint with his payment processor. At 3% of chargebacks, a payment processor shuts down a vendor and it will be very hard to remain in business, when thus blacklisted. Let's shut these scammers down, so that Lufenuron won't soon be subjected to scrutiny by the FDA and this helpful substance will not disappear from the market forever. If you've been scammed and you can provide us with proof of a chargeback, we will refund you 50% of your next Lufenuron purchase with us. You can use the extensive documentation provided through the links to argue your case with the bank that this product is sold under fraudulent pretenses.

Update of October 16, 2015: Kacper Postawski's on behalf of his lawyer calls his illegal internet pharmacy "Energetic Point Ltd." but we found no company anywhere by that name. The company that owns the CCWS trademark is "Strategic Media Marketing Corporation" and its VP is Kelly Willett, a student babysitter in Vancouver.

Update of November 3, 2015: Mr. Postawski has embarked on an online defamation campaign against us, and they are trying to shut our company down by filing bogus complaints with our hosting provider and other business contacts. We obtained another clue as to how his operations are structured: They can be reached under a Thai tel. nr.: +66 966360633.

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