Bryan Rosner's Rife/Lyme scam

In theory, a correctly assembled "Rife machine" according to Rife's design will perhaps be able to destroy the various Lyme-causing strains of the spirochetal form of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, in a human body. However, currently no such real Rife machine is available for sale anywhere in the world, nor does anyone know the the correct MOR (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) for these Lyme-causing spirochetes. So it is not that we claim that Rife's machine did not work as claimed - it's just that none of the Rife machines currently sold produce any kind of EM radiation at anywhere near the proper frequencies, neither is any "killing frequency" known for B.b. sensu lato - the Lyme strains such as Borrelia burgdorferi, afzelli and garini that cause Lyme disease. If you want to read how fellow Lyme patients died, trusting in "Rife machines", read this.

Bryan Rosner: "Lyme cure" / Rife conman

The current popularity of Rife machines and "coil machines" and "zappers" is due to a con artist named Bryan Rosner, who used to be a real estate agent before he went into Internet marketing. Noone has ever heard as much as a peep from Bryan Rosner in the days he claims he was a Lyme sufferer. We only know him for at least a decade as a relentless promoter of his books. Bryan Rosner's fraudulent endorsements of fake Rife machines and other scams and quackery is no doubt detrimental to Lymies, because he advises us chronic Lyme sufferers to abandon antibiotics in favor of useless but costly devices. Bryan Rosner pretends to be an ex-Lymie, exploits the gullible and tells them not to use antibiotics - condemning his believers (if they have Lyme disease in the first place) to a slow, agonizing death. With his pseudoscientific babble about antibiotics, Rife machines and Lyme disease, he greatly contributes to the stigmatization of Lyme disease as the favorite ailment of hypochondriacs. To the scientific observer of his books, website, statements and actions it is apparent that he knows full well that the remedies he endorses do not work. He is knowledgeable neither in science nor in medicine. It is the usual story: All Mr. Rosner seems to be interested in is money, not helping people. He is the opposite of Raymond Rife, who dedicated his life to be of maximum benefit to humanity, at the cost of his own career. Bryan Rosner is a master of subtle yet sleazy marketing, maximising profits over the backs of gullible sick people without the resources to investigate the complex science and extensive history of Rife machines. Bryan Rosner preys on people when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable. He makes his money making sick people sicker and he does this on purpose, as "collateral damage" to his own financial gain.

Mr. Rosner tries to appear as a bona-fide authority on Lyme disease and he uses many time-tested tricks to achieve that. He named his basement-based bookshop "BioMed Publishing", in the hope people confuse it with the highly respected BioMed Central. He publishes titles such as "The 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report", to sound like a government-sponsored study instead of what it really is - advertizing for Lyme quackery.

Bryan Rosner

Bryan Rosner

This is a video still (click for YouTube clip) from where Bryan Rosner lies about him witnessing the death of a Lyme patient, treated with hyperthermia (Mr. Rosner opposes all Lyme treatments that can actually make the patient better because then they won't be so sick anymore, and desperate sick people are his bread-and-butter). Collie Tackett exposes him as a shameless liar:


Mr. Rosner apparently receives kickbacks from the vendors of the dubious devices he recommends in his books, making outrageous claims on their efficacy, such as the HPMP, the "High Power Magnetic Pulser", yet another magic machine that will "perhaps cure Lyme". The vendors of these devices such as EMEM, HPMP etc. rely on accomplices such as Mr. Rosner to make unsubstantiated claims and peddle their expensive quackery. If each vendor pays him a couple of thousand dollars to be mentioned in one of his books, Mr. Rosner makes a small fortune before he has even sold a single copy. I find his book "When antibiotics fail" a classic work of disinformation, false claims and sleazy psychological marketing tricks. He assumes that religious people will be the most trusting in his self-declared authority, so he garners their favor with "To the Lord Jesus Christ, through whom alone, healing and salvation are possible". In 2004, Rosner (with a Jewish name as well as appearance) said: "My Lord Jesus Christ says to pray for your enemies, so I pray for you." Bryan Rosner's lie about him being present in the hyperthermia clinic when a patient died in the room beside him is not the first time he has been exposed as a shameless liar, so it is clear he is not a God-fearing man. Conclusion: Bryan Rosner has been exposed as a liar-for-profit and it is therefore impossible for him to be a genuine follower of Jesus. Which makes his abuse of religious sentiment absolutely disgusting.

The only conclusion: Rosner pretends to be a very religious Christian in order to sell more books. Antibiotics don't kill bacteria, only Jesus does! And Jesus works in mysterious ways - through "Rife machines" that are not real Rife machines at all. Jesus apparently also told Mr. Rosner to tell Lyme patients to stop taking antibiotics. This man is a dangerous quack and belongs behind bars because he derives a handsome income from dispensing medical advice that is getting people killed.

abx-rosnerThis text on page 144 amounts to giving highly unqualified and lethal medical advice, contrary to medical studies that show that proper long-term antibiotic treatment does successfully treat the symptoms of late-stage Lyme and prevents relapses. If Rosner gets what he wants, Lyme patients will continue to be denied open-ended antibiotic treatment they need to improve or stay alive. Rosner takes the side of the medical establishment that still refuses to take chronic neuroborreliosis seriously. But even worse: He alienates both friend and foe in the medical community by claiming: "Antibiotics don't help Lyme - quackery does!" No medical doctor will take Lyme disease serious if he has to believe Rosner's claim. If Bryan Rosner is right then chronic Lyme disease does not exist, is the only medically qualified conclusion. Don't underestimate the tremendous damage done by these scam artists to our cause! Don't get your medical advice from Rosner-the-failed-real-estate-agent. If you buy into his co-conspirators' scams, you'll end up with a MS or ALS diagnosis, or just kill yourself after years of malaise. A gem from his rag: "Getting Rid of the Inner Quack and Learning to Trust Alternative Medicine". We can't accuse Mr. Rosner of lacking chutzpa!

Royal Raymond Rife: Universal genius

Rife is known for his "Rife machine", but everything started with the Rife Microscope. This microscope appeared to defy the Laws of Physics by attaining a magnification far in excess of the microscopes of that time (and today!), but even though mainstream science disregards both the Rife microscope and Rife machine as "hoaxes", Rife's achievement in microscopy was nevertheless possible because the Rife microscope used an ingenious technique: It induced fluorescence in the organism under observation. In Rife's words:

"The source of illumination used on this instrument is a more predominating factor in identifying the filter passing form or cycle of micro-organisms than the high magnification. The color volume is intensified and the differentiating value greatly enhanced, if a magnification of 6,000 or 8,000 is used. It is to be understood that the source of illumination applied to this instrument is in no wise true polarized light (that is, no nickel prisms are used), but is a monochromatic beam of variable angles of incidence passed through the direct transmitted light, refracting different colors according to the chemical composition of the organism under observation. This principle of light control reveals the organism in its own particular color in a brilliantly illuminated field."


Although the current mainstream opinion on Rife's microscopes is that they were fakes, it is proven beyond a doubt that they in fact did work. By far the best site to learn more about this remarkable man is To substantiate Raymond Rife's claims there exists photographic evidence as well as peer review. Rife over the years went through several development iterations of his instrument, spending an astronomic amount of money and demonstrating the instruments in front of highly qualified adiences with up to 44 medical doctors present, such as in the demonstration detailed in the publication "Observations on Bacillus Typhosus in its filterable state", where a variety of very small bacterial forms were "very clearly" observed. It is very unlikely that none of the medical professionals present would find fault with the microscope or its magnification. Arthur Isaac Kendall, Ph. D., Director of medical research, Northwestern University Medical School was Rife's co-author and had his picture inserted into the publication. 5000x magnification is impossible with ordinary optical microscopes today. Rife's demonstration was performed on October 29, 1931. Rife claimed that his microscope achieved the outlandish magnification by letting the sample fluoresce. This would indeed be an accepted explanation as to how the Rife microscope achieved a magnification of at least 17000 times:

"Surpassing the resolution limit Multiple techniques are available for reaching resolutions higher than the transmitted light limit described above. Techniques for surpassing the resolution limit for bright field microscopy include ultraviolet microscopes, which use shorter wavelengths of light so the diffraction limit is lower. Using fluorescent samples more techniques are available. Examples include [...]. In 2005, a microscope capable of detecting a single molecule was described as a teaching tool."

Royal Raymond Rife mentioned fluorescence as the principle of his microscope again in a written interview:

"...they must be identified by a frequency of light which coordinates with the chemical constituents of the virus or filterable form in question."

Rife's optical microscope was capable, in the early thirties, of capturing the details of microorganisms better than we can today, using electron microscopes:

Tetanus spores at 25000 x magnification. Left a photo by Rife, source: "The New Microscopes" by Seidel and Winter, 1944. On the right a modern electron micrograph of a Tetanus spore.


Salmonella Typhi at 23000 x magnification. Left a photo by Rife, source: "The New Microscopes" by Seidel and Winter, 1944. On the right a modern electron micrograph, modified by us to show the same orientation.


Real Rife machines are not for sale anywhere

Rife's microscope really worked (people are replicating it), and after investigating a wealth of evidence for many weeks, we are convinced that his Rife machine most likely also really worked. Rife rigorously tested his machines over the course of many years, often in the presence of witnesses. He put pathogens in small vials and inserted them deep into horse tissue (of the leg) and verified that after irradiation with the Rife machine, all virulence was lost. However, current Rife machines are all based on a fundamental misconception or are even plain scams. We greatly recommend reading the non-profit site, where it is explained in great detail why none of the currently available Rife machines are real Rife machines. In other words: They don't work because they output frequencies of a type and frequency totally different from those emitted by Rife's machine. The reason for that is mainly because the Rife machine could not be patented, hence the correct frequencies and the exact mechanism of operation had to be hidden. In reality, a proper Rife machine should emit many sidebands and harmonics and use a MHz-range carrier frequency, modulated by a RF frequency. We can see on page 114 of Rosner's book that he uses the wrong (RF) frequencies, not the MHz-range frequencies Rife used. Rosner knows full well that his entire book is baloney but he just doesn't care. A real Rife machine can be built, but it would be costly, you would have to do it yourself, and it would be a major project for an electronic engineer. You would need to get a lot of components and they all would need to be exactly right. In order to get the complex emitted frequency spectrum right, you'd have to exactly follow Rife's design, which has basically been lost. The author of claims to know how his machine really worked, and if you believe him then you could build a Rife machine according to his specifications. There is however no guarantee that he is correct.

The MOR's for Borreliae are completely unknown

But even if one would somehow have access to an actual, properly working "Rife machine", it would be a very lengthy procedure, establishing the MOR frequencies for the various strains of Borrelia. Click here for a list of all known MOR frequencies. Bb s.l. had not yet been discovered when Rife's associates were establishing the lethal frequencies (MOR's) for various pathogens. As far as we have been able to establish, noone has yet reproduced a real Rife machine and used it to find the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) for the various strains of Borrelia (what microbiologists call Bb sensu lato).

In order to find the frequency that kills Lyme spirochetes, you would have to observe one under a phase contrast or dark field microscope with a non-metallic stage and, using a real Rife machine, try millions of different frequencies, observing at what frequency the bacteria would disintegrate or stop moving. That would be a massive undertaking in terms of time expended. Expect to spend years of your life, working 40 hour weeks. Raymond Rife employed for that purpose a staff of lab workers that needed years to find the MOR's for just a dozen or so pathogens. Noone has ever replicated this labor of love for the various Borrelia strains. Any frequencies published for this purpose are therefore bogus, and only done for commercial purposes.

1.  walkingsmall    Sunday, January 26, 2014

Many of the assertions by the author are obviously correct, but some of the absolute statements on progress made worldwide in the field of bio-resonance are misguiding.

Royal Rife was a true pioneer in the field of bio-resonance, but there are numerous others who have followed a similar path. Dr. Voll, Dr. Schimmel, Dr. Morell and others have taken the concept and expanded on it in detail. ...The Russians and Germans have enthusiastically embraced the advances in this field and their interpretations are available to the public. .....The detailed examination of millions of individual frequencies have been accomplished, and consumer friendly programming is available to the public.

In short, the misgivings of Mr. Rosner have been dealt with by international efforts in the field of bio-resonance!

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, January 26, 2014

This is complete and utter nonsense.

First of all, it's preposterous to think that there would be "millions" of infectious pathogens available to those people. Not even if they would be biological weapon scientists would it be possible to have access to even a hundred times less infectious pathogens than "millions", simply because only thousands have been identified and cultured at best!

And your claim is ludicrous for an additional reason: It took Rife's people very much time to find the MOR for each and every pathogen. They'd have to very slowly slide the frequency knobs to try countless thousands of individual frequencies while carefully observing the pathogen under a microscope for a few minutes for every distinct frequency to see if it was affected. And the pathogens often did not live longer than a few hours or days so they hed to be replaced all the time. Rife, with all his money, large lab and employees, only had time, over the years, to find the MOR for a few dozen pathogens!

On top of that, Rife had access to microscopes that contemporary optical technology still can't match today!

In addition, Rife was banned by US authorities to continue his experiments because the RF radiation from his machines disturbed the radio communication of aircraft and terrestrial stations due to the presence of higher harmonics in the Rife frequencies. Nowadays, anyone with a genuine Rife machine would get arrested for operating it outside of a cage of Faraday in days or even hours.

Say that it takes a week nowadays, theoretically, with a functioning "Rife machine" and access to harmful infectious agents (which is a terrorism-related criminal offense under the PATRIOT act for anyone else but government-licensed scientists in a very narrow field for very narrowly defined permissible objectives).

Say your "millions" is 2 million. 2 million weeks is 38462 man-years. Something on the scale of the Manhattan Project. A thousand researchers would have to work for an entire lifetime to accomplish what you allege.

Your claim is fraudulent and shameful and intended to promote quackery.

You are a liar. Show us the peer-reviewed, published research that substantiates your earth-shattering claims that all pathogens on this planet can be easily killed by a "Rife machine". Where are the Nobel prizes? Where are the large seaworthy yachts of the inventors? Where are the clinics where Tuberculosis and AIDS are healed in one session? Where are the before-and-after test results of the people with neurosyphilis and Lyme who cured themselves with a "Rife machine"?

Stop making things up.

3.  maciej    Saturday, March 23, 2019

Rosner profits from selling books on lyme therapies, that are not working...He just describes every therapy there is.

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