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Cosmetics side effects

Cosmetics side effectsThere is a reason why cosmetics are tested on animals - they often contain ingredients that can potentially cause inflammation of the skin (allergic dermatitis), allergies and other problems.
The dangers of cosmetics are downplayed or flatly denied by the manufacturers, but there are no consumer products so full of harmful chemicals than cosmetics. The side effects of Emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, fragrances, colors, dyes, surfactants, pH stabilizers, moisturizers and many other ingredients found in cosmetics are poorly understood because the scientists and universities that do the research are funded by cosmetics producers. Many cosmetics ingredients are complex, unnatural chemicals never tested for their effects on human health.
Some shampoos have been shown to contain oestrogen-like chemicals (female sex-hormone) or carcinogenic compounds.
Some additives in cosmetics have been suspected of playing a role in Alzheimer's.

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