Robert Kindelan still causing harm to children

Robert Kindelan has embarked on a particularly vile defamation campaign on a WordPress blog and one several web forums because I refused to take down my exposure of Natasha Campbell McBride, whom he reveres and I consider a scammer of the worst kind because she claims that if you only buy her expensive diet plan, she can cure all disease, including Autism, AIDS and Cancer. Robert Kindelan warned me that if I would not take down my debunking of her dangerous, unscientific claims, claims that hurt children with autism that he would do everything in his power to shut down my company. This makes Robert Kindelan a criminal of the worst kind: Blackmail and libel, acting as a mercenary to defend millionaire gangsters that harm children for profit, but he also pushes our employees in Eastern Europe (where we have our dispatch centers) into unemployment, pensioners with inadequate pensions and uneducated people with young children, children who would have a lesser future if their parents lost their jobs. We have a policy of employing people with autism - Robert Kindelan has set his sights on the most vulnerable people in society. Unemployment benefits here are virtually non-existent. Robert Kindelan cleverly ensured that we can't defend against his allegations: He created his own sites without comment feature, and he commented on a site where he knows we are IP-banned (EDS banned our entire country!) because that site is run by unethical competitors. Fortunately, our customers immediately and overwhelmingly replied on EDS that they do not believe his claims because they all had excellent experiences with our company. Here is our cached version of the libelous thread on EDS.

Mr. Kindelan is helped by the thief and criminal defamer Katie Nicol from Victoria, Australia. When you defame a party, knowing that you're lying, that's a prisonable crime in Australia.

The following allegations by Mr. Kindelan are false and libelous:

1. "We sue customers for refunds". I am not sure what this means, but we certainly do not "sue people for refunds".

2. There are "dangers of shopping with them". There are absolutely no dangers of shopping with us, because we guarantee delivery and we guarantee that we deliver what we say we will (including a product that corresponds 100% with the product description).

3. Mr. Kindelan claims that we post people's personal details for the mere reason of them asking a refund. This is a lie. The only time we publicly blacklist people is when they file a fraudulent chargeback - often combined with threats against our company, for example threats that if we expose their fraud, that they will create a website to try to smear our company or that they will post lies about us on forums. Fraudulents chargebacks are rather common and we are a large company so it's unavoidable that we become a victim of fraud. Other companies are afraid to blacklist customers, obviously because when someone has no problems with stealing, such a person will also have no problem with online libel. We fight back against people who steal from us or who libel us online out of a desire to cause harm to us for ideological differences.

4. Our products are not shady. We never make claims that we can't back up with scientific studies. We are always very careful not to make any claims. Mr. Kindelan claims we claim C60 will make a person live longer, but this is a lie. Nowhere on our site do we make this claim, and that's why Mr. Kindelan is unable to provide a reference.

5. We never spread lies about Mark Nelson. On the contrary, our article about Mark Nelson contain a lot of evidence, such as tracking status and email headers. Note that Mr. Nelson filed a fraudulent chargeback as well as vowed to do as much damage to our business as he possibly could. Mr. Nelson caused our company at least one million dollar worth of damage and we had to fire personell as a direct consequence of his nefarious actions.

6. We never "constantly threaten" people. All we do is respond to threatening emails. When a fraudulent customer for example threatens us with a complain to the Attorney General or Better Business Bureau, we reply that if they lie to those parties, we may sue them for defamation. We don't go and write emails by ourselves, unprovoked.

7. We never call people - ever. The only exception is when we can't reach a customer, for ex. when email bounces and a shipment left for them at their post office is about to send their order back to us. We do not communicate by phone and our phone number is confidential and certainly not used to contact fraudulent customers with.

8. We never demanded someone to remove a RipOff Report for the simple reason they can not be removed. It is 100% impossible to get such a report removed and we knew that even before we started our company, so this is a lie. We also never threatened to sue anyone for USD 100,000 for fraud. It would be extremely silly to do so, because no judge would award such a sum for a fraud of a few hundred dollars at most. If we ever threatened to sue people (which very rarely happens), it was because they threatened to do enormous damage to our company. Certain fraudsters have threatened to shut our company down by flooding the Internet with lies about our comapny. We always respond by warning them that we can find out who posted the libel and sue them for damages.

9. We do not posses our customer's credit card information, and it is a lie that we hold their card details "hostage". Our payment processors are Stripe and PayPal. Neither of these allow merchants access to the card details.

10. We never wrote a negative review about Essential Day Spa because they published a negative review. What happened was that a customer posted very damaging falsehoods and we posted solid evidence that this customer was lying. EDS however kept taking not only that evidence down, they also kept deleting our accounts with EDS and they kept IP-banning us, thereby completely depriving us of any defense, thus causing tremendous damage to our company. We then called EDS to try to settle the matter, but EDS verbally abused us over the phone. Finally we had no other choice but to pay an attorney CAD 1000 to inform EDS that libel is an offense under Canadian law. They then finally removed the libel but kept IP-banning us. We decided to investigate EDS because of their inexplicable behavior. It turned out they pretend to have an A+ BBB rating, while in fact the BBB says they're illegally using their logo and EDS had the worst BBB rating, in reality.
Also, EDS pretends to have all kinds of other top ratings and awards but we discovered all this is not true. So we published this. We think that's fair, after all we went through with EDS.

11. We never "threaten" anyone. The word "threatening" sounds as if we threaten people with physical harm. All we ever do is warn people that they will be blacklisted when they steal from us via a fraudulent chargeback (usually when we have their signature for a delivery while they claim they never received or ordered the product and they do not want to return the merchandise and they immediately start threatening with online defamation when we pursue the matter).

12. No customer of ours ever claimed they were poisoned by us. On the contrary, if you read the complaint, it mentions CCWS, a product that is indeed poison and we wrote three articles about this! This customer of that criminal enterprise in Thailand obtained that information from US! For some strange reason, this person thinks that WE somehow were behind this toxic product, sold by our competitors and started to post OUR name, associating it with this product! This becomes clear when simply search our site for "CCWS". We know this person and we emailed with this person but this person is not susceptible to reason.


Robert Lyle Kindelan (facilitates the harming of children with autism and endangering the future of children in Eastern Europe, guilty of criminal libel)

14300 SE 171st Way
Renton, WA 98058-8727
tel. 425-793-4344

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