Derminator® for professional use

We started selling dermaneedling instruments almost twenty years ago and rapidly became the western world's #1 dermaneedling store because we bought every available dermaroller, tested them and sold the test winners for a fraction of the price for sale elsewhere. We were "home rollers" ourselves and our business philosophy was to focus on the home user exclusively.

With the hundreds of thousands of dollars we made, being the #1 dermaneedling store, we were able to invent, prototype and mass-produce the Derminator more than ten years ago because no affordable, safe, effective electronic dermaneedling device existed. We purchased 5000 pcs of each component and part, or else we'd not be able to remain competitive with the Chinese "buzzer" pens, which have at most $10 of materials in them. We have a modest profit margin and avoid fancy packaging and advertising. So now, there exist *one* such unique machine: Ours. Machines that approach ours in capabilities but are still inferior in many ways (microtearing, needle diameter, ease of use, longevity, cost of needle cartridges) cost approx. $5000. Even the cheapest pro-level machines are quote-only and cost around $3000. We compare our machine with two $5,000 competing machines on They're less loud than the Derminator, that's true. Not to mention the Chinese repurposed permanent makeup pens, the feeble "buzzers" that at best won't yield results and hurt rather much and, worst-case, ruin skin. Their cost of production is never more than $10. It becomes clear why many US clinics and part-time dermaneedling practitioners chose our machine as their "work horse". A no-brainer, with our no-return-shipment-needed, lifetime warranty and a price of $149, while they charge nearly always more than that for a session. Small clinics charge around $300, the fancy ones in expensive areas up to $600.

That wouldn't necessarily be a problem, if it weren't for the following:

- Clinics usually hide the fact they're using our machine, fearing their customers will simply buy one from us and save a small fortune. We know of a clinic that taped off the logo of our machines. Clinics are actively taking away revenue from us.

- Clinics come with all kinds of demands such as us writing personalized certifications on our letterhead for their authorities about the manufacturer of the cartridges, their date of manufacture and more such. Annually, again and again. They don't pay extra for cartridges though.

- Clinics often do foolish things such as mishandling a needle cartridge and claim "Manufacturing flaw - refund me for the entire batch" or insert two magnets into the hand unit and claim: "These cartridges don't fit" and categorically refuse to provide any photo/video evidence for their claim, as well as refuse troubleshooting according to the manual. Contrary to what one might expect, professional users are by far the least logical and cooperative. They often don't even read the manual. We refuse to be bullied by entitled, incompetent, uncooperative and often even threatening Karens. "I will tell everyone how terrible your stuff is if you won't Fedex me replacements RIGHT NOW - my clients are WAITING" (they were too incompetent to have a few extra needle cartridges on hand).

- Clinics have employees who don't treat the device like their personal belongings. It's just a tool to them. Often the practitioner didn't read the user manual so they regularly cause all kinds of malfunctions which we laboriously have to diagnose with them, ultimately discovering they've damaged a magnet due to carelessness, added two magnets to the hand unit, sprayed a corrosive substance into the hand unit (clinics can be very "paranoid" about sterility and can go too far - one destroyed the hand unit shroud every month or so, requiring twenty replacements before we told her that "enough is enough", because she used an incredibly aggressive chemical on the plastic, in spite of us asking her not to). It's clear that a company that may administer half a dozen treatments/day for years will end up with more broken machines than the average home user. Nearly always they break it themselves but since we can't always prove it, we give them a new machine. By that time, they've made countless thousands of dollars with our machine. The Derminator is designed in such a way that by virtue of the fundamental Laws of Physics, it can only break when a component was faulty from the very beginning or the user damages the machine due to very severe negligence. As in chewed on by a dog or dropped into a pan of boiling spaghetti sauce. That's how we can afford to give a lifetime warranty on a $149 machine, even when used every hour, eight hours/day for decades. We have an array of a dozen machines in our lab (from returned machines, ten years ago when they still had the occasional flaw) that we let run for half a year in a tool shed. Day and night, hot and cold, dry and 90% humidity. That's over 50,000 machine-hours. No measurable wear on any part of their motors or console components such as the power supply or display.

In short: The Derminator is from October 22, 2023 according to our T&C only sold to non-commercial users. If you violate these T&C then there will be no warranty or support for the device or its spares, and you will be perma-blocked in our store.


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