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Stretchmarks: Single needle before and after

One of our customers sent us before-and-after pictures of her results of using the single needle on her stretch marks. The "before" picture was taken after having done several acid peels, and the "after" picture was after almost a year of using our special single needle. (due to recent quality issues now replaced by a Derminator cartridge).


This is a detail of the skin before the single-needle treatment. The stretchmarks were a little worse to begin with - she did some peels in attempt to improve them but real improvement came only after treatment with the single needle.


And this is is after treatment with our dermaroller and the special 0.25 mm diameter single needle:


She needled just the stretchmarks. Do not use a tattoo machine instead of the Derminator - it goes way too fast, loses power when down-regulated and you can easily make the scar worse. Plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandez, inventor of the dermaroller, said:

"However, we have to realize that if one did the deeper needling at the density of a tattoo, then the skin would be scarificed, and sure one would get a lot of collagen (in the form of scar tissue) and not a restoration of the complex elastin and collagen network which we aim to achieve with needling. However, deeper scars need greater penetration with the needle... ...Even if the extra needling is done by hand with a single needle, this is well worthwhile doing".

Neither use an ordinary tatoo needle - their diameter is 0.35 mm, which is too large and causes more scar tissue to appear. The stretchmarks have become much darker and are much less visible. She will proceed dermarolling this area and after one more year, the stretchmarks will look even better.

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