The ThreeLac scam

Global Health Trax (GHT), the seller of ThreeLac employs an army of misinformation agents, spammers, liars and dishonest marketing folks to promote their expensive but in our opinion virtually useless supplements. If you think I'm writing this so that we will sell more Lufenuron, please read our main site's articles under "Candida" that try to persuade various groups of potential customers who would be interested in Lufenuron not to buy Lufenuron, such as people who may have gluten intolerance or Lyme disease instead of Candidiasis. Our motto is: When in doubt, don't spend your hard-earned cash just yet but first find out exactly what the problem is! We even tell people that when they test positive on the Candida spit test or Candida "muscle test", that this doesn't mean a thing, that they may not have Candida and that they therefore should not use such "positive" test results as motivation to buy our anti-Candida product Lufenuron. Because we only want customers who really have Candida. That's better for business, in the long run. We can't afford to use the tactics that GHT uses. We have to rely on word of mouth only, instead of word-of-paid-lying-spammers. GHT is the company that invented the bogus "Candida spit test" - just so they could persuade you that you too have Candida and that you too should buy their ThreeLac.


What kind of company is GHT anyway? Are they a "health supplements" company? Not really. They are a multi-level marketing company in the work-at-home business! They employ thousands upon thousands of affiliates, people who get paid sales commision. Anyone can start a website, claim ThreeLac cured all their troubles and for every GHT product sold through the links on their site, they receive commission. This is a kind of pyramid scheme, also known as "Multi-level marketing" or "network marketing". If you want to start a little home business promoting their stuff, join their army of cyber-salemen. Global Health Trax shows up in all the MLM-directories. Here you can buy a list of all 7800 people that have signed up to make money at home, peddling GHT's wares:


We think it is obvious that GHT / ThreeLac is a scam. An unbeatable force of unethical marketeers promote GHT's products on blogs, forums and personal websites, they get their percentage and Global Health Trax gets the rest.

So, the ThreeLac company is primarily a "make money online spamming from home" multi-level marketing company:


Global Health Trax is nothing but one of those seedy work-at-home companies pushing phoney products that cost nearly nothing to produce. In this day and age you don't have to make money stuffing envelopes at home - you can make a bundle by spreading fairy tales online. Sign up, sign a non-disclosure agreement and make up a story about how good their products are (they will give you a hand with that), start flooding the internet with your affiliate links and if your powers of persuasion are good enough - wave goodbye to your day job. GHT issues you a unique affiliate link that you "drop" on blogs, forums and your own affiliate website. When someone clicks on that link, GHT knows your readers arrived to them via that affiliate link, and a "cookie" ensures that if that visitor buys GHT's products in the days that follow, that you will get your percentage. The sleaziest of scams. All you need to do to make money is to set up a site, claim that ThreeLac cured you of whatever serious illness, send people to GHT and they will pay you a handsome commission. The same for endorsing ThreeLac on forums and blogs. Apart from that, GHT employs their own full-time internet warriors. Global Health Trax also features on this list with pyramid-schemes and multi-level marketing scoundrels:


Any "make easy money online" marketeer can and will make up any story for that quick and easy buck. They operate world-wide and make millions in ill-gained profits over the backs of gullible sick people. It's not easy to find their current turnover, but I found what they were making in the year 2000 in the Herald Journal from January 19 of that year, in an article about how GHT employees stole their customers' credit card details:

Yes, GHT's own employees stole their customers' credit card details. Not good! GHT's turnover was millions of dollars ten years ago. It's undoubdedly an order of magnitude higher nowadays. That would be just fine if their products were any good, but they are not. But that is not the reason I am writing this article. I don't care much that folks spend a few bucks on useless supplements. They will find out soon enough that they don't work. However I can't sit idly by seeing sick people get sicker as a direct consequence of GHT's deliberate disinformation and deception. A person who is steered in the wrong direction will not get the treatment she needs, that's the real problem. The issue with GHT is that they deliberately lie about which symptoms are Candida. Example: ThreeLac marketerrs claim that typical symptoms of a bacterial brain infection are in fact not a brain infection at all, but Candida. They discourage the patient from seeking proper diagnosis, but persuade them to try ThreeLac instead. The result is that the patient steadily deteriorates and possibly even dies. I am pretty sure that this deception is a deliberate marketing strategy. GHT thinks they are not legally liable, because it's their independent affiliates that do the actual lying, and ThreeLac by itself is totally harmless. So they have all their bases covered, legally.

Perhaps a class action lawsuit could succeed nevertheless, when properly prepared. 21th-century marketing is incredibly crafty, because people have become more street-wise nowadays and aren't as easily fooled anymore. One of the very best things you can do to boost credibility is to have a patent to your name. People will automatically assume that a patent is proof that something actually works. But that's nonsense. A patent is nearly always granted, regardless of the claims. All that matters is that the fees are paid. It is up to counter-claimants to challenge any patent in court. So when you have a few thousand bucks in your advertizing budget, you may file a patent claim so you can say: "Patent #123456 granted!" and "Our revolutionally, unique, patented product..". Instant credibility! Here's a patent for shit-in-a-pill (Enterococcus faecium) that they say cures bipolar disorder, because ", and "shit-in-a-pill may cure Candida". From the claim: [0021] Although a potential link between bipolar disorder and gastrointestinal microflora has previously been a subject of speculation, no correlation has been scientifically proven. That said, the amelioration of gastrointestinal microflora may assist in the maintenance of a stable mental state. Translated this means: "There isn't the slightest evidence that eating shit helps against bipolar disorder, but eating shit may calm a person down, who knows". Baby elephants eat their parent's faeces to aquire a healthy gut flora, but this patent is an obvious fraud, a frivolous patent claim based on no evidence whatsoever - and they even admit it. But here's why I'm bringing this up:

Who filed for that shit-eating-may-cure-Candida patent? Mark L. Cobb and Allison Cobb. These are the same people that run the site claims that just about every serious mental symptom is caused by Candida (just as some "make money online" fraudsters claim that all cancer is caused by Candida), and that GHT's ThreeLac will cure paranoid schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and just about any other neuropsychiatric illness or anything with the same symptoms as, for example, a potentially lethal central nervous system infection such as chronic disseminated Lyme neuroborreliosis. To GHT's affiliates, everything is Candida!

Yesterday I emailed with a customer who was totally convinced that her daughter would be cured from her "Candida" by ThreeLac because of the nonsense on, while in fact her daughter most likely suffers from a very severe late-stage case of Lyme neuroborreliosis. Instead of a reliable Lyme test, the girl did a "spit test" and is now on ThreeLac, whilst her violent mood swings, suicidal tendencies, anxiety attacks and general malaise become more worrying by the day. Damn you, GHT and damn your gang of greedy liars! I immediately refunded her mother the Lufenuron she purchased and let her keep it, but Lufenuron only kills Candida and other fungi, NOT bacteria so it is not going to work against Lyme disease or any other chronic neurological infection. Those "candidafree" sites are a global phenomenon. There also is a, plugging ThreeLac. When you do a WHOIS search for that site, you'll find that its owner is Luscombe Cider Limited, and that its director Gabriel David is raking in the big bucks with their new product "adult soft drinks" ("spiked" soda pop - the best way to get young teenagers hooked on alcohol). So it's a clever, unethical businessman behind, just as there are clever business people filing bogus patents behind and all the other "candidafree" ThreeLac franchises.

Those ThreeLac-promoting sites are not made by people who "conquered Candida" at all. They're made by marketing-savy businessmen owning fashionable alcoholic beverage factories, businessmen having no problems dishing out many thousands of dollars a year for patents that serve no other purpose than lending a veneer of credibility to their quackery claims. When I look at GHT's management info page, there are only the CV's of marketeerrs, not of scientists or medical/biological experts of any kind: "In his five years at Metabolife International, he helped the company transition from multi-level marketing to retail". "As a recognized financial strategist, Jim focuses on developing a solid business foundation for the company, which includes working with the Leadership Team to move GHT into an improved viable and sustainable market position." "Shanna's 10+ years of progressive experience in the nutraceutical industry adds an extraordinarily refined and applicable business skill set to the GHT Team." "Brian brings over 25 years of marketing and sales experience to the GHT Team, as well as influencing industry trends by representing and implementing leading edge strategic marketing/sales plans." "Mike delivers significant value for the marketing and technology needs of GHT." "Kathy brings an extensive amount of accounting experience to GHT."

Global Health Trax' owner, Tom Dixson, used to own a pet shop. His ambitions for GHT: "His goal for GHT is to build it into a billion dollar highly respected leader in the nutraceuticals and direct sales industry." Note how there is no mention of promoting health, only of billions of dollars. Oh, and respect. He also wants respect. Respect, and billions of dollars. Not necessarily in that order. There exists not one single scientific medical study as to the efficacy of 3Lac, 5Lac etc. I could not find any scientist, nutritionist, doctor, dietician, chemist, pharmacist, Ph.D., researcher or any other domain expert in their entire company. Only managers, accountants and plenty of sales- and marketing folks. Believe the stories and medical advice of their multi-level marketing affiliates at your peril.

It's not just me who thinks ThreeLac, FiveLac and GHT are a fraud. From




Ordinary fresh kefir or highly concentrated probiotics work better than ThreeLac. Read my recipe for home-made yogurt.

ThreeLac is useless against systemic Candida

ThreeLac supplies probiotic bacteria (in a rather weak formulation) and GHT claims all kinds of miracles for this product. The truth is, probiotic bacteria are virtually useless in the fight against Candida. The only thing probiotic bacteria are good for is to help re-populate the beneficial bacteria in the gut after a course of antibiotics. Probiotic bacteria do not fight Candida anywhere else in the body, and they are not able to get rid of Mycelial Candida in the gut either. All they can do is prevent Candida in yeast form in the gut to become mycelial (entrenched). That is all. ThreeLac has no beneficial effect on vaginal Candida for example.

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