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C section side effects

C section side effectsC-sections can have serious side effects, such as very excessive bleeding, lingering pains and potentially life-threatening infections. Common side effects of a C-section are often abdominal pain or pain during sex. After a Cesarian section, a common side effect is vaginal bleeding that can last for more than two months. Urinal incontinence is not uncommon as an adverse effect of a C-section.
Sickness, nausea and itchy skin are common side effects of the epidural anaesthetic for the C-section.
The dangers of a C-section are mainly massive blood loss, needing a blood transfusion or emergency hysterectomy. Especially with an emergency C-section, organ damage can result, such as damage to the bladder or intestines. The infections most commonly seen after a c-section are uterine or bladder infections.
Another danger of C-sections is the emergence of blood clots. These clots can appear in the veins of the legs or pelvis and it is possible that they travel to the lungs, causing potentially lethal pulmonary embolisms. The more the patient remains sedentary, the higher the risk.
More side effects of Cesarean sections are abdominal adhesions, which is scar tissue that connects tissues and organs. These connections can form between the bladder, intestines, uterus, fallopian tubes or other organs. Adhesions may occur and cause no problems whatsoever, however in some cases they can cause pain, vomiting or even severe abdominal or pelvic pain or even bowel obstructions.

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1.  Momofzack731    Monday, February 27, 2012

I had my C section about 19 months ago. It was an emergency last minute c section because of complications during my induced labor. I had HUGE blood clots. The size of my fist. I was in the hospital for a week, and now im having severe abdominal/pelvic pain. Now im being told that i have scar tissue. I was not aware that c sections had this affect. I was in the Emergency room thinking it was my appendix or cysts. My best friend who had a c section 5 months before me is having the same exact problem, and we both have nausea too. Apparently this is very common so i hope women out there know about this before hand so they can prepare and talk to their doctors about it. Its very uncomfortable, painful and I cant do much right now. It hurts to bend over, walk, My husband and I have problems with intercourse (its too painful to do now) Its just overall a pain and I cant wait to go see my doctor about this.

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