Buckminsterfullerene: Natural anti-aging


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The most exciting news in life extension science's short history is the discovery that C60 (Buckminsterfullerene) in extra virgin olive oil has very potent anti-aging properties. Less than a milligram per pound of body weight, administered only 24 times over roughly a ninth of the lifespan of the treated rat, will make rats live up to nearly twice as long - all "Bucky"-rats became much older than all non-treated rats, and all C60-treated rats remained in good health throughout their lives. Where it is normal that rats die of tumors or pneumonia in old age (the control group of genetically identical rats did so), the rats that had been given C60 ("buckyballs") dissolved in olive oil died of the general effects of old age, instead of succumbing to the diseases typical for a rat's final stage of life. C60 occurs naturally in the Shungite mineral of Russian healing springs, well-known in Russian traditional medicine for hundreds of years.

The scientists mention in their study that no substance in medical literature has such an extreme life-extending effect as Buckminsterfullerene: C60 chemically bound to the lipid chains of extra virgin olive oil. The oil by itself only added three months to their lifespan. Rats are the most popular animal as subjects for medical tests not only because they are easy to keep, small and cheap, but also, contrary to popular belief, if something works on a rat, it is a rule of thumb that it also works on a human. And if something is toxic to a rat, it usually is toxic to humans too. You can put a rat to sleep with "human" sleeping tablets, get it drunk with alcohol, sedate it with opium and poison it with cyanide, so rats are not at all unlike ourselves from a basic biological point of view. They need the same vitamins as we do and they suffer from the same old age ailments and aging effects as we do - telomere shortening, oxidative stress, glycation etc. It has been found that fullerenes increase the lifespan and enhance the growth of 4 classes of simpler organisms as well, so the effect appears to be universal for all life.

Fullerene C60 greatly increases the lifspan of rats, even though they were given a mere 24 doses, most with a long interval, starting when they were already ten months old, comparable to being around 25 years old in human terms. If we allow ourselves to extrapolate to humans, a person would need 1000 doses to achieve the same effect. It is of course highly questionable that a human being would benefit as much as a rat, rats having a much faster metabolism than we have. Although lab rats (and people) may live even longer when dosages are modified, or when the C60 fullerene is administered more often. And the rat study is not a fluke - a similar C60 study on mice reported not just an increased lifespan - also very greatly improved learning and memory. Very old mice (near end of life) performed as young mice (6 months old).

C60, when properly prepared, appears to be a true miracle drug - at least in rats so far. But also mice with familial ALS lived longer, when given a water-soluble derivative of Buckminsterfullerene. C60 protected mice against gamma radiation, by improving their damaged immune system and mitochondrial function. Whereas all mice in the control group died, 73% of the C60-mice were still alive after one month. As with many inventions of great benefit to mankind, this one came as a complete surprise. The purpose of the study was to establish an LD50 dose. Instead, they discovered that rats given C60 were all still alive when the entire control group had died of natural causes. C60 is a very extraordinary molecule. It is known as Buckminsterfullerene or "bucky balls" because it is nearly a perfect sphere, reminding of the geodesical structures which the genius Buckminster Fuller patented. Many soccer balls are accurate molecular models of C60. If you would place a carbon atom where the vertices meet eachother, you'd have C60.

C60 is an amazing molecule in many respects. As a crystal, it can be harder than diamond. It is a superconductor at temperatures substantially above absolute zero. It is a 271 times more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C, and it preserves salmon twice as long as vitamin E does. It is so liver-protective that rats, pre-treated with a high dose of C60 and then injected with a normally lethal hepatotoxic chemical, suffered no adverse effects and their livers looked normal, wheras the control group died rapidly due to massive liver failure. And perhaps the most mysterious property of C60: It behaves both as a wave and a particle. Even though there is yet relatively little known about the medicinal effects of Buckminsterfullerene, it is already known for its multi-faceted cardiovascular health effects.

If we were religious, we would be tempted, with the information we have about C60 dissolved in olive oil at this time, to call fullerene C60 a "miraculous elixir of life". If we believed in voodoo, we would call it a "magic immortality potion". But we are scientists, so we decided to manufacture and sell the exact same product: Highly purified C60, fully dissolved in extra virgin olive oil. Stirred for two weeks, centrifuged and filtered just like the solution in the original research. People are already buying C60 and dissolving it at home in olive oil and taking it (an unwise thing to do due to the nanoparticles that have to be removed with specialized equipment) and they're already claiming beneficial effects. (Broken link due to censorship explained in the moved thread here). Here is another thread on home experiments with C60, note how it is explicitly forbidden to mention any positive effects and note that many postings mentioning such effects by long time posters have been deleted! Reporting the results of your own longevity experiment with small rodents is explicitly prohibited too, which shows a clear censorship agenda on Longecity.

We spent a lot of time researching possible toxicity issues and, finding none, decided to start selling the C60 life extension product soon. Contrary to C60 suspended in water, fully oil-dissolved C60 has no toxicity whatsoever - on the contrary, as twelve "Methuselah rats" testify to. A Japanese research team found that oil-dissolved C60 was non-toxic in any dose. The interesting aspect of their study is that the C60 they administered to the mice was polluted with nanoparticles (undissolved C60) and that did not have a negative effect on the mice: "All doses, even the lowest dose of 0.1 mg/ml, did not completely dissolve in corn oil, and included visible and invisible residues..". The rats were given particle-contaminated C60, up to 1000 mg/kg with no ill effects. So the jury is still out on the toxicity of nanoparticles. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not, depending on many factors, such as their size and shape. Carbon nanotubes can damage DNA by piercing the cell nucleus (Pantarotto et al., 2004a; Singh et al., 2005; Lovat et al., 2005; Foley et al., 2002; Goho, 2004; Hoet et al., 2004; Lam et al., 2004), so it is important to use a source of C60 without CNT contamination. We use SES in the US, the same as the researchers used for the rat study.

The researchers said that their batch of C60-in-oil kept remarkably fresh for the entire duration of the experiment. They tested several bottles of the product monthly during all those years, to verify that the C60 remained in solution and did not precipitate nanoparticles into a suspension. This indeed did not take place, but neither did the oil get rancid, not even after having been kept for several years. The C60 prevented the peroxidation of the oil. A liter of olive oil can reportedly at most dissolve 909 mg of C60 at room temperature, but there are other oils that can take a larger amount. Clove oil holds the record with 3.8 g/l at room temperature (Russian study). Linolenic acid is also a better medium to dissolve C60 in, but we will remain true to the original rat study and not tamper with any parameters, because it is not even known whether the health benefits come purely from the C60, or whether the C60 merely acts as a vehicle to bring long chain fatty acids into the cells. Or whether there is a synergy at play. We will not go higher than 0.8 mg/ml because with saturated concentrations, when the temperature drops, the C60 will precipitate and form nanoparticles. We filter the solution with a 0.22 nm filter to remove nanoparticle. This fine filtration also removes all bacteria from the product, because the two-week stirring stage, even though done in a capped, boiling-water sterilized, alu-foil wrapped erlenmeyer at low temperature, still holds a small risk of bacterial contamination.

It is not yet known why C60 prolongs life and prevents cancer and the diseases of old age - at least in rats. Read hypotheses on how C60 prolongs life. That this is a fact - at least in rats - is beyond doubt, as the statistical likelihood that this was all a strange coincidence is nigh impossible. When the last rat in the control group died, all rats in the C60 group were still alive - and they kep on living - for a very long time. None of them died of the tumors the control group died of. They maintained a body weight normal for rats in their prime. For all practical purposes, they simply stayed younger for longer. Even though there were only twelve rats getting C60 (6 orally and 6 peritoneally), the fact that all those got amazingly old can not be a coincidence. The study calculates the probability that a rat gains an extended lifespan on olive-oil-diluted C60 as 0.999, or a 99.9% likelihood.

The team considered four possible reasons why C60 has such a profoundly positive effect on life expectancy, and after rejecting three, they concluded that it was most likely that C60 protected against the damage done by free radicals. We are sceptical towards accepting this explanation, since there have been countless trials done with antioxidants on rats, none gave even a remotely comparable result as C60. There must be something else hitherto undiscovered about this unique sphere-shaped molecule. C60, when dissolved in olive oil and ingested orally, gets absorbed and the C60 mulecules become distributed - albeit in small concentrations - throughout the body and intracellularly, even beyond the blood-brain barrier in minute amounts. There could be myriads of modes of action that we have no idea of yet, because the origial study was merely a toxicological study, a LD50 study, so no investigations of any kind have yet been done to establish fullerene C60's mode of action in prolonging mammalian life. All we have are wild guesses, and all we know is that this is so far the only substance known to man with an extreme negative toxicity. The rats in the study were only treated for seven months, so it appears likely that there is some kind of cumulative effect at work. Most of those seven months, they received only occasional doses, in the end only once every two weeks. A possible mode of action could be that C60 resets the mitochondria to a younger age.

Big Pharma is working to patent a water-soluble designer-fullerene and sell it extremely expensively as a life-extension drug. They will have little trouble persuading the FDA, their enforcer, to ban all other natural fullerenes for being "toxic", just like the FDA still claims natural Stevia is "toxic" but they allow adulterated Stevia to be sold as the Truvia brand. C60 is naturally produced by camphor flames so they can't patent it. Camphor is widely used in Hindu religious ceremonies. Hindus worship a holy flame by burning camphor, which forms an important part of many religious ceremonies. Camphor is used in the Mahashivratri celebrations of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and (re)creation. As a natural pitch substance, it burns cool without leaving an ash residue, which symbolizes consciousness. Big Pharma "assumes" that only water-soluble Buckminsterfullerene will be bioavailable, but that's a ruse to rake in the dough on a patented and trademarked, monopolized drug for the happy few. The cell walls are lipids and lipofullerene (C60 with adducts of the long-chain fatty acids of olive oil) therefore is readily absorbed by the cells and ends up where it is most needed - provenly in the mitochondrial bilayer membranes, where it will neutralize ROS (reactive oxygen species) like no other molecule, because C60 can function as an antioxidant in all perpetuity, it is not "used up" by performing its antioxidant action because it can capture high-energy electrons all the way up to Beta-radiation level, reduce their energy in the C60 matrix and drain them by electrical instead of chemical means.

Although Big Pharma benefits more by people being sick, instead of living a long life in extraordinary health. Big Pharma wants to embed medicines into fullerenes. They don't seem to be interested in using fullerenes to keep people healthy. It would be the first time.

Cost of daily supplementation is 27 dollars a month if one takes our recommended daily dose of 1 mg/day. We used allometric scaling to the average adult human, based on that human taking a smaller daily dose instead of taking two weeks in between, as eventually done with the rats. There is no data on what the optimal dose is, or the lowest sufficient dose. It may be much lower than the dose used in the rats. The researchers were trying to poison them to death with C60. If you'd want to take the rat-equivalent dose of the study, you'd need to take 3 mg/day every day, but we advise taking 1 mg because it is unlikely that the therapeutic dosage would be identical to the dosages used in a LD50 study. More importantly, is is unlikely that the large doses used in the LD50 trial would be fully absorbed. Better absorption happens when smaller dosages are taken more frequently. People are already experimenting with home-brewed C60 solutions and one chronically ill person took 2 mg for two days and reported a near-instant (four hours after ingestion), pronounced increase in energy and stamina: (Broken link due to censorship explained in the moved thread here). Here is another thread on home experiments with C60, note how it is explicitly forbidden to mention any positive effects and note that many postings mentioning such effects by long time posters have been deleted!

As I've only been taking it a few days, I'm a bit reluctant to mention the results, but what the hell. Just take this with a saltshaker of salt. I'm just one person with a certain medical history, and these are essentially single data points...

Background. I'm 60 years old and fifteen to twenty pounds above my ideal weight. Ten years ago I could run three miles to the gym, work out for two hours, and run back. Then I made the mistake of taking statins for high cholesterol. After some months I realized I was being chemically poisoned, so I stopped. My recovery was slow and incomplete. Years later I still suffered from it, but PQQ was a big help. The effects were noticeable in two days, and reached a plateau in one week. Still, I couldn't run more than 100 yards without feeling I'd run a marathon. I couldn't get enough air. Residual mitochondrial damage, in my thinking.

Then, four hours after ingesting 2 mg of C60 in olive oil, I went running. And kept on running. My god, I could breathe! The next day was the same. I ran a mile and a half, and I hadn't done that since before Crestor. The effects seemed too quick to be the result of mitochondrial biogenesis, but it must have something to do with the mitochondria.

Here is a bottle from our first test batch:

This is the analysis report of our Buckminster fullerene (average the two channels' purity results to obtain 99.947%):

1.  Guest    Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'll be a buyer!

2.  Steve    Friday, May 11, 2012

I feel compelled to point out some errors in the calculations here. In the rat study they were administered 1.7mg/kg body weight 24 times over a 7 month period. The rats weighed 1 pound(.45kg) and were thus fed .8mg of C60 per dose. First week was everyday. Then once a week till end of month. Then twice a month for 6 more months then they stopped because a control rat died. The C60 rats lived over 5 years.

If we go by the twice a month dose of 1.7mg/kg for a human that comes to a dose of
112mg of c60 for a 145 pound person per dose. If we use Sarah's protocol and just
take a mini dose of this every day instead of a full dose twice a month then
112/14= 8mg c60 per daily dose. That is to say that the full 8mg vial would be
the ideal dose size daily for a regular weight person.

If you were to follow the protocol listed in the project it would require 14 vials per dosing days(twice a month) or one vial a day. Note this is the maintenance dose as the first week they took a full dose every day, but as Sarah was stating, the longevity effect probably did not require the first weeks loading as they were trying to OD the rats initially but the only rats that died were the rats that didn't get the c60!

3.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated! But there are no errors :-)

The rats were given 1.7 mg/kg body weight 24 times over a 7-month period.

Say the average lifespan of a human is 900 months and the average lifespan of a rat is 36 months. So humans live 25 times longer.

So the rats were on C60 for roughly 20% of their natural expected lifespan.

The rats received a total of 24 x (1.7 / 2) mg = 27.4 mg.

Say the average human weighs 70 kilo, 140 times more than the rats in the study.

Then during 20% of his/her lifespan (15 years), a human would need to take 27.4 x 140 x 25 = 95900 mg.

95900 g / (15 x 365) = 17.5 mg/day.

However, there is such a thing as allometric scaling, when scaling a dose from one weight class into another:


You can verify there that there is an allometric scaling factor of 3.44 from our rats to humans, yielding an equivalent daily C60 dose for humans of 5 mg/day.

(Use the following parameters: Weight1 = 0.5 kg, Weight2 = 70 kg, Dose1 = 0.85 mg, Exponent = 0.75).

So my calculations get 5 mg/day.

However, there is not much reason to believe that this dose is required, to enjoy the beneficial effect. The rat study's goal was to find toxic effects, not establish medicinal properties.

All we have in one anecdotal report from someone who took a single 2 mg dose and said that 4 hours after he took that dose, he could run 3 km, something he had not been able to do for a decade (correct me if I'm wrong).

So I think it's reasonable, so far, taking many (more) factors into account, to advise 1 mg/day.

*** However, we're just starting and surely, we'll be offering a variety of bottle sizes for a variety of prices. I think it will end up with 50 ml bottles for the most competitive price on the net. ***

That would give you roughly ten days per bottle, per my calculations, if we take allotrometric scaling into account. there are many factors that play a role. The optimal dose may be lower or higher, and the dose at which you're seeing a substantial beneficial effect may be an order of magnitude less.

We are committed to preparing our C60 product in an identical manner as in the study, so our initial batch will be small. We'll first have to get the very best extra virgin olive oil, to give but an example. I don't trust the olive oil sold in our local supermarket. What they sell as extra virgin often is nothing of the sort, if one has to believe the reports in the media. We'll stick to the two-week stirring protocol as well. Filtering larger quantities of this product will go very slow too. We've ordered equipment for around 10 000 Euro. Vacuum ovens are expensive! Vacuum pumps (the oven needs a different one as the filtering setup), centrifuge that can generate 4500 g, etc.

So initially, we'll be selling 10 ml dropper bottles with 8 mg dissolved C60 for 9 dollars, but as soon as we've sold those and established a market, we'll scale up and invest in more stirrers, centrifuges and filter setups even before we've recouped our substantial initial investment. We already have 0.5 oz bottles in store, so it'll be 100 bottles of 8 mg C60 / 10 ml, then 100 bottles of 13 mg C60 / 16 ml and if people then still want to buy, we'll start with 40 mg C60 / 50 ml.

We do not yet know how much the C60 dissolves into the intermolecular space of the olive oil, how much volume 1 mg of C60 has when dissolved in a nearly equal amount of olive oil, to give but an example.

It's a major undertaking for us. We'll use an electric pipette helper to fill off the bottles, we will vacuum seal the bottles with heat shrink band - a real pharmaceutical factory, basically. We have to find solutions to scale this up to commercial scale responsibly, since the type of customers that will buy this often have access to lab equipment and they'll undoubdedly will verify the quality of our production process.

4.  Steve    Friday, May 11, 2012

Well, after re-reading both this article and the scientific document I can see what you did here. Using allometric dosing 8mg would get reduced to about 3-5mg/day(depending on how much someone weighs), but the article stated that and recommended 1mg to start which was a perfectly acceptable interpretation.

The scientific document states in section 3.3 that they used a Kaplan-Meier algorithm to estimate the lifespan of the rats after the control rats died. It shows a graph with the c60 rats living 5+ years. However, the document does not actually claim to have observed the rats full lifespan. Hopefully the tests will be redone soon on creatures with smaller lifespans to show promising results without having to wait a decade.

In addition to the forum your article links which has several people making home brews of this, there is a Ukraine company that is making a water based c60 for health benefits. c60 has also been approved for use in skin creams. I look forward to your production of this cutting edge anti-oxidant.

5.  April B.    Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sarah, on the EDS forum someone commented the following and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts:

"A large percent of the benefits (increased lifespan) was due to the olive oil."


6.  Chigotgo    Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello Ms. Vaughter,
The first company that has this c60 product for sale as a supplement will make lots of $ from it and it will be very big. I was looking for investors and had about 100k ready to invest in this, however had to drop it all due to some other investments Im waiting on coming through. I will definitely be buying a large supply for myself and the elders of my family. Can't wait to buy your product and have about another 2 dozen family members waiting for this as well

7.  Tracing    Sunday, May 20, 2012

My suggestion for avoiding FDA problems is to simply label the bottle for cosmetic use e.g. for external use only. Then let consumers read up and do what they want! Cosmetic use of fullerenes may well be grandfathered at this point:

8.  OldSeer    Monday, May 21, 2012

I want it now! How do i get it?

9.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, May 21, 2012

It will be for sale in our web store and on c60antiaging.com in summer. I can't give a more exact estimation because we still don't know when the big lab machines will arrive.

10.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, May 24, 2012

I found a mistake in my approach, and have published a much simpler, corrected calculation here:


Good news - I arrive at an even lower daily dose for humans.
Let me know if you find anything untoward.

11.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, May 24, 2012

That is obviously wrong, as evidenced by the graph in this article:


12.  Dexoxyr    Friday, May 25, 2012

I wanted to add my comment about the FDA and the big pharma.
It's quit correct to say that they live on keeping people sick as long as possible, so they can make good profits.
I've remarked they tend to discredit any preventive really working measure to not get sick,living a long healthy life.
Does it seem plausible that we will see not far from now,many attacks against do it yourself c60 ingestion saying that it can be harmful and the only way is the official one.
Maybe they could try to discredit the beneficial effect of c60 too.
I think it should be a correct step to monitor ourselves,keeping the news updated about the possible side effects and the good ones,informing other potential consumers too.
Already they are citizens who plan to use rats and see what happen.
I'm just cautious about believing the official channel,more after the recent study of rats life extension.

13.  Smahendriksen    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Sarah,

is the C60 not yet ready to be sold ? (june 10)

14.  Smahendriksen    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry, I meant : july 10

15.  Julia    Friday, August 31, 2012

I wonder if using the oil on your face would be at all helpful to prevent ageing? I had read they were considering using it in makeup.

16.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, September 1, 2012

It is added to certain skin products but the prices asked are ridiculous (e.g. $160 for a small tube of cream with a few micrograms of C60).

Our product is "absolute maximum strength", meaning there can't be any more C60 dissolved in the olive oil. So it's thousands of times more concentrated than those cosmetic products.

We do not know yet what the benefits to the skin are, of C60, except that it greatly helps to restore sun-burnt skin.

17.  Andrew    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've purchased a bottle of your c60 in olive oil but I am not sure how much to take. Can you enlighten me - is it a drop or do I fill the dropper up and squirt the entire onto my tongue? Help appreciated.

18.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The dosing suggestion is printed on the label (with the recent batches in any case), on the sales page and on the c60 site itself.

We recommend one full dropper per day, which amounts to 1.5 mg C60.

There is no need to take it with food.

19.  Susan    Friday, June 21, 2013

This seems to say there was no difference with C60 used for cosmetic purposes versus placebo, yet ends saying they suggest its use in cosmetics?


J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2010 Oct;10(10):6769-74.

Clinical evaluation of fullerene-C60 dissolved in squalane for anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Kato S, Taira H, Aoshima H, Saitoh Y, Miwa N.


of Cell-Death Control BioTechnology, Faculty of Life and Environmental
Sciences, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, 562, Nanatsuka, Shobara,
Hiroshima 727-0023, Japan.


purified and organic solvent-free fullerene-C60 was dissolved, at
nearly saturated concentration of 278 ppm, in squalane prepared from
olive oil, which is designated as LipoFullerene (LF-SQ) and was examined
for usage as a cosmetic ingredient with antioxidant ability. The aim of
this study was to assess the anti-wrinkle formation efficacy of LF-SQ
in subjects. A total of 23 Japanese women (group I: age 38.9 +/- 3.8, n =
11, group II; age 39.4 +/- 4.3, n = 12) were enrolled in an 8-week
trial of LF-SQ blended cream in a randomized, matched pair double-blind
study. The LF-SQ cream was applied twice daily on the right or left half
of the face, and squalane blended cream (without fullerene-C60) was
applied as the placebo on another half of the face. As clinical
evaluations of wrinkle grades, visual observation and photographs, and
silicone replicas of both crow's feet areas were taken at baseline (0
week) and at 4th and 8th weeks. Skin replicas were analyzed using an
optical profilometry technique. The wrinkle and skin-surface roughness
features were calculated and statistically analyzed. Subsequently,
trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), moisture levels of the stratum
corneum, and visco-elasticity (suppleness: RO and elasticity: R7) were
measured on cheeks by instrumental analysis. LF-SQ cream enhanced the
skin moisture and the anti-wrinkle formation. LF-SQ cream that was
applied on a face twice daily was not effective at 4th week, but
significantly more effective than the placebo at 8th week (p < 0.05)
without severe side effects. The roughness-area ratio showed significant
improvement (p < 0.05) at 8th week with LF-SQ cream as compared to 0
week with LF-SQ cream, but no significant difference was detected
between LF-SQ cream and the placebo. We suggest that LF-SQ could be used
as an active ingredient for wrinkle-care cosmetics.

20.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, June 21, 2013

You are mistaken. I quote:

"measured on cheeks by instrumental analysis. LF-SQ cream enhanced the skin moisture and the anti-wrinkle formation. LF-SQ cream that was applied on a face twice daily was not effective at 4th week, but significantly more effective than the placebo at 8th week (p < 0.05)"

So the study found that after 8 weeks, the C60 lipofullerene significantly prevented wrinkle formation, compared to the placebo. And that this effect needs more than 4 weeks to become noticeable.

Thank you for this material, because it shows that our lipofullerene C60/olive oil product may be used on the skin as well, and after 8 weeks, it likely will result in diminished wrinkles or diminished wrinkle formation. I have never been interested in using or promoting our C60-EVOO for that purpose - but mainly for life extension and tumor prevention - but the study you're quoting is quite interesting.

p<0.05 means that the statistical significance is very high, it means a likelihood of 1:20 that the beneficial effect occurred by chance.

21.  Susan    Friday, July 5, 2013

Thanks Sarah, yes, it is exciting! I'm going to try it.

22.  Suzanna    Thursday, December 10, 2015

Can I give this to my dog? He is older and has cancer. :-(

23.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, December 10, 2015

Yes you can but it's not going to help. Spend the money on some nice food for the dog instead. Or a toy.

We are not scammers like the vast majority of supplement peddlers. We explain that this product only PREVENTS cancer according to the research data. It very very very likely does not cure cancer or even help with cancer even a little bit, I am sorry.

C60 in EVOO has been proven clinically (in rats) to do the following:

1. Greatly increases life span of a healthy animal (nearly doubles it). This will very, very likely NOT happen in humans. In humans, up to 20% extra could be expected. PERHAPS.

2. It is an extremely powerful neutralizer of SOME hepatotoxic chemicals. I think that chemicals that need to be metabolized by the liver can not be neutralized by C60-olive oil. I think only purely hepatotixic chemicals, likely only of certain classes are neutralized by C60. We are not experts in organic chemistry. Read the study yourself for the details.

3. It prevents cancer. PREVENTS cancer, NOT cures cancer.

4. In humans, anecdotal evidence is that people involved in top sport report greatly increased strength and stamina as well as reduced recovery times. They sometimes say "it works better than anabolics". There is no reason to believe the positive reports by people not involved in top sport. They are due to the Placebo effect in our opinion. "Top sport" = people training to win medals, running marathons, serious power lifters and bodybuilders etc.

24.  Anna    Sunday, January 3, 2016

Would there be any reason NOT to take this when breastfeeding?

25.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, January 3, 2016

We don't sell harmful substances.

26.  jerrycollie    Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dear Ms. Vaughter, Thank you so much for supplying us with C60. I just read your very interesting article here. However, I see one mistake in your article as follows: "C60, when properly prepared, appears to be a true miracle drug – at least in rats so far." Where it says "miracle drug", please change that to say "miracle supplement". Otherwise the FDA is going to try to put you out of business for selling a "drug". I've been buying your C60 for a couple of years now. Just came here to place another order. Cheers!

27.  n97novice    Thursday, August 11, 2016

Can it be delivered in the UK? I would very much be interested in buying some on a regular basis. I have Systemic Sclerosis and am doing extremely well as I've over turned my diet and don't eat any bad carbs or beans for 98% of the time and I reckon this is helping. However, I'd like to feel the benefits of this C60 Evoo (strange name?) and have been enlightened to many so called healthy foods commercially that are actually killing us. Please let me know if there's anyway I can start placing orders. Thank you.

28.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, August 11, 2016

We ship to the UK. Our store is at shop.owndoc.com, under "antiaging". or go to c60antiaging.com first for many in-depth articles on the product.

I do not think that this product will help with MS though. We are always honest - no miracles, just the rat trial results and a guarantee that what we sell is produced the exact same way.

29.  Roxanne Martin    Friday, January 26, 2018

How do I purchase your product or is there a distributor in Canada or an online distributor please

30.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, January 26, 2018

See comment 28. We ship to the Canada as well. www.c60antiaging.com has a link to the product.

31.  Anne-Caroline Taylor    Monday, January 29, 2018

Can u ship to the USA?

32.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, January 29, 2018

We ship about 100 bottles/day to the US...

33.  paul    Thursday, February 8, 2018

you shipped 3 bottles of c60 to me in Australia on 3rd Feb.2018 and they have arrived on 8th Feb. 2018 without any problem , it is a pleasure to do business with a honest and reliable company thankyou!

34.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wow, that's a record, Paul! Often it takes MUCH longer, to Australia though... Thank you for your kind comments :-)

35.  Brigit    Friday, February 16, 2018

Any Advice or tips on how to store this product correctly ? .. thanks

36.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, February 16, 2018

As mentioned in our store, the cooler one stores olive oil, the longer it will take to become rancid. It keeps ten years in the freezer and 5 years in the fridge, unopened.

37.  Nick    Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thank you so much for continuing to sell c60. I've been buying c60 from you for two and a half years now. I use it after exercise (3 hours 4x a week) and the benefits are still perceptible each time I take it. C60 is probably one of the most potent anti-oxidants in my cabinet.

38.  Dr. Peter Römer.    Friday, May 11, 2018


To Nr. 23: C60 seems to be useful in cancer because it reduces tumor growth and metastasis in the above mentioned case.

Yours, Peter

39.  Shelly    Saturday, May 19, 2018

Before coming to this site, I had purchased some C60 charcoal in capsules from a British company, Fine Fettle Feed. They say it has been used successfully for years by humans and animals to remove toxins from the body with consistent success. It is recommended to take it daily. After reading much on this site, I can’t help but wonder if it could be harmful but I cannot find enough information one way or the other. Has anyone here heard of it or know how/where I can get some honest data. I have ordered C60 from here and will be taking that when it does arrive. In the meantime I’ll wait until I can get better info on the encapsulated C60 powder before ingesting any more.

40.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, May 19, 2018

They\'re scammers, just like the hundreds of other companies who\'re pulling the wool over your eyes, claiming that charcoal contains a significant amount of C60. It does not. C60 is extremely expensive for a reason. Pure C60 costs the same as gold, by weight. That\'s because you can\'t obtain if from charcoal.

So that\'s their first untruthful claim. Their second lie: \"Our scientific process enhances the bio-availability of the c60 molecule to living systems.\"

Please ask them for their \"special process\", what it does and how it \"enhances the bio-availability of the c60 molecule to living systems\". Then I\'ll take whatever they confabulate apart in this thread.

The part about absorbing nutrients, immune system and toxins is complete fantasy (a deliberaty lie).

Let\'s do this: We are a British company. Companies House (UK) reg. nr. 6035923. They claim to be a British company also (but they neither provide the address of their registered office, nor their company registration number). British libel law is the strictest in the Western world. It\'s highly frowned upon by the courts to make unsubstantiated negative claims about another party and in such cases, easy to obtain judgments against the libeler.

That said, on the record: There people are criminals. They make many false claims about a product with an enormous profit margin, due to its trivial ingredients (with trivial cost). They practice medicine without a license, since they make many health claims about it. They lie about \"special processes\" and misrepresent what it contains. They misrepresent what \"benefits\" their product has. All deliberately, and all with intent to profit financially from the gullibility of sick people.

So let them, a UK company, sue us, also a UK company, for libel, if I\'m lying and they\'re not scammers. The names of our officers and our personal addresses are public record, as is our REAL registered office in London. Yes we\'re a REAL British company - our tax records in the UK are up-to-date, every year for the past ten years.

Forget about the \"toxins\", \"immune system\" and \"absorption of nutrients\" and their lie about \"rich in\" C60 content. People who scam you for money and risk jail time or enormous fines for that - can you trust that their product is safe? Of course not. They claim they burn hardwood, claim to do something secret with it to \"potentiate\" it, pulverize it and sell it to you. Let\'s say the hardwood-source claim is true (I think they just buy the cheapest Chinese charcoal powder, probably industrial grade), how can you be sure that wood was not contaminated by heavy metals or radioactive substances (mined phosphates give off Radon gas that gets absorbed by the plant)? Our C60 is made in Canada by a team of University staff and EXTREMELY pure. Yes, we can prove that, in a Court of Law if need be. And we can tell you EXACTLY how it\'s made and even exactly WHEN it was made. We can give you the NAMES of the people who made it and we can show you PICTURES of the equipment they used and certified PURITY TESTS made in independent labs.

And we don\'t make many claims. The only claim we consistenly made is that our product is the same as that which made rats live nearly twice as long. And on the contrary, I\'ve said many times before that it does NOT cure cancer, NOT \"detoxify\" you, that when you\'re chronically ill with a life-threatening sickness that you\'re wasting your money if you buy it, etc. etc. I also said many times that rats have much simpler biochemical systems than humans and humans would very certainly not get 95% older on it. Very certainly also not even 50% older. I keep explaining people that the only likely benefit is a much lesser likelihood of GETTING (not curing!) Cancer, plus a slower aging process due to extremely effective antooxidizing effect. But you\'d have to consume AT LEAST, I would say, DOZENS of bottles spread over MANY YEARS in your life, and you should ideally do that in the time period between the age of 20 and 50, preferably from 20 to the end of your life. Since C60-EVOO remains in the body for a very long time (It lodges inside the cell walls and gets recycled and absorbed by other cells even when cells die), you can just take it occasonally, a few bottles this year, skip a year perhaps, etc. The rats only received two dozen doses and they lived for nearly six years.

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